Results are in! Please allow me to introduce…


Last week I asked for friends to suggest names for the newest boy here at Sasha Shangri-La.  This shy boy is a redheaded 1967 NP shorts boy. We received many excellent name suggestions and we want to thank each of you for taking the time to write to us to share names.  We thought about each one over the weekend and Finn took the lead to help narrow down the names to two possible choices. He reviewed each name with his new brother and asked him what name he liked best.

Finn says the two finalist names are Bryn and Harry (William was third).  Again, many thanks to you all that helped us so much with great suggestions.

Finn is wearing a Diane Duke sweater, britches by luvzone7 on eBay, knitted socks maker unknown, and wonderful leather saddle oxfords made by Betty Jean Densford. Fetch is staying close to Finn as always.

Finn will now make the name announcement.  Drum roll please ……..

“My new brother’s name is Bryn!  I hope you love Bryn as I do.”

The 1967 boys club are gathered around to play with Bryn and to give him a puppy to keep him company and ensure that he feels part of the family. Bryn loves his new puppy.  The boys from left to right are Bronson, Bryn, Finn, and Ferris. ❤️

Ferris is wearing a knitted sweater, maker unknown and Ruthsdolls denim dungarees.

Ferris likes his comfortable outfit and boots by Lisa Hartley.  He is staying warm today since it is pretty chilly at 38 degrees at noon time.

A most handsome boy.  Ferris says hello to you. ❤️

Bronson also says hello to you!

Bronson is wearing a sweater by Rosie Laird, a Dollydoodles gillet, jeans by Sashapotamus and red leather boots by Jean Jensen.

Bronson is happy to have a new brother!  He and Brynn are best buddies already!

Bryn is wearing his Diane Duke  sweater, Dollydoodles jeans, and Noreen Walters made leather boots.  He looks right at home with his puppy in tow.

Bryn thanks you for visiting with us today. We wish you a very happy day and wonderful week to come. ❤️ xxx

Bryn sends hugs to you!

A Waterlogue image of Bryn to enjoy. ❤️

A Very Merry Sasha Christmas


Our lovely daughter-in-law Mollie came straight to us this happy Christmas morning after her work shift ended. She is a nurse and cares for elderly patients throughout the night. Here you can see her unwrapping her Christmas gift in this photo. 😊🎅🏻😊🎁

Oh look! Santa has brought Mollie a beautiful brunette gingham girl.   Mollie is so happy to have her first Sasha child doll. She had two Sasha babies in her doll family and now she will add a sweet brunette girl. 😊

Look! Santa also brought a special box for me! 🎅🏻😊

Oh my, a very interesting box! What could it be? 😊


Oh my!!  A Creative Playthings box. This is getting better and better! 😍

Look! A beautiful blonde, ochre eyed Gotz Sasha doll!  I feel like I am 10 years old again. What a fantastic gift and a Christmas I will always remember.  This special girl was adopted from the original owner and her name was and is Sasha! How perfect is that?  ❤️🎄❤️🎅🏻❤️🎁❤️

Thank you for visiting with us here at Sasha Shangri-La today and throughout the past year. I am thankful and feel very blessed to be a part of our Sasha community which is full of kind, generous, and caring people. ❤️

Merry Christmas to you and your family.  I hope you have a very blessed holiday season and a most Happy and Healthy New Year in 2019!!!  ❤️🎄😊❤️🎉



Rain, Rain Never Go Away 🌹



A beautiful new addition to the Sasha Shangri-La family is a lovely and unique girl repainted by artist Mary Madeco-Smith. Her name is Rain.  Mary posted her on Facebook as ready for adoption and I was lucky to write to her first. 😊


Mary sent Rain to me dressed in an amazing outfit and wearing a wig made of many colors of the rainbow. She also sent a fantastic black wig and I have taken photos of Rain wearing both wigs. Mary sent a beautiful African dress with Rain and I will show that in another post.  Both of these creative and unique outfits were made of fantastic, organic fabrics and made in collaboration with Tim Purk. ❤




img_5632❤  I love this outfit!







Rain came without shoes at my request.  I love her stripy socks and wanted them to show so I paired them up with a pair of leather sandals.  The sandals were made by Paula of 4 Angels in the U.K. ❤

img_5645❤ Next is Rain wearing her fabulous black wig.  I think both wigs are just wonderful on her!



img_5647❤ The ties on her bibs and the rolled collar really are special touches to this outfit.


❤ Rain feels confident and so ready to embrace life.






❤ We hope you have enjoyed meeting Rain.


❤ Rain and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend days and the week to come. 😊 xxx

A couple of Waterlogue images of Rain. ❤



❤️ Boys will be Boys ❤️



It is boy’s day today and we are beginning with a sweet shorts boy, Quinn.  He is wearing a beautiful sweater and matching hat knitted by Diane Duke.  All the knitted wear shown today on the boys was made by Diane. ❤️


Quinn with his puppy.  His trousers were made by Gotz and his brown leather boots were made by Ruthsdolls.


Quinn. ❤️


This dear boy is a 1968 brunette with delightful eyes that have radiating irises.  His name is Brodie. ❤️


Brodie with his puppy and wearing black corduroy trousers with black leather boots made by Jean Jensen (JJ).


Brodie, my dear boy. ❤️


Ryder the lone early Gotz boy here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤️


Ryder with his puppy.  He wears nice demin trousers and colorful checked trainers. ❤️


Gus a handsome repaint by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. ❤️


Gus with his stuffed horse.  His jeans were found at Sashapotamus on the Etsy site and his red leather shoes were made by Boneka.


Gus. ❤️


This handsome boy is a 1967 brunette NP with non-falling hair.  His name is Bronson. ❤️


Bronson with his puppy.  He wears off white trousers and red leather JJ boots. ❤️


Bronson. ❤️


This is Drew a 1968 brunette boy with very nice eyes. ❤️


Drew with his puppy.  His jeans with leather knee patches were made by Pinestreet Studios and the maker of his blue leather boots is unknown.

imageThis is Nico a 1967 brunette NP. ❤️


Nico with his puppy.  His navy trousers have a herringbone pattern and the maker is unknown.  His blue leather boots were made by JJ. ❤️

imageThis is a 1970’s brunette boy named Mike. ❤️


Mike’s puppy ran away while I was taking photos but we found him later in the day. 😉  Mike is wearing burgundy corduroy trousers and purple leather boots by Ruthsdolls.

imageAnother view of Mike. ❤️


This is a 1970’s blonde boy named Joey. ❤️

imageJoey with his puppy.  He is wearing brown trousers and brown leather boots by Ruthsdolls.

imageThis fabulous boy is a repaint by Cassie Rogers and Cassie also dyed his hair a wonderful strawberry blonde color. ❤️


Max with his sock monkey.  He is wearing terrific jeans from Sashapotamus and brown leather boots Cassie found on the Internet. What a boy!

imageMore of Max. ❤️


Love you Max. ❤️


This is dear Duncan a 1970’s brunette boy with blue eyes. Duncan came from the factory with his rare eye color. ❤️


Duncan with his bear.  He wears a wonderful outfit that I won at auction during the 2016 Sasha Festival in Rochester.  The cardigan was knitted by Diane, the trousers were made by Judith of Dolly Doodles and his golden leather shoes were made by Noreen.  I love this outfit!


Duncan. ❤️


This wee boy is Johnny a Gotz toddler. ❤️

imageJohnny with his stuffed pony.  He wears green trousers made by Sharon Humphreys and black and white saddle oxfords. ❤️


Last and by no means least is my dear Finn a 1967 blonde NP. ❤️

imageFinn with his puppy Fetch.  Finn wears green corduroy trousers with tan suede JJ boots.


Love you Finn. ❤️


Beautiful design and colors. ❤️

imageThank you for visiting with us today.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing these thirteen boys in their colorful outfits.


We all wish you a wonderful weekend and a happy week to come. 😊 xxx

imageA waterlogue image of Max for you to see. ❤️

Jessie and Lucy Model Two Tricia Jackson Handsewn Outfits


You may remember Jessie, a 1967 brunette Sasha NP with a side part, and non-falling hair cut into a sweet bob. I really like the bobbed hair cut on our Sasha dolls.


Jessie and I were on the front porch enjoying the beautiful weather. ❤


This beautiful outfit with the sailor collar was hand sewn by Tricia Jackson.  I love this outfit and everything about it.  The length is perfect to show the cutest of legs that our wonderful Sasha dolls enjoy.  Her sandals were made by Jean Jensen and I was very fortunate to buy them at the Sasha Festival in Rochester from Ellen Church. ❤


Jessie has perked up a bit lately since receiving her new dress and finally getting some attention from Mommy. 😉


The sun feels so good on our faces especially since the temperatures were in the 60’s which makes for a perfect day at Sasha Shangri-La. 🙂


Jessie basking in the warmth of the day. ❤


I realize I have totally missed the summer season by showing this lovely summer dress and sandals in October but I so wanted to share these outfits made by Tricia plus I did not want to wait until 2017.  So I hope you will not mind seeing them now.


Next, we have Lucy modeling this two piece outfit made by Tricia.  Her leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen.  This cute top and skirt are both reversible and allow you to mix and match 4 different outfits. 🙂


Dear Lucy was a Gregor waif at one time.  She was re-rooted by Emma Flood and her eyes were wonderfully repainted by Cassie Rogers. ❤


A peek at the other side of her white eyelet top.  I love the fabrics! ❤


Lucy up close. 🙂


A peek to see the other side of her skirt which is the lovely eyelet plus her matching pants. 🙂


Lucy enjoying the lovely day in her lovely outfit. ❤


Lucy up close. 🙂


A few photos of Jessie and Lucy together.


Sisters enjoying their outfits and their day together. 🙂


Thank you Auntie Tricia for our beautiful outfits. ❤


Jessie and Lucy both want to thank you for visiting with us today and they wish you a wonderful day and week to come. 🙂 xxx


A couple of waterlogue images for you to enjoy. ❤





A Wonder in White


This week on facebook they are encouraging posts of Sasha dolls dressed in white. Following that lead, I dressed Sara in a white studio outfit made by Carol Mitchell. Carol skillfully made this outfit using material from antique baby baptism gowns. ❤️

I thought it would be fun to show Sara putting on the pieces of the outfit.  Sara recently joined the family here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤


Sara is ready to begin.

Perfect pantaloons and just the right length. 🙂

Such lovely detailing.  The scalloped hem is very pretty. 🙂


Next is a beautiful slip also with nice detailing and a scalloped hem. 🙂


Pretty ribbon straps.  ❤️


This slip would make a lovely summer dress. It is so very hot here today and may reach 100 degrees so I am taking indoor photos once again.  I am so looking forward to taking photos outdoors again!   Next, we have one more layer to put on. 🙂


The studio dress is so beautiful and feels very soft to the touch. 🙂


Sara loves this dress.❤️


I love this dress too. 🙂


Her sleeves up close.


A peek at the layers.  Sara is wearing black leather studio style shoes made by Jean Jensen. ❤️


Another view.


Up close. ❤️


Sara and I hope you enjoyed this post in “white”.  Thank you for visiting with us today. 🙂


We hope you have a wonderful weekend and week to come.  August is nearly over now and soon we will be in the month of September and looking for our lovely Fall weather and scenery. 🙂 xxx


Hugs to everyone! xxx


A few waterlogue images to enjoy. 🙂


❤ ❤ ❤


❤ ❤ ❤


Heaven in England – Part 3



On Thursday, May 12th, Gertie and I were in Janet’s kitchen about to begin the making of the “cake pops” for the Sasha Celebration weekend.  Gertie is wearing a newly made outfit that I had asked Janet to make for her arrival.  I love it! 🙂


My camera for the trip was my cell phone camera.  The lighting is not the best but you can see Janet diligently working on the cake pops.  Janet had a mold formed to make many tiny ball-like shapes and she placed cake batter into the mold and baked it until done and then she put all of the cake balls into the freezer until time to frost them.


A much better photo of Janet and Gertie with the cake pops.  We put sticks into each cake ball and placed them on the cardboard rings you see in the photo.  The blue frosting was first, then the white and last, the red frosting.  I thought it was brilliant idea for the SCW! 🙂


Gertie was a tremendous help that morning. 🙂


What a fun time we all had in Janet’s kitchen with tea breaks of course! 🙂



Next, we walked from Janet’s house to the seaside to enjoy the view of the North Sea and to go to lunch! 🙂



I took a few photos along the way.  We walked above and along the beach that you can see in the distance.  So beautiful.

North Sea with Janet

A lovely view of the King Edward’s Bay and you can see a ship in the distance. 🙂

North Sea

I never tire of views of the sea though that day was brisk and overcast, it did not rain.  It was wonderful to walk and look and just take it all in. Only a 10 minute walk from Janet’s house.  🙂


We found our way and walked down to see the restaurant straight ahead neatly tucked in the hillside at King Edward’s Bay in Tynemouth. 🙂


The view overhead was very impressive.  I think it is the Tynemouth Priory and Castle imposing upon the skyline.


But we pressed onward to our luncheon destination. 🙂


Here we are!  It is Riley’s Fish Shack where we ordered mackerel that came with tasty side dishes.  I did not photograph the meal this time. I think it was because we were actually sharing our table with others since it was crowded that day. Most of the people dining were eating indoors rather than in the outside area due to the cool winds.  The view was fabulous and the meal was delicious! ❤


A map to show that we were in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area that day.  The previous day we visited Northumberland area and visited Alnwick Castle.  You can see how very close we were to the Scottish borders.

We returned home after lunch and spent some dolly time with Janet’s lovely and varied doll collection.  Later we began our packing and preparation to leave the next day to join many friends at the Sasha Celebration Weekend in Nottingham.

There was a small package for me waiting at Janet’s house. A dear friend who lives in Spain had made gifts for Gertie and for Finn and posted them.  She knew that I was going to make a day trip to Paris during my England stay and voila, wonderful french outfits for my happy pair.  How very thoughtful to send gifts. ❤

Gertie loves her new dress which has Eiffel Towers in many colors, ric rac, and wonderful buttons! It fits her perfectly. 🙂

I love her dress too!  Her sandals were made by Janet. 🙂

Thank you dear friend for such a lovely gift. ❤

Finn loves his wonderful France shirt! 🙂

I love it too!  A perfect fit and a perfect boy’s shirt.  Thank you my friend for your thoughtfulness. ❤ xxx

I had the best time with Janet in her part of England.  Her hospitality was warm and kind and wonderful.  I love this part of England so very much and I was just captivated by every aspect during my stay.  I will always be grateful to have had this time with Janet and her husband Billy in their home in England. ❤

Thank you for visiting Sasha Shangri-La today and the next post will finally be the Sasha Celebration Weekend. 🙂 xxx



Blonde Waifs in Pretty Dresses


Happy Sunday! It is raining today and yesterday and it is good that I took extra photos last weekend on a sunny day.

This is Val a true Sasha waif that came to me in a shoe box. I have kept her hair drawn up in a ponytail since it was very dry and I like the style on her.  I think her face is very sweet. 🙂

A pretty dress that I think was made by Ginny, Passion for Sasha. It came to me on a doll I adopted. 🙂

Stripy socks by Sharon Humphreys and leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Val up close. ❤

This delightful girl was repainted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. You may remember her when I introduced her as the Berliner. I love her beautiful, dreamy eyes. I thought it would be nice to redress her. ❤


Photos to enjoy. 🙂



Pretty dress by Maureen Hallenbeck. Leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂






Lovely Berliner. ❤

This is Heidi wearing an outfit by Ruthsdolls and leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Heidi was repainted by Janet too. I love her pretty, soft expression.

Photos to enjoy. 🙂




Pretty maidens in a row. 🙂

We want to thank you for visiting with us today. We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 🙂 xxx

Lastly, a watetlogue image of the girls. I may not be posting routinely the next few weeks since I will be preparing for and enjoying the upcoming trip to England. If possible, I will make a couple of smaller posts reflecting the lovely journey. ❤


Please Welcome Cathy to Sasha Shangri-La


LissAnnPlease meet a new member of the Sasha family here at Sasha Shangri-La. I adopted this dear girl from the lovely Cathy Himmel.  Cathy sent me this nice photo just before the doll was mailed.  She brought with her a sweet present. 🙂

Upon arrival, we opened the present together to find this wonderful book on friendship. We love books and reading here on Cow Creek. The cover image is perhaps a bit of foreshadowing and a happy hint of what is to come to the newly adopted girl. 🙂

The yarn ribbons tying up the gifted book were so lovely that we placed them in the dear girl’s hair.  Little Dawn came out to greet her new sister. 🙂

“Hi” said Little Dawn. “My name is Little Dawn, welcome sweet sister!”

Little Dawn reached out with a kind heart to her sister. ❤

“I have a soft dinosaur for you to hug. I hope you like it. What is your name?”

“Oh thank you Little Dawn, I love it very much. How thoughtful of you to greet me with a present. My name is Cathy.”

Little Dawn reflecting for a moment on her inner joy of meeting her new sister, Cathy.

Cathy is a very early 1965 Gotz girl with no mold line on her torso and wonderful, hand painted golden eyes with lashes. I love her facial expression. ❤

The cute pair of sisters loved each other immediately. ❤

Cathy’s hair is nice and full and silky. She has nice fringe too but I swept it back temporarily when I put the ribbons in her hair.

Cathy came in this lovely outfit and I think it was made by Vintage Sasha. 🙂

A close up photo of Cathy. I have to say she is so very pretty and she looks very different from her sister Rae, another 1965 redheaded Gotz girl living here on the farm. Rae is taller and I believe she has a larger head than Cathy.  Cathy is much more petite. I will do a post of the redheaded early Gotz girls and look more closely at their differences and their similarities but probably after the trip to England. 🙂

Little Dawn and Cathy, now the closest of friends, want to thank you for visiting with us today. They are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 🙂

Sisterly bonds that will stand the test of time. ❤

Painted in Waterlogue
A waterlogue image of Cathy for you to enjoy. 🙂 xxx