Additions from the Sasha Festival


Finally, I have photos of the new goodies brought home from the 2018 Sasha Festival held in Minnesota.  The first photos were taken indoors due to the extreme heat we are experiencing here at Sasha Shangri-La. These first photos were of items that I had set aside due to our having some overnight guests. I was able to find these quickly but alas, I could not find the rest of the items set aside until today. I had checked just about everywhere 2-3 times and finally gave up and retreated to my little prayer space to seek some peace and to ask for help in finding the lost treasures. While sitting there, I happened to look down and there was a large birthday tote bag that I saved from Ricks birthday party on June 29th. I looked under the tissue paper, and there the lost items were hiding very well in plain sight.  Answered prayer for my forgetful mind. I hope I am not the only one who misplaces things!

Experiencing great relief, I wasted no time and went straight outdoors to take the remaining photos plus a few extra shots. It was already hot and in the upper 80’s just before noon.

Here we go!

The first round of photos taken indoors:

A baby nest made by Granny Peggy.

A beautiful shawl made by Diane Duke.

The Festival  luncheon gift wrapped in this nice felt bag.

Adorable outfit inside the bag with suede moccasins.

Front and back of the amazing Festival outfit received at dinner Saturday night.

A lovely gift given by the Minnesota ladies to those who were a hostess during the festival.

Gifts given by our table hostess, Frances.  The shorts and striped bloomers were gifts in registration packets.

I bought the dress from Frances and bought the boy’s romper suit made by Sheila.

This beautiful, studio size Christmas dress and the gorgeous sweater set below were gifts from dear friends.

I purchased two pair of Marti’s Birkenstocks and I really like these colors.

A sock purchase plus I received another mug rug below made by Frances.

The second round of photos:


I won three auctions and this is the first.

Finn is modeling my big auction win and I understand they added up all the monies to be $15,000.00 for children’s charities before the corporate matches. Wonderful! This remarkable sweater and hat were designed and made by Diane Duke, the perfect navy pants were made by Judith of Dollydoodles and the outstanding leather boots were made by Noreen. What a great outfit!  Finn will never want to change outfits ever again and he managed to smile with temperatures in the high 80’s while modeling! Fetch was brave too!

Please see the extraordinary details on Finn’s boots. The block design is even on the inside of each boot as well as the outside. Amazing! Noreen even included an extra set of ties in the shoe box. I am so happy with this win.

My second auction win is an amazing knitted sweater made by Catherine French. Catherine donated 5 sweaters and so there was a Dutch auction for them. It began with everyone standing that wants a sweater and the auctioneer begins with a starting bid and then increases the bids. People sit down when they no longer want to bid any higher and auctioneer continues until there are only 5 people remain standing. The sweaters were all different and the ladies that were organizing the auctions wins selected the sweaters so there was no room for debates.  I loved all 5 sweaters so was very happy with this nautical styled one.  Here are some close up photos of this remarkable knitted treasure.

My third auction win is a nice group of items. It caught my eye due to the red leather sandals.  I think they are from the Gotz girl named Lilly and nice to have for girls or boys.

Purchases from the sales room are seen in the following three photos.

Baby outfit.

Fun outfit.

Baby coats.

Festival readings and ID lantern.

A great Festival parting gift.  It is wonderful to experience the generosity of Sasha collectors. What a special group of ladies in Minnesota!

This is Morgen, a very special Gotz girl who was painted by Sasha herself.  I wanted to show her in this pretty smocked frock made by Millie Dingham and pink leather sandals found on Shelly’s site (maker unknown). Morgen holds a pale pink Steiff bear.  I just love Morgen and so I have taken a lot of photos of her. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

It was a little windy so please excuse stray hair.

A very sweet girl.

Millie even smocks the back of the dress.

Extra touches like lace trimming is so nice to see.

Morgen and Finn both thank you for visiting with us today.

Back in the air conditioned house, we find sweet Gracie snuggled in between Ben and Gigi and she sends her love to you all. She said we were crazy and absolutely nuts to go outdoors in such hot weather especially wearing knitted clothing. She loves her new sweater coat that was a Festival helper win and she insists it is a dress and one too hot to wear outside in July. So Gracie will stay snuggled up indoors with her brother and sister.

“Love to you all” said Gracie.

“Bye bye” said Gracie. “Have a great day and week to come” XXX


A few Waterlogue images for you to see.


A Quick Gracie Hello


Hi everyone! Mummy is so very busy today because she is packing for the 2018 Sasha Festival to be held in Minnesota!  We all leave tomorrow morning! How exciting! I am sitting in this bag because it is Mummy’s carry on bag and I don’t want to miss out on this Festival  fun time!

While digging around in the bag, look what I found!  I better put this Benjamin back in it’s place or Mummy will be fretting. I love my Mummy so much. I hope I am helping her.

I will try to blog during the Festival and Mummy will be taking photos. We want to share with everyone. Yay!

I have found my spot and so here I will stay hoping that I can save Mummy the effort of finding me and also ensuring that she will take me.

Have a great day everyone and a happy week to come!   Thank you for stopping by Sasha Shangri-La.

Gracie hugs coming you way!

Gracie’s Gingham Gathering



Hello all, this is Gracie with great news! First, Mummy is taking me to the Sasha Festival in Minnesota! Yay!

Second, I asked Mummy if I could wear my gingham dress and she said yes! Yay!

And third, I asked Mummy if we could go outdoors today and gather up my sisters that are wearing gingham dresses and she said yes! Triple yay!!

So, here we go!

My my first sister is Sara. A beautiful NP with hand painted eyes by Sara Doggart.

When Sara came to Sasha Shangri-La, she was wearing a non factory dress.  As a result, we are not certain what outfit she would have worn from the factory.  Mummy had this wide skirt gingham outfit and so it now belongs to Sara. I hope you like these photos of Sara.


Next is is my sister Chloe. She is a 1966 brunette NP with deep blue eyes.

Chloe came to Sasha Shangri-La wearing a pretty pink dress and, over time, Mummy found this wide skirt, factory gingham dress just for her. I hope you like Chloe’s photos.

Next is big sis Alaine with her pretty hand painted eyes.

Alaine came to Sasha Shangri-La in her original gingham outfit plus her original gold tag.  She is a 1968 fringe girl.  Here are a few photos of Alaine. I hope you like them.

The next sister is Faith. I love Faith so much especially when she reads to me.

Faith came to Sasha Shangri-La without any clothes! Brrrrr…  Now she is wearing a wide skirt mini-check gingham dress that Mummy bought for her. Faith is an early 1968 fringe girl and we have learned that the mini check was made later in 1968.  So this dress was probably not one that Faith would have worn from the factory but Faith likes it and so do all of us here on the farm.   I hope you like these photos of Faith.


Clare is the next gingham sister for you to see.

Clare came to Sasha Shangri-La also redressed. Mummy  found this wide skirt gingham outfit for her. Clare is a 1968 fringe girl and she has a wider face. Here are a few photos of Clare in gingham. I hope you like them.

Last, is my new sister Jenn. Jenn just came to Sasha Shangri-La recently.

Jenn came to Cow Creek wearing this original gingham outfit with its narrower skirt.  She also came in her original crayon tube. Jenn is a 1969 side-part.  I hope you like her photos.  I gave her a soft bear to love.

The next photos show the gingham girls in groups.

This is my favorite photo!  I hope you liked this post.  All the gingham girls and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week ahead. xxx

The Waterlogue images are for you to enjoy.


Babies, Babies, and more Babies


Photographing on an overcast day, I just took a few photos before the sky opened up and buckets of rain began to pour and it poured for quite a while too. We made it back inside just in time!

I am sharing a few more Festival finds in this post.  First, the unusual lavender Steiff  bear came home with me and I was happy to find him. Bears are just nice to cuddle.  Next, this Curly headed brunette baby charmed me from JoAnn Staricha’s sales table. I initially resisted but at the end of the sales’ room time, she was still there and so I happily adopted her.  She was wearing a long white dress and her purple dotted bow, so I redressed her in a purple dress, made by Sheila Foery.  I added her socks and white leather JJ shoes.

Please meet Baby Jo.  Baby Jo and bear are sitting in a favorite old chair placed on the new patio that Rick made just before my return from my overseas.

Hi there Baby Jo. ❤️

You have previously met Baby Don Don when Dawn Law curled his hair last year. He was excited because he went to the Festival.  I also added a blanket made by Granny Peggy which greatly improved the appearance of this old chair. 😊

Hi Baby Don Don! ❤️

Here is Baby Don Don modeling a new protoype outfit that Diane Duke made for the Festival. The display of Diane’s’ knitwear was amazing!


Next, please meet a dear, sweet little imp named Baby Sheila.  She is a waif with a bald head but Sheila Foery had great plans to make her a wonderful wig which she stitched Saturday night during the festivities. Baby Sheila came to me completely transformed  Sunday morning. How special she is. ❤️

Hello little sweetie. 💕

This little girl was an auction win. I won 3 auctions which consisted of this Baby and two outfits. This baby was donated by Peggy Livingston and her complete outfit was donated by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.  She is adorable!


Please meet “Baby”.  Baby also came with the cutest felt doll with yarn hair. What a darling pair. ❤️

A sweet group of babies! 💕💕💕💕

Baby Gracie also went to the Festival and is wearing a new romper made by Diane Duke.  Gracie had a wonderful time and reunited with a group of studio bebes and also reunited with the lovely ladies attending the Festival.  This Bebe is one of Gracie’s new friends and she is also wearing a new romper made by Diane. ❤️

Baby Sheila hugging Curly, her best baby friend. 😊

Babies Sheila, Jo and Gracie on the last day of the Festival during the calling of the helpers.

All the babies and I want to thank you for visiting with us. We hope you have a great day and weekend to come. 😊 xxx



A New Girl Arrives at Sasha Shangri-La ❤



Some of you may have seen this rare girl on Shelly’s site and you may have wondered where she went after leaving Sasha Doll UK.  She is a Gotz girl but with her eye painting by Sasha Morgenthaler herself.  I immediately fell in love with her. ❤



The first three photos of this post were taken by Shelly. 😊


I love Sasha’s studio doll paintings and this girl was no exception.  She is a very special, miniature studio-like doll. ❤


After she arrived, I immediately took photos of her on this coral colored blanket. ❤


My hands were shaking while taking the first photos. Such anticipation! 😊


I think I was in shock with excitement for quite a while after she arrived. Thank goodness that I did hear her whisper that her name is Morgen. ❤


Next I took a few photos of Morgen in her original brown cord dress with brown leather shoes. ❤


❤ Hello Morgen ❤


Welcome to Sasha Shangri-La dear one. ❤


❤ Morgen ❤


Next, I gave her back her ponytail to see how it would look.  Morgen loved playing in the doll room. 😊


She has the little curl at the base of her neck. Plus the nice side wings.


I really like her ponytail. 😊


Then, I dressed Morgen in a studio style dress by Dolliepatch.  I think she looks very pretty in this outfit.


I hope you enjoyed meeting Morgen today.  Thank you for visiting with us. ❤


I styled Morgen’s hair back into her ponytail and then she joined her sisters Gracie, Joanie, and Gwennie.  They love to share stories of when they came alive as they were painted by Sasha Morgenthaler in Switzerland long ago.  Wouldn’t it have been wonderful to have been there to see the dolls come to life in her extraordinarily, talented hands? ❤


A waterlogue image to enjoy.  Morgen and I wish you a very happy and healthy week to come. 😊 xxx

Yippee Yippee……It’s Me…..Gracie



Hi everyone, it’s me Gracie!!!  I am whispering to you because Mummy is in the next room and I don’t want her to hear me talking on the blog but I think something is up here at Sasha Shangri-La!


Mummy just redressed me in my pretty turquoise outfit made by Thu Cuc Faes.  Plus she put this suitcase on the bed and that means she is going somewhere!!! 😊


Plus Mummy has been talking a lot about the Sasha Festival to be held in Rochester, New York sometime very soon. 😊


So…..I am thinking that there is a good chance that I might get to go with Mummy to the Festival!!!  I think I can fit nicely in this side pocket of her case…..she would not see me! 😊


Or maybe I should slide in this zipper pouch and hide away….image

Oh jeepers….Mummy is coming back in the room….I want to be a very good girl for Mummy. Maybe she will take me with her. Oh I hope so! 😊

imageHi Mummy!  I love you so much and in my heart of hearts, I want to go with you to Rochester and to be able to be with you and to see everyone at the Festival.  Oh please Mummy, pretty, pretty please with whip cream and a candy heart on top and all just for you!  I love you so much! ❤️


Guess what everybody?  My sweet Mummy said I can go to the Festival in Rochester and I will meet so many nice people.  I am so happy and my heart feels bigger than I am!!!! ❤️

imageThank you all for visiting today with me, Gracie, and I am waving bye bye and sending you all big hugs and kisses!  Plus I wish you all a very happy weekend and week to come.  I hope to see you inRochester and if not, maybe I will sneak a few blog posts to you, my blog friends that are not coming this time.  Mummy cannot watch the blog all of the time.  I am sure she will not mind at all. 😉

Sending much love, Gracie ❤️ xxx

Happy Thanksgiving!


“Happy Thanksgiving to you!  It’s me, Gracie!  Mummy said we will have turkey for dinner if I can find one here on the farm!” 🙂

“I am not certain where I should look for a turkey except in the refrigerator….maybe if I concentrate really hard…”

“Oh my, here he is! Hello there Tom Turkey! You are so cute, don’t worry, you are safe with me, I am Gracie!”

I Gracie, and Tom Turkey, and all of us here at Sasha Shangri-La wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!!  We are very thankful for our blessings. We are sending happy wishes and hugs to you! ❤ xxx

Hi, It’s Me! Gracie! Psssssst, Don’t Tell Mummy Pretty, Pretty, Please!!


Hi everyone, it is me, Gracie! I am really having fun here at the Sasha Shangri-La farm playing with my brothers and sisters each and every day!  Mummy bought me a new dress that was made by Auntie Diane Duke in the UK. But Mummy made me wait ever so long, an eternity really, to open the shipping package.  Mummy would reassure me that she loves me and that she wants me to see my new dress but then she would kiss me, gently put me in my chair, and tell me goodbye.  Mummy would then leave and go someplace called “work”.  She spends ever so much time there at “work” and she is not here with me!   I really do not think it is fair to all of us here on the farm because we want Mummy to be with us each and every day and all of the time!

So, I am writing today and Mummy is not here at all.  She left her Ipad on her bed and well, you all know by now that I have memorized her passwords, so I am blog posting for my dear sweet Mummy to help free up her time and then she will be with us even more!!   We love and miss you Mummy, come home please, please. Pretty please with sugar on top! ❤

Here I am again and I want you to see how Mummy “reads” her books most of the time. This is an Ipad and Mummy purchases audible books that are narrated and she listens to them often. Mummy says it helps her because she listens on her drive to “work” and back home plus Mummy listens at home because she says it frees-up her eyes and hands up so that she can spend more time with me–Gracie!!!  Oh, and also with everyone else living here too!  It is hard to sit still while Mummy is away but I do try so very, very hard to be a good little girl….I just know Mummy will be so happy that I posted her photos for her! 🙂

Mummy is listening to a mystery book by M.C. Beaton and about Agatha Raisin and the reader is Penelope Keith.  I love to hear her voice very much and the sound of it reminds me of other happy places I have been before Mummy adopted me. 🙂

Mummy did dress me in this one piece undergarment, socks and shoes and these were all made by Thu Cuc Faes.  She put this clip in my hair so I am getting an idea of the colors that I will see in my new dress! I can hardly wait!!!!! 🙂

Just lookie!!!  Mummy opened the package and look at the pretty colors in my new dress!  Plus, look, look, a present from Auntie Diane just for me, Gracie!   How very sweet of Auntie Diane!  Thank you! ❤

Mummy took this close up photo so you can see how happy I am! 🙂

I asked Mummy if I could open my present first and she said yes!!!   I wonder what is inside???

Oh my, it is a perfect, pink teddy bear and it is just for me! I love this teddy so very much! Thank you Auntie Diane!!! ❤

The gift bag is so very pretty with its floral pattern and I think it makes a lovely hat! Don’t you??? 🙂

I feel like such a big girl wearing my new hat!  How happy am I. 🙂

Here is my new dress! Isn’t it so very pretty and it is so soft too! 🙂

I am such a happy Gracie now! Look at Auntie Diane’s tag.  It has a flower on it!  I love all of my new things very much! ❤


Mummy asked me to put my new hat away for some photos that will show my pretty  hair clip. 🙂

My pink teddy feels so soft too. I am one happy girl! 🙂

Mummy says that she loves taking photos of me!  I like it too! 🙂

A last photo taken on Mummy’s bed. Next, we are going to show a few photos of me standing up! 🙂

Hi again, it’s me Gracie and I am standing up like a big girl! 🙂

Isn’t it nice how good you feel inside when you wear a new dress? I feel very happy! 🙂

A nice full length view of me Gracie! 🙂

Teddy and I want to thank you for visiting us today and for not telling Mummy! I think she will be so happy when she comes home from “work” and sees how her little Gracie has helped her once again!  Maybe we will “read” a book together! 🙂

Teddy and I are sending you big hugs and loving wishes for the rest of the week to come.  Much love coming from us to you!!  I hope Mummy comes home soon! ❤ xxx

Psssssst……It’s Me…..Gracie!



Hi everyone! Mummy is in the kitchen again and it sure smells wonderful here at Sasha Shangri-La.  With Mummy away, it’s time for another “Gracie” blog post!  We received a big, wonderful box from Thu Cuc Faes wo lives in Switzerland.  Mummy was so happy to get this box and look at my new outfit that was found inside! 🙂

My brother Bennie has a new outfit too. We look like twins! 🙂

(Bennie is a BII Sasha studio doll and Gracie is a Sasha studio bebe)



I love Bennie! Everyone calls him Ben except me. He is my Bennie! ❤

Bennie and me, Gracie!  We can play outdoors now, yipee!!!

When I stand next to Bennie like this, I am taller than he is! 🙂

But, when Bennie stands up, he is a bit taller than me…don’t we look nice in our new outfits?  They fit perfectly!

Please hold me Bennie, I feel so wee next to you.  I need a hug!

Well, Bennie found my new red wool, hooded duffle coat to help me feel better. 🙂

You know what? Bennie is so smart, I do feel better! 🙂

I just love sitting on Bennie’s lap. ❤

He is so big and strong.  Bennie told me that God made him strong to help others that are weaker. I know this is true, I can feel it in my heart. ❤

But most if all, Bennie is kind and sweet and he loves me. ❤

Bennie found this nice wooden sled and it fits me perfectly! 🙂

He promised to take me outdoors to ride the sled when we get a good snow. I can’t wait to have fun in the snow. 🙂

A last photo of Bennie and me and we thank you for visiting us here at Sasha Shangri-La. We send you big “Bennie” hugs and sweet “Gracie” kisses too! ❤ xxxooo