Please Meet Joseph


This handsome boy came to live here on the farm last year. His name is Joseph. He is a 1968 tiny eyed boy with black non-falling hair.

A close up photo of Joseph.

Bronson has become best friends with Joseph. He has helped him feel welcome.

Joseph is wearing a wonderful blue corduroy outfit made by Ellen Church. i was the lucky winner of Ellen’s creation at a Sasha Festival auction.

Bronson is wearing a nice Sasha Festival outfit that was given to me by a dear friend. Bronson is a 1967 NP boy.

Happy boys!

Some close up photos to show their amazing eyes.

Thank you for visiting us and meeting Joseph. Have a great week ahead.

Welcome Home Briana


Briana returned to Sasha Shangri-La last week. She was living with a very good friend who kindly allowed me to adopt her back.

Briana is an early Gotz girl with lovely golden eyes with fine eyelashes. She has silky brunette hair. She has a tuft of hair at her neckline which indicates she is a ponytail girl. I am very happy to see her again.


Briana is wearing a corduroy dress and i am not certain of the maker and I am uncertain who made the knitted items. Her olive green leather shoes are from Sashapotamus.

A close up of Briana’s sweet face.

Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a very happy werk ahead.

Please meet Ana


A beautiful studio doll, a farm child, has come to Sasha Shangri-La last year. I have named her Ana.

I moved Ana to the front of the cabinet for photos. I hope to take better photos soon and to go outdoors! Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy seeing Ana with her doll family and the late winter lighting surrounding them.

Ana is holding a Steiff boar in her hand. Being a farm girl, she is used to being with animals and loves them. They love her too as seen by the dear little chick hiding in her apron pocket. Ana is totally at home here at Lost Horizon Farm.

A few photos showing Ana up close.

Always so interesting to see how Sasha painted her dolls.

Aso so interesting to see how Sasha dressed her dolls. A view of Ana’s slip, knitted socks, and leather boots.

Ana’s Sasha tag.

Oh, let’s not forget Ana’s pretty pants.

Ana’s markings by Sasha. A 1964 creation. Ana is 58 years old this year if my math is correct.

Thank you for visiting the blog today. Have a wonderful week.

Returning Home


i haven’t posted on the blog in a very long time. i am struggling a bit with the changes in format but I am hoping this works.

Emily, factory “ mistake”

i thought i would devote this short post to sharing the dolls that have returned home to Sasha Shangri-La in recent months.

The first photo is Celine, a CIII Sasha studio doll. she has been living in the UK the past two years and returned home last month.

The second photo is of Emily, a factory ”mistake” a blue eyed brunette Sasha.

Janet, 1967 NP

The third photo is of Janet, a 1967 brunette NP.

Both Emily and Janet were living in the USA.

Thank you for visiting the blog. i hope to post again soon. 😊

Chloe and Sara Dress for December



Chloe is a 1966 Sasha doll and was my first NP.  She is a brunette with very beautiful blue eyes. She is wearing a fantastic outfit that I found on Shelly’s site.  I believe Kendal owned this lovely outfit before me and I am uncertain who made it. Thank you Sarah Williams for your help. 🥰

I took many photos to share with you.  Her boots were made by Jean Jensen.

I hope you enjoy Chloe’s photos.


It is nice to dress Chloe in lovely clothes.

Next, is petite Sara, a 1967 NP painted by Sara Doggart.   Sara is wearing a warm and pretty outfit that I found on Shelly’s site. I think Kendal owned this outfit too.  Her black leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

I love this outfit especially since it is plaid and flannel. A wonderful fabric.

I took a lot of photos of Sara too.

Beautiful Sara. 

I hope you enjoyed Sara’s photos.

I thought I should show these sisters together. 

A very special pair! 

Thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you have a wonderful day and week to come.  We are enjoying our first seasonal snowfall of about 3 inches.

Sending you hugs and happy wishes! 🥰 xxx