1966…1967…1968… Farm Pants Girls Unite on the Farm this Fall

This lovely 1966 English production non-philtrum (NP) blonde girl came to live here this past June.  Her name is Meredith and she came in her original box, outfit and tag.  She belonged to Noreen and now is a most welcome resident of Sasha Shangri-La.


Meredith is very minty and so I am extra careful when I handle her.  She looks sweet among the pumpkins, corn, and gourds,

Meredith has large blue eyes and no eyelashes.  Her hair is very silky.  She wears a mint brown farm pants (also called jeans) outfit with white leather sandals.  Her plain back gold tag is on her right wrist.

Look!  Sara has come to join Meredith.  You may remember Sara in a recent gingham post with her gingham sisters.  Since then we found a brown farm pants outfit for her.

Sarah is very petite and the smallest of the vinyl Sasha children here.  She is a 1967 English production NP girl.

Both girls have their bears to play with and to keep them company.  Meredith is a sweet older sister.

The lovely Meredith up close.

The lovely Sara up close.

Welcome Miss Meredith. We are so happy you are here.

I think Sara looks perfect in her brown farm pants.  She is having a great time outdoors on this pretty day.

Look!  Our little Lou has joined the fun.  She had a hard time leaving her sister Chloe inside but managed to join us anyway.

Lou is so happy to be outdoors and to enjoy the sunshine.  Lou is a 1968 English production fringe girl.  She, too, has a brown farm pants outfit.

Lou brought her bear.  It is nice to see these girls together from three different years.

They each have their own, very individual look mainly due to their wonderful  hand painting.

Farm pants girls are enjoying a Fall day on the farm.

Well, look here!  Another sweet farm pants girl is joining us.  It is Diana, a 1966 ochre eyed German Gotz girl.  We notice her farm pants are shorter in length. Cute!

Diana said she did not want to miss out on being in this post. She has not been on the blog in quite a while and she thinks she fits in perfectly with her brown farm pants, her blonde hair and her birthdate.

Diana brought her puppy and she said her farm pants are faded because she has worked hard here on the farm and the sun has taken its toll.  I think she is very pretty and should be next to her sister Meredith since they were both born in 1966 though in different countries.

My pretty brown farm pants girls all want to thank you for visiting with us today.  They hope you enjoyed your stay.

We are all sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come.  Have a Happy Fall!

A few Waterlogue images to enjoy.

10 thoughts on “1966…1967…1968… Farm Pants Girls Unite on the Farm this Fall

  1. What gorgeous group of farm pants blondes you have Ginger! I’m in awe! Each one is so beautiful. Here we see four Sasha dolls together that are so completely different from one another. Even with the similarities of wearing farm pants, having blue eyes (with the exception of Diana) and blonde hair they are so unique from one another. This would be a great comparison to show the non Sasha collector as one can plainly see they are not all alike, at all. Wonderful early girls Ginger!

    • Thank you Cathy for the lovely comments. I am always amazed at how different the early dolls look from one another even when dressed the same and with the same hair color! I agree that a new collector or a non-Sasha collector would be able to see the differences in the dolls. They are such fun to collect and to dress! ❤️ xxx

  2. The farm pants outfit just seems perfect for Autumn, and you’ve certainly assembled a ‘best of the best’ lineup here. I love Meredith’s beautiful eyes. It was so interesting to learn more about the developmental eye girls on FB recently, and quite amazing to think that Meredith was painted by Sara Doggart herself. Everything is looking very pretty at your place.

    • Thanks Steve. Yes, Sara painted Meredith’s eyes and she also painted Sara’s eyes, the 1967 petite girl. I have always loved the early eyes painted in 1966. The recent Facebook posts discussing the early girls were so helpful to our understanding. I think we are about finished with Fall decorations. It was 86 degrees yesterday and so it still feels like summer. I can hardly wait for the cooler days of Fall,..sweater weather! ❤️ xxx

  3. What a lovely bunch of farm girls. They must be a great help to you during the Halloween period, so interesting how they are all so different.
    And how wonderful to have a farm in which they can show off their farm pant outfits for us all to see, they look just perfect standing on the bale of straw.
    Autumn is officially here ! 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee! Yes, they are so different and interesting to see. It’s nice to share them in our Fall setting here on the farm and it is my favorite time of the year. Have a great weekend! ❤️ xxx

  4. Apologies for this late visit here and reply but was unfortunately without an internet for four days last week whilst I was getting set up with Fibre Optic Broadband so have since being playing ‘computer catch-up.’
    Love ALL four of your Farmpants girls in this delightful Autumn Harvest setting. (IF??? we are allowed to have a favourite then mine would have to be the ever so pretty 1967 Sara.)
    The Farmpants has unfortunately never been one of my favourite outfits but look perfect for this setting here today. I didn’t care for the Gotz’s shorter leg length, much preferring the Frido’s almost ankle length style.
    Thank you girls for your week’s good wishes.

    • Hi Kendal! Thank you for writing. I am glad you enjoyed seeing the farm pants girls here on the farm. I think it is interesting to see the outfits that were produced in different years and by two different companies. Sara just loves her farmpants and they have a good chance of being her original outfit. Have a great week! ❤️ xxx

  5. What a lovely bunch of farm pants girls Ginger, I particularly like Sara, she has the sort of face that I love….and the fact that she is sooo tiny really appeals to me. It’s very nice to see them all together in their order of year of ‘birth’.
    I’m glad you’re having great weather, your pumpkins and gourds look great in the sunshine, it really brings out their colours.

    • Thank you Sharon. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I like to compare and contrast the dolls. It helps to see them together and when they wear the same outfit, it helps to see other differences better I think. It is so nice that you appreciated the birth order too.

      Our weather today is pouring rain and so I am indoors catching up on nice reading. Have a great week my friend. ❤️ xxx

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