The Goose Girl


This new arrival is a pale faced Gotz girl named Ani. Ani has a fondness for all animals which fits nicely into the rural life here at Sasha Shangri-La. She ran to meet the geese in the yard and wanted to play.  We nicknamed Ani the Goose Girl because it reminded us of of a girl in a Brother Grimms fairy tale titled “The Goose Girl”.  😊

Ani wants to fly but these geese are earth bound. 😉

“Oh how I wish we could soar in the sky” Ani sighed.

Ani’s dress was made by Kath Barnett.  Her shoes are from Sashapotamus.

“Well Mommy, let’s look around.”  Of course Ani, let’s take some photos.

Ani up close.

Ani on the front porch.

The forsythia in bloom is a nice background.

A “moonshine” jug graces the porch rail.  Ani was puzzled about the corn cob stopper in the mouth of the jug. 😉

Daddy has completed his first lawn mowing of the year.  It smells heavenly. ❤

Ani with her ribbon tied in a large bow.

Welcome dear Ani to the farm on  Cow Creek.  You may spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. 😊

Ani and I want to thank you for visiting with us.  Today is Mother’s Day in the U.K. We want to take this opportunity to wish all mothers a very happy day. 😊

Ani is waving goodbye while petting her pet cow, a resident on Cow Creek. Have a great week everyone! 😊 xxx

A Beautiful March Day


It was a little chilly this morning and Morgen wanted to try on this pretty plaid coat made by Fanny Boiten. She particularly liked the handbag and the sweet dolly that belonged to my Mom. ❤

Morgen looks very nice in her new coat.

I love her sweet face. ❤

Morgen is already packing for her trip back to England. She is a real go-getter and I have yet to start packing.  I think I need a little encouragement. 😉

She said, “Mommy, what are you waiting for? I will help you pack for our trip!”

Having received such a generous offer of assistance, I agreed to start organizing this weekend. How exciting! Thank you Morgen for helping to motivate me. 😉

Look Morgen, here is Gertie! ❤

“Hi Gertie!  I am glad you came out to play!” 😊

“Hi Morgen!   Look, it has warmed up today!  It is 68 degrees and the sun is really shining too!”  😊

“I am wearing bib overalls made by Lorraine Tyler.  My leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy.”  ❤

“I think you can take your coat off Morgen now that it is so warm.” 🌞

Gertie on a beautiful March day. ❤

“Oh Morgen, I love your outfit!” ❤

Morgen picked this outfit made by A Passion for Sasha that was found on Shelly’s site with this adorable shoulder bag, red leather boots and blue knitted socks.😊

Red is a very good color for Morgen. 😊

“What a lovely day it is. I love being here at Sasha Shangri-La” ❤

Morgen loves to carry a handbag. ❤

“Gertie, come and see me.” 😊

Happy sisters. 😊

❤ ❤

Today was an unexpected sunny day and the daffodils bloomed here on Cow Creek  in February. Most unusual but welcomed. 😊

A very beautiful March day.  Gertie, Morgen, and I want to thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoyed this post.  Have a wonderful day and weekend too.  😊 xxx

A couple of waterlogue images to enjoy. ❤

A New Girl Arrives at Sasha Shangri-La ❤



Some of you may have seen this rare girl on Shelly’s site and you may have wondered where she went after leaving Sasha Doll UK.  She is a Gotz girl but with her eye painting by Sasha Morgenthaler herself.  I immediately fell in love with her. ❤



The first three photos of this post were taken by Shelly. 😊


I love Sasha’s studio doll paintings and this girl was no exception.  She is a very special, miniature studio-like doll. ❤


After she arrived, I immediately took photos of her on this coral colored blanket. ❤


My hands were shaking while taking the first photos. Such anticipation! 😊


I think I was in shock with excitement for quite a while after she arrived. Thank goodness that I did hear her whisper that her name is Morgen. ❤


Next I took a few photos of Morgen in her original brown cord dress with brown leather shoes. ❤


❤ Hello Morgen ❤


Welcome to Sasha Shangri-La dear one. ❤


❤ Morgen ❤


Next, I gave her back her ponytail to see how it would look.  Morgen loved playing in the doll room. 😊


She has the little curl at the base of her neck. Plus the nice side wings.


I really like her ponytail. 😊


Then, I dressed Morgen in a studio style dress by Dolliepatch.  I think she looks very pretty in this outfit.


I hope you enjoyed meeting Morgen today.  Thank you for visiting with us. ❤


I styled Morgen’s hair back into her ponytail and then she joined her sisters Gracie, Joanie, and Gwennie.  They love to share stories of when they came alive as they were painted by Sasha Morgenthaler in Switzerland long ago.  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have been there to see the dolls come to life in her extraordinarily, talented hands? ❤


A waterlogue image to enjoy.  Morgen and I wish you a very happy and healthy week to come. 😊 xxx

Rain, Rain Never Go Away 🌹



A beautiful new addition to the Sasha Shangri-La family is a lovely and unique girl repainted by artist Mary Madeco-Smith. Her name is Rain.  Mary posted her on Facebook as ready for adoption and I was lucky to write to her first. 😊


Mary sent Rain to me dressed in an amazing outfit and wearing a wig made of many colors of the rainbow. She also sent a fantastic black wig and I have taken photos of Rain wearing both wigs. Mary sent a beautiful African dress with Rain and I will show that in another post.  Both of these creative and unique outfits were made of fantastic, organic fabrics and made in collaboration with Tim Purk. ❤




img_5632❤  I love this outfit!







Rain came without shoes at my request.  I love her stripy socks and wanted them to show so I paired them up with a pair of leather sandals.  The sandals were made by Paula of 4 Angels in the U.K. ❤

img_5645❤ Next is Rain wearing her fabulous black wig.  I think both wigs are just wonderful on her!



img_5647❤ The ties on her bibs and the rolled collar really are special touches to this outfit.


❤ Rain feels confident and so ready to embrace life.






❤ We hope you have enjoyed meeting Rain.


❤ Rain and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend days and the week to come. 😊 xxx

A couple of Waterlogue images of Rain. ❤



A Beautiful February Day



Today was the most beautiful day. Not only were the temperatures in the 60’s but the sun was shining nearly all day long.  It is also my son Luke’s birthday and  we had a great time celebrating his special day with family and friends. 😊

I could not resist taking photos outdoors today. First up is Carney, my first NP and she is an early girl made in 1966. ❤


Carney is wearing a very beautiful dress made by Petrana.  Her purple boots are from Sashapotamus and they have 8 individual buckles to give her a fun, spirited look.


Carney is a very sweet girl and I have missed dressing her up.  I love her large blue eyes. ❤


A closer view.




Next for us to see is Pearl, a 1966 graphic eyed NP. She is wearing a lovely dress made by Petrana. Her green leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy. 😊


I love the detailing on Petrana’s dress. ❤


Pearl is a very thoughtful girl and she loves to read. ❤


I would love to have an outfit like this to wear!















Our next little lady is Chloe, an early 1966 NP with deep blue eyes.  She is wearing a beautiful outfit made by Petrana.  Her boots were made by Ruthsdolls.  Chloe positioned her scarf as a sash for her dress since the weather was too warm to wear a coat and scarf.  I like the look! 😊


The lovely Chloe in a lovely dress. 🌹


A closer look at her deep blue eyes. ❤




What a joy it was to be able to be outdoors and photograph the girls. Chloe enjoyed the sunshine too. 😊





Chloe would like to introduce the last lovely lady, her sister Ellen. Drum roll please……..


Here is Ellen, a later 66 NP with lovely graphic eyes and just a hint of eyelashes.   She is wearing a beautiful studio outfit by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.  Her wonderful leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy. ❤


🌹 Ellen 🌹


I love this outfit with the ruffles at the neckline and cuffs.  It fits perfectly and the colors are lovely. ❤




This week on Facebook, the early Sasha dolls were featured to include photos of eye paintings up close.  I really enjoyed the photos.  So, next are a few photos of eye paintings of these four girls. 😊


Carney up close and closer still. 🌹



Pearl up close and closer still. 🌹



Chloe up close and closer still. 🌹



Ellen up close and closer still. 🌹


Lastly, I took a few photos of the girls together.  I hope you enjoy the photos of these happy girls. 😊


Pearl, Ellen, Chloe, and Carney. 🌹


We thank you for visiting with us today and we wish you a very happy weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx







Gracie and Joanie together at Last 🌹



Hello! Remember me? I am Gracie!  I am wearing a dress made by Thu Cuc Faes and my teddy was knitted by Diane Duke.  My socks and shoes are original I think. They were on me as long as I can remember. 😊


Mummy said I could post on her blog today and be with Joanie, my newest sister. She took our photos inside today because it is very cold outside. Here we go!!!


It is my pleasure to introduce Joanie wearing her new outfit. Mommy found the outfit on eBay. The pale blue knitted socks belong to Joanie and came with her when she arrived here at Sasha Shangri-La. The blue leather shoes were made by Ruthsdolls. ❤


This is a photo of the outfit Mummy found on eBay. The blue top fits Joanie perfectly and is vintage and made of a wonderful crepe material.


Joanie’s dress has the Sasha label. 🌹


I love Joanie very much but I can hardly reach her!


Look I am taller now! 😊


The better to hug Joanie with. ❤


I love you Joanie with all my Gracie heart. ❤

Let’s look at a few photos of Joanie wearing her new outfit. 😊



A very pretty hat. 😊


😊   Isn’t Joanie pretty?  She sings lullabies to me at nap time. ❤


😊  Joanie sings like an angel. 😇

😊  I think she looks like an angel too. 😇


I hope you enjoyed seeing Joanie in her new outfit. We have had the best time being with you.  Thank you so much for visiting with us today. 🌹


We are sending you “Gracie and Joanie” hugs and happy wishes for the upcoming week. Take care everyone and hug your Sasha dolls!  😊 xxx

Hello It’s Me….Joanie ❤


The newest Sasha studio doll addition to Sasha Shangri-La is the sweetest of little girls named Joanie.  She is a pure delight and she sings daily which lifts me up especially now that I am home most of each day.

Joanie arrived in a green checked studio dress that is without a label but appears to be original. Gwennie immediately extended her sisterly love to Joanie.  Both girls have had some repairs in places on their lovely faces which is a sure sign that these older girls have been truly loved by others over the years. I am continuing their love story.  ❤


I took a few photos of Joanie when she arrived last Fall.


This pair of dear ones really brighten my day. 😊


Sisters forever. ❤

A nice photo of the pair and a waterlogue image too.

While the girls were modeling, sweet Joanie noticed that Gwennie’s dress was older and showed signs of wear. So she offered her dress to Gwennie! What a nice and generous gesture towards her sister. 😊


So pretty Gwennie tried on Joanie’s dress and I think it looks lovely on her. Do you agree?


You might remember that Gwennie was my first Sasha doll and I am very attached to her. I adopted her from Marie Morgan who was very kind and allowed me to pay for her by a layaway plan. Gwennie is a B-III studio doll. The B designates a cloth body and the III designates the type of face mold. Sasha designed four different face molds for her child dolls. ❤


Gwennie loves her dress very much but she immediately asked me to find a nice outfit for Joanie to wear so they both would have new outfits. 😊


I asked the very talented Janet Myhill-Dabbs to help us find an outfit. She found this wonderful studio-length, vintage dress that was among studio/course doll clothing she had acquired and it is perfect with Joanie’s green eyes. Janet knitted her cardigan and fabulous hat and made her lovely felt shoes. I added her onesie and her knitted socks and now Joanie has a new, fantastic and unique outfit. Janet suggested to put her braids up on each side which is a perfect enhancement to her pretty face and outfit. 🌹

Speaking of faces, Joanie’s face mold is a type I.  Since she has a cloth body, she is a B-I studio doll.


A close up view of the dress details. I love this fabric which is silk I believe and I really like the unusual fabric design . ❤


Lovely matching shoes and warm socks. 😊


The cardigan is very pretty and the hat is fantastic! I love the Pom Pom on the bottom. ❤


Joanie is very happy to have her new outfit. I was so touched by her kindness and generosity that I thought I would keep my eyes open for a Sasha studio outfit for Joanie. Guess what? I recently won an auction of a studio outfit and it arrived today in the mail! 😊

Here is a peek of Joanie’s outfit. She has not seen it yet. Do you think she will like it?  Let me know if I should surprise Joanie with this outfit and hat too. 🌹


The blue top is not tagged but is nicely made. 😊


Her dress tag. 🌹


Thank you for visiting with us today. Gertie has joined her sisters Joanie and Gwennie and we all want to send you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

Beautiful Knits on a Warm Winter’s Day


Our weather has been unseasonably warm and also very rainy. Each day since I have retired has been cloudy and overcast with only very short lived and occasional breaks in the clouds to allow a ray or two of sunshine to cheer us here at Sasha Shangri-La.

Today I jumped up to take outdoor photos when I saw the sunshine, but alas, it had disappeared by the time I grabbed the dolls, the camera and went outside. So I took photos on the front porch and made the best of this non-rainy, limited sunshine, breezy day. 😊


First up is the lovely Sylvia and she is very happy to model her lovely knitted cardigan made by Linda Simpson. I was lucky to snap it up at the Sasha Celebration Weekend last May. Her corduroy slacks are by Sashapotamus and her leather boots are by Ruthsdolls. Sylvia’s ponytail hair style allows you to see her beautiful cardigan. ❤


Sylvia is a very early Sasha NP made in 1966 and she has detailed, hand-painted brown eyes with the palest of blue highlights on her lids. ❤


Sylvia up close. 😊


A very pretty girl. 🌹


Next is Hannah and she is a graphic eyed NP girl with lovely red hair. She is wearing a wonderful knitted sweater made by Christine Durand. I bought it at the Sasha Festival in Rochester last summer. Her black corduroy trousers are made by an unknown seamstress and her black leather slip on shoes were made by Ruthsdolls.


Hannah particularly likes the sweet sheep crossing her tummy. 😉


I arranged her hair to each side so you can see more of the knitted design. 😊


Thank you Hannah. ❤


Last is Jessie and she is a 1967 NP with a nice, longer bobbed hair style. I arranged her hair off of her shoulders to best show her lovely knitted cardigan with adorable ducks and it was made by Rosie Laird.  It has a very nice matching hat and gloves too! The maker of her trousers is unknown.


Her leather boots were made by Ruthsdolls. 😊


The pretty Jessie up close. ❤


Jessie loves her new outfit very much. ❤


Hannah, Jessie and Sylvia together as sisters. 😊


They want to thank you for stopping by today and spending time with us. They are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a lovely weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx


Some close up photos of the girls. 🌹





Lastly, a few waterlogue images for you to enjoy. ❤