Day Three 2018 Sasha Festival-Craft Workshops, Random photos



There were three craft workshops yesterday to include making slippers (both boy and girl selections), a fishing pole, and a making a baby white bird.   I did not attend them and took that time to rest. But Laura Ward did attend and she kindly took these photos to show the wonderfully talented ladies working away with their hands.  I have seen photos of the completed projects on Facebook and I hope you are able to see them there.  They were very, very nice.

I hope you enjoy seeing the people at work and maybe you will see a friend.  The green bags against the far wall are that day’s helper bags.


Next are random photos taken by Peggy Livingston and she kindly shared them with me.

So nice to see Diane Duke. She brought her new NP red headed boy named David.  He is amazing!

I always love seeing Sheila who so kindly welcomed me in the the Sasha world years ago now.

What a fantastic time I had at the 2018 Sasha Festival.  It was wonderful to see such lovely and dear friends.  I am at the airport gate waiting for departure and already I am feeling very happy thinking of the past few wonderful days in Minnesota. I can hardly wait until next year’s Festival in Cincinnati  Ohio.

Have a great day!


Day Three 2018 Sasha Festival


Good morning! I am waking up this lovely Sunday morning and feeling so very blessed.

These first photos are of wonderful display scenes that were left for us to take photos of our Sasha dolls. They have a backdrop of seasonal variations of beautiful Minnesota landscapes and nice props. Finn and Gracie both volunteered for this fun time that I enjoyed too.

Finn and Sammie playing in the leaves.

Finn playing in the snow with his sled and snowmen. His new outfit was perfect for this scene.

Gracie relaxing at the lake.

Gracie loves the Fall leaves.  Her necklace was from the sales room. Sadly we did not find her a dress but she loves her necklace.

A fun stage scene and doll stands were provided which promoted Gracie to dance for us.

Norvell’s beautiful doll plays with Gracie.


Photos of the gathering in the ballroom for the fantastic dinner meal. Beautiful dolls everywhere.

Virginia Myers’ most beautiful doll and outfit.

After eating, we viewed a wonderful movie showing the lovely girl touring the Sasha factory in England and having her Gregor made by the lovely people working there. Brenda Walton was interviewed and photos of Sasha dolls were shared. A great presentation.

A guest speaker talking about Minnesota authors and I especially enjoyed learning more about Laura Ingalls because I so loved the TV series “The little house on the Prairie “.

The Festival gift is a fabulous Sherpa lined coat with hood and wooden toggles. I will take better photos later.  What a wonderful gift and all of them were made by the very talented JoAnn Staricha.



The four raffle offerings are full of great Sasha items.

Last night ended with helper drawings which were so nice to generate funds for the next year’s Festival.  And, guess what we won?

A fantastic knitted dress coat for Gracie! She is over the moon that she did get her dress after all.  She said it was because she had been a very good girl. I have to agree.

Today I leave early in order to catch the flight hone. I will take photos but I will miss the second round of helper drawings and the raffle drawings. It could not be helped though in order to get home today.  I have had the very best time and this Festival has been a tremendous success. I am so thankful to all of the Minnesota team that worked so hard to provide us a happy time with friends and Sasha dolls.

I hope you have a great day!

Day Two 2018 Sasha Festival


Photos of the “Dress a Sasha” entries. There are some additional entries but they were not assembled yet.

* No photo editing like cropping, brightening, ordering, etc.

Lovely bebe dressed in a lovely Diane Duke creation.

Hi everyone! It’s me, Gracie. Auntie Elizabeth is so happy to see me. I am happy too! What fun we are having!


CFA auction items. I am sorry they are not in order but I think they are all here. There were 99 items. (Actually 100 items if you count the last minute entry of “Spend the night with Curly”.  I think it raised $35.00!  I will share later how much was raised when we know the figures.  For the children!

Display dolls beautifully dressed and arranged.

Luncheon gathering photos. Penny and Gracie having the best time. Each table had a terrific centerpiece with its own Lake designation and the attributes of that lake on the poster. Brilliant!

Luncheon gift.


Curly visited with Baby Sheila. A very happy reunion.

Marti Murphy was the auctioneer and she wore a great Minnesota Viking hat during a couple of Minnesota themed auction items. So funny and she was just fantastic!

Lastly, a quick photo of Finn wearing his winning auction item donated by Diane, Noreen, and Judith. Amazing detailed work of love. We are so happy!  I will show this in detail and better later.

Going to get ready for today’s fun adventures. Have a great day!  Sasha hugs!


Day One 2018 Sasha Festival


A very quick post from yesterday’s activities. I am glad to post the very few photos that I took because it has made me aware that I must take more photos today.

Many Festival attendees went to the Mall of America and the hotel provided a free shuttle to and from.


The entrance where we were dropped off by the bus.  What an enormous mall.

Photos at the LEGO store.

Amazing what you can make from the small LEGO pieces.

Back at the hotel, I did take photos of the course doll display.  I will do my best today to share more of the events.

The following photos show the nice bag, auction paddle, and a few pages from the Festival booklet we were given at the registration.  There is more in the bag that I will share later.

After registering, there was a meet and greet to include an ice cream social gathering that was delightful. I did not get photos of that time but it was so nice to see everyone there. Have a great day everyone!

A Quick Gracie Hello


Hi everyone! Mummy is so very busy today because she is packing for the 2018 Sasha Festival to be held in Minnesota!  We all leave tomorrow morning! How exciting! I am sitting in this bag because it is Mummy’s carry on bag and I don’t want to miss out on this Festival  fun time!

While digging around in the bag, look what I found!  I better put this Benjamin back in it’s place or Mummy will be fretting. I love my Mummy so much. I hope I am helping her.

I will try to blog during the Festival and Mummy will be taking photos. We want to share with everyone. Yay!

I have found my spot and so here I will stay hoping that I can save Mummy the effort of finding me and also ensuring that she will take me.

Have a great day everyone and a happy week to come!   Thank you for stopping by Sasha Shangri-La.

Gracie hugs coming you way!

Gracie’s Gingham Gathering



Hello all, this is Gracie with great news! First, Mummy is taking me to the Sasha Festival in Minnesota! Yay!

Second, I asked Mummy if I could wear my gingham dress and she said yes! Yay!

And third, I asked Mummy if we could go outdoors today and gather up my sisters that are wearing gingham dresses and she said yes! Triple yay!!

So, here we go!

My my first sister is Sara. A beautiful NP with hand painted eyes by Sara Doggart.

When Sara came to Sasha Shangri-La, she was wearing a non factory dress.  As a result, we are not certain what outfit she would have worn from the factory.  Mummy had this wide skirt gingham outfit and so it now belongs to Sara. I hope you like these photos of Sara.


Next is is my sister Chloe. She is a 1966 brunette NP with deep blue eyes.

Chloe came to Sasha Shangri-La wearing a pretty pink dress and, over time, Mummy found this wide skirt, factory gingham dress just for her. I hope you like Chloe’s photos.

Next is big sis Alaine with her pretty hand painted eyes.

Alaine came to Sasha Shangri-La in her original gingham outfit plus her original gold tag.  She is a 1968 fringe girl.  Here are a few photos of Alaine. I hope you like them.

The next sister is Faith. I love Faith so much especially when she reads to me.

Faith came to Sasha Shangri-La without any clothes! Brrrrr…  Now she is wearing a wide skirt mini-check gingham dress that Mummy bought for her. Faith is an early 1968 fringe girl and we have learned that the mini check was made later in 1968.  So this dress was probably not one that Faith would have worn from the factory but Faith likes it and so do all of us here on the farm.   I hope you like these photos of Faith.


Clare is the next gingham sister for you to see.

Clare came to Sasha Shangri-La also redressed. Mummy  found this wide skirt gingham outfit for her. Clare is a 1968 fringe girl and she has a wider face. Here are a few photos of Clare in gingham. I hope you like them.

Last, is my new sister Jenn. Jenn just came to Sasha Shangri-La recently.

Jenn came to Cow Creek wearing this original gingham outfit with its narrower skirt.  She also came in her original crayon tube. Jenn is a 1969 side-part.  I hope you like her photos.  I gave her a soft bear to love.

The next photos show the gingham girls in groups.

This is my favorite photo!  I hope you liked this post.  All the gingham girls and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week ahead. xxx

The Waterlogue images are for you to enjoy.


Clare in the Pink


A quick post today to show Clare in a pretty, pale pink dress found on Shelly’s site.  Underneath, there is a sleeveless dress that acts as a slip. It has a pink top and white bottom. Also, there are pretty pink petit pants with a lace trim on the legs.  This dress/ outfit spoke to me because I remember wearing a similar one to a birthday party when I was 5 years old. A very happy memory and I love the dress!


Shelly’s photo of the outfit.

Her pretty leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy.

A sweet bear to play with and enjoy makes for a happy day.

A close up of Clare.

Clare’s hair is longer in the back.

Have a wonderful day. Thank you for visiting Sasha Shangri-La. xxx

From England to Italy 2017


Note: You might remember that in May of last year,  I had a wonderful time with Sasha friends at the SCW in Nottingham, England.  Also, I posted on the blog the portions of my trip before the SCW, during the SCW and afterwards with Tricia and Janet in England and Scotland.  In total, I was away from home for 6 weeks.  After returning home, I later went to the Sasha Festival and posted those happy photos and also posted Janet’s visit in October and the happy times spent with Dorisanne, Anne Votaw, Peggy Livingston, and Mary Righos.  However, somwhere along the way, I did not complete the posts of the wonderful time spent in Italy and in Switzerland.

I hope to share the rest of trip photos of the happy times in Italy and Switzerland intermittently on the blog in the upcoming months.  So, where to begin? ….. Oh yes, …….. it truly seems like yesterday, we were happily in the clouds, soaring….

Flying over the Alps, leaving lovely England with great anticipation of spending time in Italy, Tricia, Janet and I made our way last June 2017.


We landed safely and picked up a rental car to depart the airport in Rome with Janet kindly at the wheel.  We made our way to the beautiful village of Castel di Ieri.    And oh what a village was there….  The next 3 photos together show the most gorgeous panoramic view of Castel di Ieri.

A well worn walkway with a stunning peek to the valley view.

Very interesting views taken from the areas of higher elevation.

An informative sign posted as you walk into Castel di Ieri that shows the area’s topography and roads.

Beautiful wildflowers gathered during a walk.

A beautiful statue of Saint Padre Pio enshrined near the center of the Village.

We drove to visit the town of Sulmona and visited its market place.  We visited it twice during our stay at Janet’s house.  There were many things for sale there but what I most remember buying there were the delicious olives and pecorino cheese.

In the distance, Sisters leaving the market. The walkway was tiered and well worn.

These photos were taken at churches in Sulmona.  All the churches in Italy were so very beautiful and they take your breath away.  I could spend hours upon hours in each church if I lived in Italy.  I hoped to capture the grand architecture and paintings on the ceiling in this photo.

The Blessed Mother Mary greeted us which was warm and so welcoming.

Saint Anthony of Padua holding the child Jesus and his Bible.

Mother Mary with her Son, Jesus.

So very beautiful. I was in awe in each church we visited. I believe we visited two churches in Sulmona.  It was a blessing to be there.

Back in Castel di Ieri. What a beautiful place to see and to be.

A more modern photo showing the grocery store that we frequented in a neighboring village. There is a small grocery in the Castel di Ieri and we went there often. The people there were so warm and friendly.

Morgen and Finn also loved Italy.  The sky was heavenly that day.

Morgen wearing a fantastic outfit made by Janet. You might remember that Morgen is an early Gotz ponytail girl that was painted by Sasha herself.  I never tire of looking at Morgen.

Morgen’s shoes were made by the talented Marti Murphy.

Finn wearing a fantastic outfit made by Janet.  He holds his puppy Fetch and is wearing a red leather back pack that I made at Brigitte’s craft table during the SCW.

Finn, a dear sweet boy.  He absolutely loved Italy and especially Castel di Ieri.


Just outside of the Village, we visited an archeological site that is a work still in progress to reveal its history. The mayor of Castel di Ieri kindly gave us a tour of the site where temples had been uncovered and were constructed In pre-Roman times of III-II century B.C. It was fascinating to see the area.

A striking dome covering for the archeological site.

Tricia and Janet exploring the area. Aren’t they just the cutest gals?

Beautiful mosaics.

Walking back home, you can see in the distance the homes at the higher elevations in Castel di Ieri. We really got our exercise during our stay as we walked about and it felt wonderful.

During our stay, we spent time with Janet’s friends and they were so very kind and hospitable towards us.  They shared meals with us and were very tolerant of my lack of knowledge of the Italian language.  But warmth and affection is felt with the heart and does not need a translation. I felt their goodwill in my heart and I hope they felt mine.  I will always remember their kindnesses and their generosity of spirit.

A better view of the hill area in the Village.

Morgen, Finn and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  You can see that Italy is a very beautiful place and I will share more of the visit in the next upcoming weeks.  Have a wonderful day and week to come.

Hello from Finn and Cleo


Note: I hope those who celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday had a wonderful day with their family and friends.  It was simply wonderful here yesterday and I enjoyed being with my family especially after missing a couple of past Mother’s Days due to my travels.  My family gifted me a beautiful garden bench which I will show on the blog once I have it situated under a dogwood tree where I spend time with my thoughts.

This wonderful boy above is a 1967 NP boy and his name is Finn.  Finn is the very best boy and today he is modeling a wonderful outfit handmade by the very talented Sharon Humphreys.


This handsome striped overall and cheery red shirt fit Finn perfectly. I love it!  His pup Fetch likes it too! The red leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen.

Notice the lovely detailing along Finn’s pocket.  Finn is happy to be outdoors though it is nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit today.

Another pocket and beautiful fabric too.

A perfect length.  Thank you very much Auntie Sharon.

I wanted to take a close up photo of Finn which has always proven to be a challenge for me since Finn is a well loved boy and has a shiny complexion from many Mommy hugs and kisses over the years.  He is very patient though and allows open displays of motherly affection plus he stands still for many photos.

A Waterlogue image of dear Finn.

Another view of Finn. Below are three different Waterlogue images made from this photo. I thought you would enjoy seeing the different interpretations.

Next, please meet Cleo, a sweet toddler who has joined the family here.  She arrived a bit earlier than Mother’s Day but I am claiming her to be a Mother’s Day present.

I redressed her in this dear little floral dress by Ginny.  She is holding her now favorite bear gifted to her upon her arrival.

Cleo is my one and only toddler now and I am happy she is here.

Hello dear Cleo. Welcome to Sasha Shangri-La.

A Waterlogue image of Cleo.

Finn, Fetch, Cleo and I want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. xxx

Where in the World am I ?


Where am I?

Who am I?  Oh that’s right……my name is “Tesla”. I have a vague recollection of an electric wall outlet and my baby fork….

I don’t remember this outfit. I don’t remember this puppy either.   Oh my, whose hand is this?

Oh no,  more hands….

Who are these strangers? Should I be afraid?  I don’t think so and…


Something inside my heart and my head says everything will be okay.  There sure are a lot of happy faces here.

Including mine!

Later alligator….