Blue Gingham Dress: Regular and Tiny Check


These five little ladies are all wearing wide skirt gingham dresses.  The girls are from left to right: Rain, Cora, Whitney, Polly, and Zayna.  These dolls (beginning in 1972) were not in production when these wide skirt gingham dresses were made (1966-1968).  I chose them because the post will focus on the check and skirt size of the gingham dresses but I also wanted to provide you a little of the unexpected.

Whitney, in the center, is wearing a tiny check wide skirt gingham dress.  I highly recommend reading Susanna Lewis’ book ”Sasha Dolls Serie Identification” that is full of useful information about the production dolls and the outfits plus excellent photography.  She explains in the book that the tiny check fabric was used in late 1968 to early 1969.

Zayna is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress

Polly is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.

Whitney is wearing a tiny check wide skirt gingham dress.

Cora is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.

Rain is wearing a regular check wide skirt gingham dress.  Her dress is noticeably shorter than the others and Kendal mentioned that fact on a recent Facebook post.  Great eye Kendal! The hem appears to be well sewn like the other dresses so I am uncertain why it is shorter but I do like the shorter length on Sasha dolls which shows their pretty legs.

I removed two dolls from the lineup to better show the the tiny check in the center and the regular check on either side to help with comparisons.

Another closer view of the gingham check fabrics.

The tiny check is on the left and the regular check on the right.

In this photo, the regular check is on the left and the tiny check is on the right.

Polly changed into a later gingham dress that does not have the wider skirt.  Notice the gathering of fabric at the bodice and the folds in the wide skirt gingham dress that the narrow skirt dress does not have.

Polly up close wearing the narrow skirt gingham dress that was made from 1969 until the end of gingham dress production.

The regular check size is the same in the wide skirt (left) as the narrow skirt (right).

This particular narrow skirt gingham dress has black snaps which are not often seen.

i hope you enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 😊 xxx

A Waterlogue image for you to see.

Finally a Hello from Cow Creek


Hello friends. I want to explain my recent absences.  I have been struggling lately with posting on the blog and also with reading other’s blogs. I have not shared the reason why because it is personal and partially involves an individual in the Sasha world.  Though I have shared my feelings of burn out with a few good friends who are so kind to listen and to be so understanding.  I came very close to shutting the blog down before the Cincinnati Festival but decided to hold off until later.  I was feeling very disconnected and certain my blog was not making a difference.

Then, I had a wonderful time at the Festival and it was extra special with my daughter-in-law Mollie attending with me. So I thought I would restart today and share a blog post to welcome two new additions to the Sasha family. Both are brunette Gotz girls but they are so very different from one another.  One I bought at the Sasha Celebration Weekend in England and the other at the Cincinnati Festival.  I had a very special time at both of these events.


This sweet paler girl is Flora.  I adopted her at the Cincinnati Festival.  She is wearing a beautiful  outfit made by Betty Jean and her Birkenstocks were made by Marti.  She came in a nice brown corduroy factory outfit with a waffle weave pinafore. It is stored away. 

I hope you enjoy pretty Flora’s photos.

I am very smitten with this dear girl. ❤️

This girl was adopted from a good friend who lives in Germany. The Gotz girl’s  name is Josephine and she is now called Josie.  I had seen photos of her for quite a while and loved her darker than usual vinyl, her very long beautiful hair, and her pretty face. I was thrilled when I learned I could bring her home.  I redressed her in lovely dress that I think was made by Nikita.  Her shoes are JJ shoes. I am uncertain who crocheted her socks but I love them.

I hope you enjoy these photos of this special girl, Josie.❤️


Finally, a few photos of the new girls together. Thank you for visiting with us today. I hope to post again of other additions and rehoming of Sasha dolls living here on Cow Creek. Have a great weekend ahead. 😊 xxx


Packing Up My Dolls and For England


Before departing for England, we began preparations at home to install carpeting upstairs where my doll room is located. Rick was planning to host Navy buddies from his Navy days while I was to be away and the house needed an update plus cleaning. I emptied every cabinet to pack and protect the dolls while all the furniture was moved to allow the old carpet to be removed and the new carpet to be installed (one of the 10 boxes packed).

I began packing for the trip overseas two days before I left. I was not able to blog before leaving as all my time was either packing dolls or working to make the house more presentable for guests.  It was a marathon event!

The flight over was very nice though it was delayed over 5 hours which was unfortunate. Finally I arrived at the Newcastle airport and Tricia brought Janet there to pick me up. It was a very happy reunion after a long separation. 😊

One of the travel bags I packed held a precious pale faced studio doll to bring to Janet Myhill-Dabbs who is her new Mum.  Her name is Lilith. ❤️

Also, Tricia had decided to let me adopt her very lovely Martha who is seated next to Lilith. ❤️

Tricia provided information about Martha’s history and she was called Martina at one time so I decided to restore her name. Martina is a BI studio doll expected to have been made in the late 40’s to early 50’s timeframe.

This photo was taken in Janet’s living room.

We visited Riley’s Fish Shack for a tasty breakfast.

Located right on the shore of the North Sea.

A yummy poached egg and fish cake breakfast.

We observed people enjoying the beach with their dogs and brave people swimming in the chilly waters!

After Mass on Sunday, we went to the Tynemouth Market which was such fun.

I was happy to find this colorful and warm knitted hat in grownup size!

Janet and I walked her dog Bouncer along the sea.

Lovely sea shells in this intertidal zone.

Hannah spent a lot of time with Janet’s doll James Norton. She is smitten as we all are! 😊

A sunny walk with Bouncer.

We had a fantastic lunch at the local restaurant called the Boatyard.

We met one day with Tricia and Peggy to play dolls st Janet’s house and then to have an afternoon tea at Spanish City. It was a very nice day!  ❤️

A close up photo of the beautiful Martina. Her dress came from Switzerland on a course doll and is perfect for her.

We realized that Martina and Janet’s Catherine had been photographed before in a poster above showing the four face molds.

So we took their photo together once again.  They are redressed but their lovely faces are the same. They so enjoyed their reunion.

The evening before we left, we went to a fantastic play called “Legally Blonde “.  It was a musical version of the original movie and was so very entertaining. I laughed and laughed and thoroughly enjoyed every minute!

A final photo of Janet’s garden before we departed for Nottingham and the Sasha Celebration Weekend. A favorite bird from previous visits is called Fancy Pigeon and was there!  I had the pleasure of setting out seed for the pretty bird. A most wonderful visit with Janet and I am very grateful for her warm hospitality.  It is such a joy to see this part of England again with special friends.  Sasha friends are the very best friends. ❤️

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! ☘️☘️☘️


1. It is March 17th and everyone at Sasha Shangri-La wishes you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! ☘️☘️☘️

We have searched the archives and are sharing today 17 photos of family members wearing at least a bit of green to celebrate the day.  Gracie is number one wearing a knitted dress by Diane Duke.

2. The second photo is Finn in his camo shirt and blending in nicely with his surroundings. I hope you can see him! 😉

3. Gwennie in her green smocked dress.

4.  Max, a Cassie Rogers repaint, in his green Sashapotamus top and hat. Plus he has very green eyes!

5.  Val wearing a pretty print dress with lovely green leaves.

6. Diana, an ochre eyed Gotz girl, wearing her beautiful Ruthsdolls outfit and nice knitted bolero.

7. Chloe wearing a wonderful cardigan knitted by Linda Simpson and she is eyeing Mommy’s passport which will be used again very soon!

8.  Sudie, a Kelly Wernarsky repaint, wearing a Diane Duke cardigan and corduroy slacks by Michelle Sharpe.

9.  Eastwood, a repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs wearing a green knitted sweater also made by Janet. 

10.  Pearl is wearing a beautiful dress made by Petrana and smart leather shoes by Marti.

11. Audrey wearing beautiful a print dress trimmed in green and made by Ruthsdolls.

12.  Erin, a course doll, wearing a vintage green checked dress.

13. Verity, a repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs, wearing her green gingham dress made by Janet.

14. Cleo wearing a pretty green dress made by Ginny, A Passion for Sasha.

15. Cathy, a1965 Gotz girl, wearing a lovely print dress with green leaves by Mary Anne Getchell on Etsy (nomacustom)

16. Briana wearing her beautiful green printed dress made by Vicky Chapman.

17. Lastly, Bea wearing her lovely Ruthsdolls green printed dress and scarab pin.

i hope you enjoyed this Saint Patrick’s Day post.  We tried to select a good cross section of photos showing family members and outfits and made by a variety of very talented Sasha enthusiasts.  Thank you for visiting and have a blessed day and week to come. 😊 xxx

Please Allow Me to Introduce “Lea”


This beautiful young lady just arrived a few days ago. Her name is Lea and she is a BIII studio doll.  

Lea’s previous owner lives in Switzerland. I am thrilled to be her new Mommy. ❤️

Lea came in this beautiful dress that fits her perfectly. Her red leather shoes are probably her original shoes. Her dress is not a studio dress but it is just perfect for her. 

I added a red ribbon. She has an off center/side parting and I love her wig color.

Her bloomers are so sweet with the top stitching. She came without socks and so I added this pair of vintage stripy socks.  I like this look, do you?

A close up view of her dress’s trimming.

Sweet Lea up close.

A lovely Swiss girl.

A close up view of Lea.

An even closer view. ❤️

Lea and I thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 😊 xxx

A few Waterlogue images for you to see.