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Sasha doll collector primarily plus other interesting dolls. I inheirited my love of dolls from my dear Mother and also her collection. My first Sasha doll was Gwennie, a redheaded studio doll. Since Gwennie, I have collected other Sasha dolls and love their individual personalities created by their eye painting, hair color and styling, and dressing them. It is such fun to share with other collectors!

Clara at Home on Cow Creek


I was on Facebook recently and saw this beautiful reroot by Jackie Rydstrom.  I adopted her immediately. Her hair is a very soft, wavy mohair.

Jackie also made her lovely dress. Looking closely, you can see tiny brown bows. I added brown leather shoes by Sashapotamus.

Beautiful Clara. ❤️

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you have a great week.

Clara and her puppy Molly send you hugs and happy wishes for the upcoming holiday season. ❤️

New Outfit and Onesie for Bea 🐝


Hello! My name is Bea. I am a BII Sasha studio doll.  Mommy has given me a beautiful onesie to wear because I came without any under garments.  Plus, Mommy gave me a wonderful school girl outfit to wear.   I hope you enjoy seeing these photos.

My onesie was knitted by Rosie Laird. Mommy saw on Facebook that Rosie knitted a onesie for the 16 inch vinyl Sasha dolls. So she wrote to Rosie and asked her if she would knit a larger version for a studio doll like me! Rosie said yes, Mommy provided measurements, and look at the beautiful knitting I now have! Thank you Rosie! 🌹

The onesie is so very nice, and fits so very well, that Mommy ordered more of them for my studio sisters!

Next, I am so excited to share with you my beautiful school girl outfit hand made by Brigitte Schwitter.  Brigitte also made my socks and shoes.  I am on cloud nine! ❤️

Mommy does not know who previously owned me but she was told that my original studio outfit was a school girl outfit. So she wrote to Auntie Brigitte and she made me this fantastic outfit. Thank you Brigitte from our hearts. ❤️

Look at the beautiful sweater she knitted for me. ❤️

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

It fits perfectly!

I think I am ready to go back to school.  These fabulous shoes are made for walking!😊

Then, as a wonderful surprise, Mommy added her scarab bar pin which is so nice to wear.

I hope you enjoyed my new outfit from top to bottom! Thank you for visiting with me today.

Have a wonderful day and week to come.  Bye now!  ❤️



Dreamy Brunette Side Part Girls


Until last month, there were no brunette side part girls living at Sasha Shangri-La.  Then, I adopted one brunette girl from a dear friend and a few weeks later another dear friend offered me a brunette side part and I am thrilled to say there are now two very different and very lovely brunette side parted girls here on Cow Creek.

On the left is Lenore and she is wearing a beautiful knitted outfit by Christine Durand. Lenore came in her original pink dress which is stored for her use later.  On the right is a petite, tiny eyed girl that I have named Tiny.  Tiny was my mother’s nickname and it brings me very fond memories.  Tiny is wearing a beautiful silk creation by Francis Tricket.  I love the floral pattern and the tiny buttons. Both outfits fit perfectly and both came with fantastic handbags.  Both girls are wearing leather shoes made by Jean Jensen.

Tiny is actually smaller than her sister Lenore. She is shorter, has a smaller face, and has tiny eyes.

Both girls have retained their gold tags.

Tiny up close. I love her beautiful painting.

Tiny’s eyes up close.

Tiny’s shoulder bag. 

JJ sandals.

Beautiful Lenore has a wider face than her sister.

Lenore up close.  She has a very sweet, sensitive expression.


JJ shoes in an unusual blue gray color.

Beautiful detailing on her dress.

Both girls enjoying a sunny day with very nice and not too hot temperatures….finally!

They are beginning to meet other sisters and brothers but they stay together most of the time.  I lightly ran a wide tooth comb through their hair and no hair came out on either girl. I do not brush vigorously and I take special care when handling early brunette dolls.  I am happy to say that these two girls have managed to keep their lovely hair.

They are very close sisters.

A few photos of the girls together.

Thank you from Tiny and Lenore and me for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed the post.  Have a wonderful week to come. ❤️ xxx

A Waterlogue image to enjoy.


In Loving Memory of Ted Menten


I recently learned of Ted Menten’s passing and was so very sad. Though I had not had contact with Ted in recent years, I am so grateful for his positive influence in my life and the Sasha community.

Ted was very active on the Sasha Mart years before Facebook began and he had a fantastic blog called Sasha Street. He was very creative and artistic and he encouraged others to be creative too. He wrote books and was an excellent photographer.  I am certain he touched the hearts of many people including doll and bear collectors around the world.

This dear bear was made by Ted and I treasure it.

At my request, Ted created the pattern and made this gorgeous studio doll outfit. He used antique christening dress fabric.  This is Alice, a BIII studio doll, modeling his creation.

Such beautiful detailing.

Ted put much attention to the details of the outfit including the back of the gown.

This is the under slip. The neck and arm openings are scalloped. Please notice the lovely work along the hem.

A closer view.

The pantaloons are trimmed in fine lace.

Next are three waist coats or vests Ted made to fit Gregor.


This is Teddy modeling Ted’s waist coats.

Teddy is fondly remembering Ted Menten and the many wonderful contributions he made to our Sasha community. We are very grateful and blessed to have known him. Rest In Peace Ted. ❤️

Welcome Home Shelly ❤️



In the previous post, I shared this photo of new additions to our Sasha family and explained that Cathy Himmel and I had exchanged dolls at the Sasha Festival in Cincinnati that resulted in Shelly returning home to Sasha Shangri-La. Shelly is shown here in the center wearing her original outfit.  She is a BIV studio doll.

Shelly, BIV studio girl

Shelly came home with me after the Cincinnati Festival and Cathy sent with her a beautiful red studio dress made by Ruth Hartley.  The dress was inspired by an original studio dress made of fabric from Trudi’s Pajamas. How nice is that!  I love the way fabric and materials were recycled in Sasha’s studio.

Next, you see a photo of the original studio dress shown in the book “Sasha-Puppen Sasha Dolls” by Stefan Biffiger.

However, we still needed bloomers, socks and shoes to go with the red dress and so I contacted Ruth and she made them up quickly to complete this wonderful studio outfit.

Here is Shelly wearing her version of the red dress.

The bloomers are a wide white and red check, knitted stripy socks, and brown leather studio style shoes.  I am thrilled with this outfit!

It is perfect for Shelly.

Shelly up close.

You can see Shelly has a bracelet on both wrists.

Her identification bracelet was made by Beth, Cathy’s daughter at the Rochester Festival.

On her left wrist is her Sasha tag.

Beautiful Shelly.

A lovely book of inspiration gifted by a dear friend. Shelly and I are reading it together.

Shelly selected a lovely knitted shawl for herself and it was made by Diane Duke.

Shelly in her shawl.  This will come in handy very soon as we approach Fall.

A beautiful way to stay warm.

I especially love this photo of Shelly.

Close up photos of Shelly.

Thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed the post.  Shelly and I are sending you happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. 🥰 xxx

A Waterlogue image of Shelly. ❤️

A Fantastic 2019 Sasha Festival in Cincinnati


The Sasha Festival was fantastic. I am posting photos of the lovely things that I brought home with me.

My rescued pet, his bed and the crafts are shown above. The bag with the gray fabric is a cute hat to make and the bag in the bottom of the photo is a net to catch insects or maybe a butterfly.

The delightful Fiona’s bag was sewn together by my sweet daughter-in- Law Mollie. ❤️

A terrific denim Festival dress received plus fantastic brown leather sandals by Marti. Love the fringe!

Another wonderful Festival outfit received to include a great safari outfit, socks, and sturdy brown leather boots.  Very smart!

This sweet lion outfit for a lucky Sasha baby was such a nice surprise.  A wonderful gift for helping with the Dress a Sasha contest. Thank you dear Heidi. ❤️

A beautiful dress received during a hostess gift exchange.

A most useful Festival gift received on Sunday.  Plus an invitation to next year’s Festival in Pittsburgh.

A handmade, lovely table gift received from hostess Laura Osterdyk.

A hostess gift from Laura Ward and me to those who sat at our table the first night. 😊

Cassie Rogers of Sashapotamus made these wonderful custom bags, and filled them with these goodies, for us to offer as a hostess gift.  Each one had a  t-shirt, a nature journal, and an insect in a see through container. I love it! Cassie personalized the back of the bag too.  Thank you Cassie!

A wonderful auction win donated by Ellen Church. Beautiful!

My second auction win donated by Virginia Myers, mother of Brenda.  Such a dear outfit  and JJ shoes.

Colorful Marti sandals I received in the gift exchange.

I bought in the sales room this gorgeous Scottie dog smocked dress made by Julie Ruleman.

Other new things bought in the sales room. On the left a Dollie Patch outfit that was on a new girl I adopted. The three dress sets on the bottom were made by Frances Tricket. The shorts above were made by JoAnn Staricha, the orange leather tie shoes made by Sheila, pretty sandals in the plastic bag made by Monica, purple leather shoes by Marti, and an orange print dress with pinafore also made by Marti.

Gorgeous shawls made by Diane Duke. They were quickly snapped up by happy studio dolls living here at Sasha Shangri-La.

This cheery corduroy dungaree set was gifted to me by Laura Osterdyk.  I loved it on sight when I saw it on her studio doll.  She kindly gave it to me. Fully lined too!  Thank you Laura.

I bought this second dungarees from Laura in the sales room.

Helper items i won! I was very lucky.  The music dress was donated by Mary Righos.

A beautiful gift from a special friend. This wonderful tote bag with a fab orange swim suit and gifts inside.

A wonderful dress made by Jackie Hyatt that Mollie gave to me. It was on a beautiful doll she bought from Heidi and Mollie redressed her at the Festival. Thank you Mollie.

Another helper win.

Shared dress pattern. A beautiful envelope isn’t it?  I hope to try and sew it!

Laura O. made this dress and donated it to the raffle for Betty Jean. Tricia won the raffle and so kindly gifted me this sweet dress to remember Betty Jean. Thank you Tricia.

Beautiful girls that I adopted at the Festival. You have met Flora (on left) in a previous post but I am thrilled to say that Shelly (center) has returned to me. Shelly is a BIV studio doll that lived here before and was adopted by Cathy Himmel.  Cathy recently asked about a studio doll living here named Nellie. Nellie was not for sale but Cathy and I talked about her and also about Shelly.  Cathy already loved Nellie so much and I loved Shelly so much that we decided to have an exchange between us.  I am over the moon to have Shelly back! Plus Cathy is very happy with Nellie who now is called Nell.  Thank you Cathy!

I also adopted this beautiful Jackie Rydstrom rerooted girl on the right. Since she came in a winter outfit, I redressed her immediately in this beautiful outfit that I bought from Julie Ruleman in the sales room. She is wearing purple leather sandals from Sashapotamus. I have named her Candy.

Sasha Shangri-La is a much happier place since the Sasha Festival in Cincinnati. I am very grateful to Heidi for giving us a wonderful Sasha experience. Many thanks also to everyone that contributed to this happy event. ❤️🥰❤️

A Megan Moment


Most of you know that a group of us attending the Sasha Celebration Weekend were able to assemble a charity doll using a Sasha head mold that Janet Myhill-Dabbs covered with fabric and beautifully painted.  The project was approved by the Morgenthaler family and each of the doll makers had a kit waiting for them at Eastwood Hall.  A portion of the cost of the doll went to children’s charities and so they are referred to as charity dolls instead of course dolls. This fantastic wooden tag was kindly gifted to all the doll makers by Florence D. Gadol.

Please meet my charity doll Megan. Her powder blue corduroy Ruthsdolls dress was generously gifted to me by Mary Righos.  I added the Ruthsdolls pinafore that came with another dress and gave her hand knitted socks and black leather shoes. I am over the moon for this lovely girl. She is with me most of each day as I carry her from room to room.

Megan likes sitting on the front porch in the rocking chair.

I have loved cloth dolls since childhood and this little one has really endeared herself to me.

Each doll maker also received a hand made onesie for their doll as a lovely gift from Jenny O’Donnell. 

Look! Another generous gift for each charity doll is a lovely, colorful hand knitted scarf made by Gillian Buchanan.

Having a charity doll is alone a gift.  These wonderful additional gifts just make these dolls all the more special. Many thanks to everyone for their kind generosity.

Megan up close. ❤️

Megan received another gift from Auntie Janet before we left the UK.   A beautiful handmade floral head ring. It is perfect for Megan.!

Look! Who is this little one? Megan has adopted this precious Gotz baby Alek who is now called Lexie.  Megan is her closest sister and best friend.

Lexie up close.  Her wonderful outfit was made by Chris Meatyard. She is holding a tiny stuffed owl.

Lexie is wearing sweet powder blue leather shoes made by Noreen.

Hello there lovely Lexie. We are happy to have you here at Sasha Shangri-La.

A very happy little girl.

Megan and Lexie are waving goodbye and sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend. Thank you for visiting with us today.

A Waterlogue image of sweet Megan. ❤️

Blue Gingham Dress: Regular and Tiny Check


These five little ladies are all wearing wide skirt gingham dresses.  The girls are from left to right: Rain, Cora, Whitney, Polly, and Zayna.  These dolls (beginning in 1972) were not in production when these wide skirt gingham dresses were made (1966-1968).  I chose them because the post will focus on the check and skirt size of the gingham dresses but I also wanted to provide you a little of the unexpected.

Whitney, in the center, is wearing a tiny check wide skirt gingham dress.  I highly recommend reading Susanna Lewis’ book ”Sasha Dolls Serie Identification” that is full of useful information about the production dolls and the outfits plus excellent photography.  She explains in the book that the tiny check fabric was used in late 1968 to early 1969.

Zayna is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress

Polly is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.

Whitney is wearing a tiny check wide skirt gingham dress.

Cora is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.

Rain is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.  Her dress is noticeably shorter than the others and Kendal mentioned that fact on a recent Facebook post.  Great eye Kendal! The hem appears to be well sewn like the other dresses so I am uncertain why it is shorter but I do like the shorter length on Sasha dolls which shows their pretty legs.

I removed two dolls from the lineup to better show the the tiny check in the center and the regular check on either side to help with comparisons.

Another closer view of the gingham check fabrics.

The tiny check is on the left and the regular check on the right.

In this photo, the regular check is on the left and the tiny check is on the right.

Polly changed into a later gingham dress that does not have the wider skirt.  Notice the gathering of fabric at the bodice and the folds in the wide skirt gingham dress that the narrow skirt dress does not have.

Polly up close wearing the narrow skirt gingham dress that was made from 1969 until the end of gingham dress production.

The regular check size is the same in the wide skirt (left) as the narrow skirt (right).

This particular narrow skirt gingham dress has black snaps which are not often seen.

i hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😊 xxx

A Waterlogue image for you to see.

Finally a Hello from Cow Creek


Hello friends. I want to explain my recent absences.  I have been struggling lately with posting on the blog and also with reading other’s blogs. I have not shared the reason why because it is personal and partially involves an individual in the Sasha world.  Though I have shared my feelings of burn out with a few good friends who are so kind to listen and to be so understanding.  I came very close to shutting the blog down before the Cincinnati Festival but decided to hold off until later.  I was feeling very disconnected and certain my blog was not making a difference.

Then, I had a wonderful time at the Festival and it was extra special with my daughter-in-law Mollie attending with me. So I thought I would restart today and share a blog post to welcome two new additions to the Sasha family. Both are brunette Gotz girls but they are so very different from one another.  One I bought at the Sasha Celebration Weekend in England and the other at the Cincinnati Festival.  I had a very special time at both of these events.


This sweet paler girl is Flora.  I adopted her at the Cincinnati Festival.  She is wearing a beautiful  outfit made by Betty Jean and her Birkenstocks were made by Marti.  She came in a nice brown corduroy factory outfit with a waffle weave pinafore. It is stored away. 

I hope you enjoy pretty Flora’s photos.

I am very smitten with this dear girl. ❤️

This girl was adopted from a good friend who lives in Germany. The Gotz girl’s  name is Josephine and she is now called Josie.  I had seen photos of her for quite a while and loved her darker than usual vinyl, her very long beautiful hair, and her pretty face. I was thrilled when I learned I could bring her home.  I redressed her in lovely dress that I think was made by Nikita.  Her shoes are JJ shoes. I am uncertain who crocheted her socks but I love them.

I hope you enjoy these photos of this special girl, Josie.❤️


Finally, a few photos of the new girls together. Thank you for visiting with us today. I hope to post again of other additions and rehoming of Sasha dolls living here on Cow Creek. Have a great weekend ahead. 😊 xxx


Packing Up My Dolls and For England


Before departing for England, we began preparations at home to install carpeting upstairs where my doll room is located. Rick was planning to host Navy buddies from his Navy days while I was to be away and the house needed an update plus cleaning. I emptied every cabinet to pack and protect the dolls while all the furniture was moved to allow the old carpet to be removed and the new carpet to be installed (one of the 10 boxes packed).

I began packing for the trip overseas two days before I left. I was not able to blog before leaving as all my time was either packing dolls or working to make the house more presentable for guests.  It was a marathon event!

The flight over was very nice though it was delayed over 5 hours which was unfortunate. Finally I arrived at the Newcastle airport and Tricia brought Janet there to pick me up. It was a very happy reunion after a long separation. 😊

One of the travel bags I packed held a precious pale faced studio doll to bring to Janet Myhill-Dabbs who is her new Mum.  Her name is Lilith. ❤️

Also, Tricia had decided to let me adopt her very lovely Martha who is seated next to Lilith. ❤️

Tricia provided information about Martha’s history and she was called Martina at one time so I decided to restore her name. Martina is a BI studio doll expected to have been made in the late 40’s to early 50’s timeframe.

This photo was taken in Janet’s living room.

We visited Riley’s Fish Shack for a tasty breakfast.

Located right on the shore of the North Sea.

A yummy poached egg and fish cake breakfast.

We observed people enjoying the beach with their dogs and brave people swimming in the chilly waters!

After Mass on Sunday, we went to the Tynemouth Market which was such fun.

I was happy to find this colorful and warm knitted hat in grownup size!

Janet and I walked her dog Bouncer along the sea.

Lovely sea shells in this intertidal zone.

Hannah spent a lot of time with Janet’s doll James Norton. She is smitten as we all are! 😊

A sunny walk with Bouncer.

We had a fantastic lunch at the local restaurant called the Boatyard.

We met one day with Tricia and Peggy to play dolls st Janet’s house and then to have an afternoon tea at Spanish City. It was a very nice day!  ❤️

A close up photo of the beautiful Martina. Her dress came from Switzerland on a course doll and is perfect for her.

We realized that Martina and Janet’s Catherine had been photographed before in a poster above showing the four face molds.

So we took their photo together once again.  They are redressed but their lovely faces are the same. They so enjoyed their reunion.

The evening before we left, we went to a fantastic play called “Legally Blonde “.  It was a musical version of the original movie and was so very entertaining. I laughed and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

A final photo of Janet’s garden before we departed for Nottingham and the Sasha Celebration Weekend. A favorite bird from previous visits is called Fancy Pigeon and was there!  I had the pleasure of setting out seed for the pretty bird. A most wonderful visit with Janet and I am very grateful for her warm hospitality.  It is such a joy to see this part of England again with special friends.  Sasha friends are the very best friends. ❤️