Festival Gifts


…distance means so little, when someone means so much.

This is Veriity a beautiful repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. I took her to the festival, along with another doll, to be restrung by Mary Righos. Poor Veriity couldn’t hold her head up or stand and I hadn’t noticed since she was in a cabinet with close sisters on each side that held her up. Isn’t it nice she had close sisters to lift her up? Verity had a wonderful time in Syracuse!

Verity has no trouble standing on her own now. Thank you Mary!

I thought I would share a few lovely gifts from lovely friends. A A beautiful dress for Christmas.

A sweet primitive doll and brown leather shoes and socks by Ruthsdolls.

A sweet reversible top for a toddler doll. I hope my new toddler will be arriving soon. Very excited!

Very thoughtful hostess gifts from table hosts. I love the Christmas holiday theme.

Sasha sized overalls and top. Adorable!

This sweet knitted outfit for a Sasha baby was my win in the gift exchange.

This was one of the festival gifts. Handmade apron and oven mitts. Plus the cute holiday ornaments seen below.

Most of you probably have seen the movie “The Christmas Story”. It is narrated by Ralphie who is remembering Christmas as a boy. There is a scene where his brother Randy is over dressed by their mother in a snow suit to keep him warm. This gift looks very much like the one in the movie. It is terrific! I love the knitted scarf and mittens and leather boots that make it a perfect snowsuit.

This beautiful smocked dress was the last festival gift received on Saturday night after dinner. It was made by Julie Ruleman. I understand Julie made 5 different designs on the smocking and mine is holiday garland. I love the delicate stitching and I cannot imagine making so many beautiful dresses. I am very thankful to receive one and major kudos to Julie!

I will post again soon to share the CFC auction wins, a display doll for the Susanna Lewis display, a raffle win, and an a new addition to the Sasha family that had eluded me for years. Very excited!

Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a wonderful week ahead. 😊

Fun and Fine Festival Finds


Gracie went to the festival dressed in a sweet Christmas outfit. She had a wonderful time. She is holding a stocking gifted and knitted by Diane Duke.

Gracie laid out the festival purchases in the sales room for you to see.

Beautiful clothing made by JoAnn Staricha.

A close up. The socks have sparkles!

Beautiful green checked, pleated skirt by Julie Ruleman. Julie also made the cute felted owl and bear.

Panties and a sweet baby outfit by Ruthsdolls found on Betsy Robert’s table.

Beautiful knitted wraps by Diane Duke and red JJ shoes bought from Jackie Kraemer.

Toddler dress also by Diane.

Shoes! Brown boots made by Marti Murphy, navy rain boots by LL Bean, three pairs of toddler shoes by Monica Jarpey, and the red leather JJ shoes again.

Nice cotton dress with long sleeves. I love the American flag and star design.

I brought this sweet baby girl to sell. I already have a quirky browed girl named Pixie and thought I would adopt this sweet girl to a new family. She was wearing a beige crocheted outfit that sold in the sales room to an admirer. No one wanted the baby. So I bought this outfit for her and it is perfect! It was made by Janet Myhill Dabbs.

Sweet baby. Need to think of a name…

Gracie is keeping an eye on these particular festival goodies. They are toddler sized dresses and shoes for a sweet toddler that will be joining our Sasha family soon. We can hardly wait for her arrival.

The next post will be introducing a very, very special adoption that happened at the festival. Plus the auctions wins and gift exchange. Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a wonderful weekend. 😊

The 2022 Sasha Festival in Syracuse, NY


I safely returned from the Sasha Festival in Syracuse, NY. I thought I would post today the lovely helper wins.

Finn is my travel companion. He had a wonderful time. We both think this was one of our most favorite festivals ever. The helpers were all fantastic! My paddle number was #74 and it was lucky.

The dress on the left is a floral corduroy. i love the colors in these two dresses.

A cute scottie dog on the collar on the black and white checked dress. The shirt on the right is a red, white, and blue geometric pattern.

A darling dress on the left with nice dolls that look like Campbell’s soup kids, The pajamas are made with an Asian influence. The flannel fabric has dragonflies with dragonfly buttons and sweet felted slippers.

I will post again soon to show the other treasures from our time in Syracuse. Thank you for visitIng with us today.

Miss Piggy of Cow Creek Road


Sharing a visitor here on our Cow Creek farm. No Sasha dolls in this post. I had noticed this sweet pig before residing at a house nearby and had affectionately named her Miss Piggy.

A most charming face and she seemed happy to see me. Almost as happy as I was to see her. The Sasha family was very happy to see Miss Piggy too.

Thank you for visiting today. Miss Piggy and I send you happy wishes for a great week. 😊

Claire in May…One Eve


Claire is a beautiful tiny eyed fringe girl from 1968. I love the eye painting. She is wearing a sweet dress that is perfect for Springtime. Maker is unknown.

Her white leather sandals are so nice on a warmer day like today. We just had a nice Spring shower which cooled us off a bit. Claire brought her teddy outdoors for some fresh air too.

Taking these photos later in day, and after the rain, has given Claire a certain glow and radiance. What a pretty girl and she is also very petite being shorter than most of her sisters.

A close up of Claire.

I hope you enjoyed this “dusky” post highlighting Claire. Thank you for visiting with us.