Happy Christmas! Please welcome Christine


My Christmas present came early this year with a wonderful impulse purchase of a blue eyed brunette Gotz no-navel girl.  I saw her on the Bazaar and thought she would be a beautiful companion to my only no-navel girl, Hazel, a brown eyed blonde beauty. ❤️

She immediately told me her name is Christine.  I love her wide face and sweet elfin chin.  She came wearing a Gotz brown cord dress set and the generous seller also included a Gotz green dress set. As nice as the original outfits are, I could not wait to redress her.

Christine wearing a beautiful blue floral dress made by Frances Trickett and an amazing Princess Charlotte patterned cardigan knitted by Linda Simpson. Her leather shoes are a Sashapotamus find.  ❤️

Christine up close. ❤️

Christine enjoyed her time outdoors here on Cow Creek. 😊

A very sweet little girl.

Her hair is beautiful, so soft and silky plus it is long and thick. The Gotz factory worker really rooted her well. After adopting Christine, I ordered a very special dress set made especially for her by the talented Christine Durand.  I will post photos soon of Christine wearing her new outfit soon. ❤️

Christine and I thank you for visiting with us today. We are sending you hugs and happy holiday wishes.  We hope you have a great day and week to come. 😊 xxx

Wonderful Visits with Friends


This post is about the lovely visitors to Sasha Shangri-La last month. It was a happy time to share friendships and Sasha dolls.

Anne Votaw and her husband were the first to visit.   It was wonderful to spend time with Anne and to see such beautiful dolls and learn more about them. 😊

A sweet wee visitor. ❤️

Friends enjoying time together. 😊

Mary and Peggy visited next. We enjoyed our sushi time very much. 😊

Mary brought her flute and played for us. Boy, she is an amazing flutist.  The best!! ❤️

Peggy meeting her new Sasha, Ellen. ❤️

We played with Sasha dolls, went for walks on Cow Creek, played with Sasha dolls, toasted marshmallows and made s’mores, played with Sasha dolls, and ate very well.  We enjoyed each other’s company very much. ❤️

Janet and I again enjoying sushi and we visited a local Native American burial mound.

My Lily went along with us and also Janet’s Glory. ❤️❤️

Lily is a no nose Gotz girl and Janet helped her immensely by repainting her tired eyes. 😊

Hi Mommy, look at my shadow!!

Janet and I visited the West Virginia State Capital in Charleston.  We especial enjoyed the Cultural Center. 😊

Janet’s favorite restaurant! 😊

My Christmas cactus bloomed during the the visits. So lovely. ❤️

Lily, Gertie, Faye and the babies all want to thank you for visiting with us. We hope you enjoyed this post. 😊 xxx


Janet and I in rocking chairs on the front porch. Rick took this photo just before we left for the Columbus airport so Janet would make her return flights home.  It was a most wonderful visit and one that will hold a special place in my heart. ❤️

Please welcome Audra to Sasha Shangri-La


This beautiful B-III Sasha Morgenthaler studio girl has come to live with us here on Cow Creek.  She arrived while Janet was visiting and I nearly did not adopt her.  Though she is very beautiful, I though she was so similar to my Gwennie and it would be like having two of the same girl.  Then, after giving some more thought to her, I decided to adopt her for that very reason and having twins would be just great!!! 😊

Audra came wearing her tagged studio dress and having her original socks and undergarments too.  The lovely seller gave her a pair of shoes that were a tad big for her so I borrowed this lovely leather pair from a sister and these were made by Brigitte.  Audra’s wonderful mohair harlequin bear was made by Janet. 😊

Audra loves Harley bear very much. It is nice to have a teddy bear when in a new place. ❤️

A vintage velvet ribbon was perfect for her hair. ❤️

After Audra’s arrival, I introduced her to her sister Gwennie.  As you can see, they really are quite different and not twins at all. I think Audra is a loving older sister to Gwennie.  They became close immediately! I am so happy they have one another.❤️


Gwennie, Audra and I want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you have enjoyed this post and have a happy day with a wonderful week to come. 😊 xxx

A Happy Trip to New York


I picked up Janet at the airport in Columbus, Ohio and it was a very happy reunion.  Since it was after 7:00 pm, we drove a couple of hours and stopped to rest at a hotel in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  The next day we drove to a second hotel in New York and we went to see Dorisanne the following day.  We were on a mission to pick up Janet’s beautiful studio doll named Katherine. ❤️

Janet reading her emails after arriving at the hotel in New York.

Janet and I eating breakfast and getting excited about picking up Janet’s Katherine or Katie. ❤️

We arrived at Dorisanne’s lovely lakeside home and immediately entered a wonderful world of Sasha dolls.  Janet’s first meeting with Katie! ❤️

Janet and Dorisanne eyeing  Glory wearing her hedgehog outfit. 😊

Dorisanne and Janet enjoying the visit. Dorisanne made a tasty lunch for us.  Dorisanne introduced us to her very special studio doll family and we also saw beautiful vinyl Sasha dolls too.  We had a wonderful visit.  😊

Glory and a beautiful Asian Sasha doll repainted by John Morgan and adopted by me! The two adorable bears were made by Janet. ❤️

That evening after leaving Dorisanne’s house, I could not get out of my mind a very special molded head studio boy that I met earlier.  Sooooo, the next morning I called Dorisanne before we left town and asked her if we could return to pick him up. Dorisanne graciously agreed and so I adopted a new studio boy that I named Albert or Bertie.  His name is Karli so he is now Karli Albert but I call him Bertie. Here are a few photos of Bertie taken on Cow Creek. ❤️

Love this boy. ❤️

After returning to West Virginia, Janet began painting and working to fulfill dolly orders for people living here in the States.  Here is s photo of her in action.  😊

A front porch photo of Janet with her beautiful Katie. ❤️

The next post will be of Mary and Peggy’s visit to Sasha Shangri-La.  Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a wonderful week. 😊 xxx

p.s. Bertie sitting beside Bennie his brother. Plus Bertie had a hidden surprise…look at the photo below!!!

Yes, Bertie has toes!!! 😊

Sasha Shangri-La And Lance Remembered ❤️


Hello from Cow Creek which has been very busy in recent weeks and now has quieted down for a much needed respite before the holidays. I am so very far behind in blogging comments and posting too of course. I have missed you my friends.  So, I thought I would write a note to let you know I am well and enjoying the peace and quiet here on the farm and taking time to reflect and renew. 😊

I picked up Janet Myhill-Dabbs at the airport on Monday, October 9th.  It was a sensational visit!  I will write about those fantastic happenings later. 😊

Before that, our family had a long awaited Memorial gathering for our son Lance on Saturday, October 7th. It was held at a family cemetery not far from here and it was a time to remember Lance and to grieve with beloved family members and to say our goodbyes. I felt the hand of the Lord there in our midst on that beautiful Fall day.  Lance is with us and I believe we will see him again one day. ❤️

Taking a loving cue from Ronnie, I have also found a Gregor that I have named Lance to honor our son’s memory.  He is wearing a wonderful leather tool belt with handy tools that Ronny generously gifted to me for him to wear.  ❤️  Lance’s work was in construction and he liked working with his hands. He was a gifted artist as well. ❤️

I hope you enjoy these few photos of Lance. He is so very precious to me. ❤️

Have a wonderful week!  😊 xxx



A New Arrival to Sasha Shangri-La


Please welcome the newest arrival to Sasha Shangri-La.  Prior to living in Switzerland, this beautiful studio girl lived in the Netherlands. She came from a loving home and a very kind lady. I am privileged to provide this dear one a new home and family here on Cow Creek. Since she was unnamed, I have named her “Celine” meaning sky or heaven. I think she is heavenly indeed.  ❤️


I took these photos quickly and will take better ones in the future. I wanted to share her right away because I am so happy. 😊

Hello Celine!

Sadly, Celine’s foot markings have almost entirely worn away.  I can make out the “S” in Sasha.  I think that Celine is made of hard plastic.  She does show some wear and discoloration in places but overall she is is great condition. 😊

Her jacket’s label. I love her outfit. ❤️

Finn is our number one greeter here on Cow Creek. He is very infatuated with Celine and Fetch also greeted Celine.   I think she feels very much at home. 😉

Sweet Celine and Finn and I thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post. We will continue with the traveling posts in the future. For now, we are taking a break from the trip reporting and focusing on our beloved Sasha dolls.  Have a wonderful day and weekend coming up. 😊 xxx

Cragside, Holy Island and Cullercoats a Happy Time with Janet


After leaving Tricia’s house, I went to stay with Janet.  Billy and Janet kindly took me on a road trip to Cragside in Northumberland.  It was the home of William Armstrong and the house was the first house in England to be lit by hydroelectric power.  It is a most impressive house and the architecture, furnishings, and innovative technology of the day are just wonderful to see.  I enjoyed every room in the house. 😊

A photo of Billy on the entrance path leading to the impressive house.

A massive cutting-edge of the day kitchen.

An automatic dishwasher!!!

A cozy nook to rest a bit.

A peek to the outstanding gardens from a window.

I took photos of the beautiful rooms.

Paintings lined both walls of an upstairs hallway. This painting reminded me of Tricia as I imagine her as a little girl and knowing her love of cats. 😊

Billy and Janet enjoying an ornate fireplace.

A replica of Princess Alexandra’s dress.  The Princess visited Cragside.

We walked the pathways surrounding the house.

Cragside is a very beautiful place to visit.


Now, onto the Holy Island visit 😊

Bill drove Janet and I to see Holy Island in Northumberland. Twice a day the island’s access road is cut off by tides.  Holy Island is a holy place steeped in a rich history and people make pilgrimages to visit this special Island. Sadly, I only took a few photos.

The priory and cemetery photos.

The castle was under renovation construction so not open to tours.  A really beautiful and serene area by the sea. ❤️

We stopped at a few shops before we left Holy Island. A great day!


The next photos bring us back to Cullercoats ❤️

We walked one morning to Riley’s Fish Shack. It is a beautiful walk along the North Sea.

A feast for breakfast!  So yummy! 😊

Both feet into the Sea!!

We had time to play with dolls during my stay which was so nice. After the SCW, I bought several outfits from Janet that were left on her sales table, lucky me! This outfit is so lovely on Morgen and her sandals were made by a Marti.  She looks great. ❤️

Dear Gertie also has a new Janet-made outfit to wear and she stands next to her twin sister Edith. Gertie brought presents for her beloved twin. She missed her so much! ❤️

Finn also scored a new Janet-made outfit and he loved spending time with Glory. You can see my sweet Minnie in the background. We all had a wonderful time. ❤️

Janet and I went to the beach for a picnic on a nice sunny day. 😊

Janet showed me this neat cave.

Janet enjoying the tasty red rice salad that she made for our picnic on the beach. What a lovely day! I had the best time at Janet’s house.  She and Billy were so very kind and the very best hosts. I felt very welcome during my stay and I am grateful for our friendship. ❤️

Janet, Tricia, and I flew from Newcumberland to Rome, Italy. This is the view of the Alps as seen during the flight. Gorgeous!

Thank you for visiting the blog. I hope you enjoyed this final post of the visit to England and the next post will be in Italy  🇮🇹. Have a wonderful week! 😊 xxx

Visiting England and Scotland with Tricia


After the SCW, I left Nottingham with Tricia Jackson and spent the next happy days with her and her family in South Shields, England.  You can see the North Sea from Tricia’s window.  So lovely. 😊

Views of the beautiful North Sea and some wonderful seafood we enjoyed one day.

A ferry on its way to Amsterdam. We waved at the passengers lacing the upper decks. 😊


One day we traveled to see Durham University. It was such a nice visit and I have always loved college campus life. You can sense the excitement in the air. Tricia and I shopped there too! 😊

Amazing architecture.


We returned home by train.  It was a a great day and I am glad to have seen Durham University.  I would love to return one day. 😊

Another day, we traveled to Scotland which was a dream of mine since I was a little girl. My grandmother was a “Buchanan” and she had always wanted to visit Scotland, as did my Mom, but sadly that did not happen. They talked about Scotland often over the years.  When I arrived, I was so very happy and felt like they both were with me in spirit and that they were happy that I made it back to the land where our ancestors had lived. ❤️

View of Scotland from the train.  We made our way to Edinburgh.

We arrived in Edinburgh and walked along the Royal Mile. 😊

A happy arrival in Edinburgh! 😊

It was a real treat to be able to hold an owl and to see one up close. They are beautiful birds. ❤️

We stopped at a pub and had a tasty meal. 😊

At the top of the walk along the Royal Mile was the Edinburgh Castle. Very impressive!

The lay of the land on one side of the Castle. You can see the intense sky so full of clouds though we managed to stay dry as the rain held off. 😊

Of course, we managed to shop in the some of the many shops aligning the roadway.

A piper was so nice to see! 😊

A view inside of Jenners Department Store. Tricia and I shopped a bit and stopped for tea before the train ride home. 😊

A beautiful view from the train as we left Scotland and headed back to England.  It was a fantastic day in every way possible.  I was on cloud nine most definitely that entire day.

I am so grateful to Tricia for wanting to spend time with me and for arranging to see such interesting places during my time with her, Ray, and Matt and their special resident kitties, (especially Fizzy).  I had a most wonderful time! ❤️

Thank you for visiting the blog today and I hope you enjoyed the post. There were no Sasha dolls featured in this post’s photographs but Sasha dolls have brought us all together, from different lands and different cultures, and yet we are so much alike in our passions for Sashas and our affections for one another.  Have a blessed week. ❤️ xxx



The 2017 Sasha Celebration Weekend


The Sasha Celebration Weekend was held at the very nice Eastwood Hall in Nottingham.  I arrived May 11th and departed on Sunday May 14th. First, I want to thank Janet and Tricia for all the hard work they shouldered to provide us such a happy time together.   I had a most wonderful time and it was such a joy to see everyone again.  Others have already posted photos and information on Facebook and blogs that well captured the wonderful time had by all. My little post will hopefully be a happy reminder to those that attended and a nice little peek into that special time for others. 😊


Seeing Janet after a year’s time was so nice. She is meeting Morgen for the first time. ❤️

Liss also meeting Morgen. ❤️

Please meet Pio. Janet repainted, wigged and dressed this dear Gotz doll and I adopted him from Liss. 😊

DollMum at dinner and her amazing pram. ❤️

Raffle items in the next few photos.  More raffle items were put on the tables after my photos were taken.

I am very happy here because I actually made the red leather satchel that Gertie is wearing.  This happened thanks to Brigitte and her patience plus I sat next to her which helped me a lot. I also made a wooden duck toy at DollMum’s table which was so cute. There were more crafts and I did get kits to take home to make at a later date. All wonderful crafts! ❤️

The very lovely Theresa and her beautiful studio doll. ❤️ ….I see you Mary!! 😊

These photos were most if not all of the dolls in the international contest. I could not pick a favorite and was just amazed at the talent shown in these beautiful entries.  I think that Sasha would have loved to see these beautiful Sashas. 😊

These dolls were displayed by attendees as their favorite dolls. More were displayed after my photos were taken.  Just amazing! ❤️

Finn knows he is my favorite boy. ❤️

Diane’s clan looking bright as always!

At the end of the SCW, Janet drove away home on her Vespa 🛵

Bye Janet.  Thank you and thank you Tricia for a most special time together as we enjoy each other’s good company and our Sashas. ❤️❤️

Pio and I want to thank you for visiting us today. We hope you have a very happy day and weekend ahead. 😊 xxx


A Lovely Lunch with Friends and Sashas


On Wednesday, Diane, Judith (who joined us the day before), and I went to Dawn Law’s beautiful home to have lunch and enjoy Sashas. It was a lovely day with lovely ladies that also joined the gathering and of course, lovely Sashas. The dolls are all very special, well loved, and well dressed. It was a real privilege to see them.  The doll photos capture most of the dolls that were brought to share but I am not certain that I photographed them all. So, here is the sampling caught by my camera. 😊

These outstanding dolls were kindly brought by Brenda Walton and they are very, very special as they were painted by Sasha herself.  They were displayed openly for everyone to see and enjoy. My special Morgen, also painted by Sasha, is on the window ledge looking over her sisters.  It was heavenly to see these amazing works of art.  I so admired each of these works of art but I fell in love with Freckles.  ❤️

Beautiful Sashas. ❤️

Among the Very Important Sashas (VIS), were Trendon toddlers at play among friends. ❤️

Gorgeous Sasha dolls. ❤️

Hello Spike! So nice to meet you in person! 😊

I have been an ardent yet remote Archie fan for years and seeing him in person was a real treat. ❤️

Brenda happily greeting Granny Peggy who joined the festivities. 😊

Brenda meeting Helen, a world traveler. 😊

Brenda is introducing Freckles to Granny Peggy. 😊

I think Brenda is introducing the lovely Alice to Granny Peggy.  Sharing Sashas. This is the best of the very best!!! ❤️

Dawn ensured everyone was well fed and welcomed. She was a wonderful hostess.  The food was beautifully laid out in the conservatory and we ate outdoors.  It was delicious and the company was wonderful.  Just a terrific day! Thank you Dawn for a fantastic time with Sasha friends. 😊

Granny Peggy meeting a special Sasha. ❤️

A photo taken by Brenda’s daughter of the group attending the lunch and shown on Facebook.  Rosie missed the photo. It was so nice to spend time with these lovely ladies.  😊

The next photos to share are of the lovely house and grounds. It is was so beautiful and peaceful. 😊

Swans! What a delightful surprise! 😊

The wonderful day ended with happy smiles, friendships renewed, and treasured memories in our hearts. ❤️

On Thursday morning, I took a last look at the restful view that enveloped the kind hospitality bestowed on me by my host and hostess. We packed up and left for Nottingham and the upcoming Sasha Celebration Weekend.  What a wonderful week I had with Diane and her husband, Tony.  They both made me feel so very welcomed. I am thankful and blessed. 😊

A peek photo of Eastwood Hall.  The next post will be memories from the SCW. Thank you for visiting the blog and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! 😊 xxx