1966…1967…1968… Farm Pants Girls Unite on the Farm this Fall


This lovely 1966 English production non-philtrum (NP) blonde girl came to live here this past June.  Her name is Meredith and she came in her original box, outfit and tag.  She belonged to Noreen and now is a most welcome resident of Sasha Shangri-La.


Meredith is very minty and so I am extra careful when I handle her.  She looks sweet among the pumpkins, corn, and gourds,

Meredith has large blue eyes and no eyelashes.  Her hair is very silky.  She wears a mint brown farm pants (also called jeans) outfit with white leather sandals.  Her plain back gold tag is on her right wrist.

Look!  Sara has come to join Meredith.  You may remember Sara in a recent gingham post with her gingham sisters.  Since then we found a brown farm pants outfit for her.

Sarah is very petite and the smallest of the vinyl Sasha children here.  She is a 1967 English production NP girl.

Both girls have their bears to play with and to keep them company.  Meredith is a sweet older sister.

The lovely Meredith up close.

The lovely Sara up close.

Welcome Miss Meredith. We are so happy you are here.

I think Sara looks perfect in her brown farm pants.  She is having a great time outdoors on this pretty day.

Look!  Our little Lou has joined the fun.  She had a hard time leaving her sister Chloe inside but managed to join us anyway.

Lou is so happy to be outdoors and to enjoy the sunshine.  Lou is a 1968 English production fringe girl.  She, too, has a brown farm pants outfit.

Lou brought her bear.  It is nice to see these girls together from three different years.

They each have their own, very individual look mainly due to their wonderful  hand painting.

Farm pants girls are enjoying a Fall day on the farm.

Well, look here!  Another sweet farm pants girl is joining us.  It is Diana, a 1966 ochre eyed German Gotz girl.  We notice her farm pants are shorter in length. Cute!

Diana said she did not want to miss out on being in this post. She has not been on the blog in quite a while and she thinks she fits in perfectly with her brown farm pants, her blonde hair and her birthdate.

Diana brought her puppy and she said her farm pants are faded because she has worked hard here on the farm and the sun has taken its toll.  I think she is very pretty and should be next to her sister Meredith since they were both born in 1966 though in different countries.

My pretty brown farm pants girls all want to thank you for visiting with us today.  They hope you enjoyed your stay.

We are all sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come.  Have a Happy Fall!

A few Waterlogue images to enjoy.

Blonde Waifs in Pretty Dresses


Happy Sunday! It is raining today and yesterday and it is good that I took extra photos last weekend on a sunny day.

This is Val a true Sasha waif that came to me in a shoe box. I have kept her hair drawn up in a ponytail since it was very dry and I like the style on her.  I think her face is very sweet. 🙂

A pretty dress that I think was made by Ginny, Passion for Sasha. It came to me on a doll I adopted. 🙂

Stripy socks by Sharon Humphreys and leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Val up close. ❤

This delightful girl was repainted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. You may remember her when I introduced her as the Berliner. I love her beautiful, dreamy eyes. I thought it would be nice to redress her. ❤


Photos to enjoy. 🙂



Pretty dress by Maureen Hallenbeck. Leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂






Lovely Berliner. ❤

This is Heidi wearing an outfit by Ruthsdolls and leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Heidi was repainted by Janet too. I love her pretty, soft expression.

Photos to enjoy. 🙂




Pretty maidens in a row. 🙂

We want to thank you for visiting with us today. We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 🙂 xxx

Lastly, a watetlogue image of the girls. I may not be posting routinely the next few weeks since I will be preparing for and enjoying the upcoming trip to England. If possible, I will make a couple of smaller posts reflecting the lovely journey. ❤