Miss Piggy of Cow Creek Road


Sharing a visitor here on our Cow Creek farm. No Sasha dolls in this post. I had noticed this sweet pig before residing at a house nearby and had affectionately named her Miss Piggy.

A most charming face and she seemed happy to see me. Almost as happy as I was to see her. The Sasha family was very happy to see Miss Piggy too.

Thank you for visiting today. Miss Piggy and I send you happy wishes for a great week. 😊

Claire in May…One Eve


Claire is a beautiful tiny eyed fringe girl from 1968. I love the eye painting. She is wearing a sweet dress that is perfect for Springtime. Maker is unknown.

Her white leather sandals are so nice on a warmer day like today. We just had a nice Spring shower which cooled us off a bit. Claire brought her teddy outdoors for some fresh air too.

Taking these photos later in day, and after the rain, has given Claire a certain glow and radiance. What a pretty girl and she is also very petite being shorter than most of her sisters.

A close up of Claire.

I hope you enjoyed this “dusky” post highlighting Claire. Thank you for visiting with us.

A Two Cabinet Survey


Today I had time to look at a couple of the doll cabinets and I started to rearrange and remove a few things. I tend to crowd cabinets and they do look better when you can see the dolls clearly. So after a bit of moving dolls around, I thought I would share a few photos with you. In this first cabinet, all of the dolls were painted by Sasha Morgenthaler.

The dolls say hello. They are on the front row Ana on the left, Shelly, and Gracie. Peeking from behind on the left is Erica and Carmella.

Up front and next to little Gracie is Morgen, Gwennie, and Brigitte. From the back row is Carmella, Celine, and Bonnie.

Upstairs and sitting down is Bennie and Bea. Suzanne is next to Bea but you can see her better in the next photo.

There is Suzanne with Bertie, and Martina next to her.

In this cabinet in the front row is Adeline, Lulu, and Janet. They are factory NP dolls. In the back row from the left is Marie, Audra, and Nellie. The two sweet mohair bears were made by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.

A couple of photos showing the girls a little closer. I hope you liked viewing some of the Sasha dolls in their ”habitat” here at Sasha Shangri-La. Thank you for visiting with us today. 😊

Gwennie – A New Life


Gwennie is very dear to me. She was my first Sasha doll and she is a BIII studio doll. Gwennie is an early studio doll made in the 1940’s to the 1950’s. Her head is made of gypsum and her cloth body is stuffed with wood shavings. Over time, the acid in the shavings weakened her body along with the play wear. Here is a photo of Gwennie taken a few years ago. The following photos show the damages to her body up close. You can see holes and a thinning of the fabric. The fabric was beginning to tear and spilt even just by gently removing an outfit.

I talked with Brigitte Schwitter about Gwennie’s condition and she offered to make a new body for Gwennie. Yay! So, I removed Gwennie’s head with the help of my husband and sent her body to Brigitte. The old body is needed for its inner parts. Brigitte made a wonderful, new body for Gwennie that will last for many years to come. She returned part of the original fabric which will stay with Gwennie and be a part of her history.

Gwennie’s new body! Perfect and strong. Rick and I carefully reattached her beautiful head.

Here is sweet Gwennie today and dressed in a school girl studio outfit that is tagged. She looks so much better with her new sturdy body. I am so grateful to Brigitte for her taking on the task of making this body and doing it so beautifully and expertly. A wonderful outcome!

I can now look forward to dressing Gwennie in different outfits as the seasons come and go. Thank you for visiting with us today. 😊