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Sasha doll collector primarily plus other interesting dolls. I inheirited my love of dolls from my dear Mother and also her collection. My first Sasha doll was Gwennie, a redheaded studio doll. Since Gwennie, I have collected other Sasha dolls and love their individual personalities created by their eye painting, hair color and styling, and dressing them. It is such fun to share with other collectors!

Chloe and Sara Dress for December



Chloe is a 1966 Sasha doll and was my first NP.  She is a brunette with very beautiful blue eyes. She is wearing a fantastic outfit that I found on Shelly’s site.  I believe Kendal owned this lovely outfit before me and I am uncertain who made it. Thank you Sarah Williams for your help. 🥰

I took many photos to share with you.  Her boots were made by Jean Jensen.

I hope you enjoy Chloe’s photos.


It is nice to dress Chloe in lovely clothes.

Next, is petite Sara, a 1967 NP painted by Sara Doggart.   Sara is wearing a warm and pretty outfit that I found on Shelly’s site. I think Kendal owned this outfit too.  Her black leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

I love this outfit especially since it is plaid and flannel. A wonderful fabric.

I took a lot of photos of Sara too.

Beautiful Sara. 

I hope you enjoyed Sara’s photos.

I thought I should show these sisters together. 

A very special pair! 

Thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you have a wonderful day and week to come.  We are enjoying our first seasonal snowfall of about 3 inches.

Sending you hugs and happy wishes! 🥰 xxx

A Gracie Hello


Sweet Gracie is happy to say hello to you.  She is hopeful all is well with you and yours. ❤️

Gracie is wearing an outfit we found at Ruthsdolls. This includes her leather shoes and white  socks. She is so happy to have a new outfit. 😊

This adorable outfit is toddler sized and fits her well.

Though Gracie is a studio Bebe, she has always claimed hat she is not a baby.  I do agree with Gracie and think she looks extra sweet modeling her pretty new outfit.

Thank you for visiting our site.  We hope you enjoyed this post.  Gracie and I both hope you have a happy weekend. ❤️

Hello from Sasha Shangri-La


We haven’t posted in quite some time.  Without knowing, I had too many photos stored from previous posts which took me over my limit. My previous attempts to post were unsuccessful.  So, I have deleted a lot of photos. I hope this action will allow me to post.

This sweet BIV studio doll is named Evie.  She came to Sasha Shangri-La this year.  I love her and especially her blue eyes.

Evie is wearing a beautiful smocked dress made by Thu Cuc Faes in Switzerland. I love the fabric.  Her red leather shoes were made by Ruthsdolls.  That is Chloe next to her.  She is a 1966 brunette NP.

I hope you enjoyed this short post and I hope it posts! Have a great week! ❤️

It feels good to be back and I thought it should be short and sweet. ❤️

Clara at Home on Cow Creek


I was on Facebook recently and saw this beautiful reroot by Jackie Rydstrom.  I adopted her immediately. Her hair is a very soft, wavy mohair.

Jackie also made her lovely dress. Looking closely, you can see tiny brown bows. I added brown leather shoes by Sashapotamus.

Beautiful Clara. ❤️

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have a great week.

Clara and her puppy Molly send you hugs and happy wishes for the upcoming holiday season. ❤️

New Outfit and Onesie for Bea 🐝


Hello! My name is Bea. I am a BII Sasha studio doll.  Mommy has given me a beautiful onesie to wear because I came without any under garments.  Plus, Mommy gave me a wonderful school girl outfit to wear.   I hope you enjoy seeing these photos.

My onesie was knitted by Rosie Laird. Mommy saw on Facebook that Rosie knitted a onesie for the 16 inch vinyl Sasha dolls. So she wrote to Rosie and asked her if she would knit a larger version for a studio doll like me! Rosie said yes, Mommy provided measurements, and look at the beautiful knitting I now have! Thank you Rosie! 🌹

The onesie is so very nice, and fits so very well, that Mommy ordered more of them for my studio sisters!

Next, I am so excited to share with you my beautiful school girl outfit hand made by Brigitte Schwitter.  Brigitte also made my socks and shoes.  I am on cloud nine! ❤️

Mommy does not know who previously owned me but she was told that my original studio outfit was a school girl outfit. So she wrote to Auntie Brigitte and she made me this fantastic outfit. Thank you Brigitte from our hearts. ❤️

Look at the beautiful sweater she knitted for me. ❤️

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

It fits perfectly!

I think I am ready to go back to school.  These fabulous shoes are made for walking!😊

Then, as a wonderful surprise, Mommy added her scarab bar pin which is so nice to wear.

I hope you enjoyed my new outfit from top to bottom! Thank you for visiting with me today.

Have a wonderful day and week to come.  Bye now!  ❤️