Results are in! Please allow me to introduce…

Last week I asked for friends to suggest names for the newest boy here at Sasha Shangri-La.  This shy boy is a redheaded 1967 NP shorts boy. We received many excellent name suggestions and we want to thank each of you for taking the time to write to us to share names.  We thought about each one over the weekend and Finn took the lead to help narrow down the names to two possible choices. He reviewed each name with his new brother and asked him what name he liked best.

Finn says the two finalist names are Bryn and Harry (William was third).  Again, many thanks to you all that helped us so much with great suggestions.

Finn is wearing a Diane Duke sweater, britches by luvzone7 on eBay, knitted socks maker unknown, and wonderful leather saddle oxfords made by Betty Jean Densford. Fetch is staying close to Finn as always.

Finn will now make the name announcement.  Drum roll please ……..

“My new brother’s name is Bryn!  I hope you love Bryn as I do.”

The 1967 boys club are gathered around to play with Bryn and to give him a puppy to keep him company and ensure that he feels part of the family. Bryn loves his new puppy.  The boys from left to right are Bronson, Bryn, Finn, and Ferris. ❤️

Ferris is wearing a knitted sweater, maker unknown and Ruthsdolls denim dungarees.

Ferris likes his comfortable outfit and boots by Lisa Hartley.  He is staying warm today since it is pretty chilly at 38 degrees at noon time.

A most handsome boy.  Ferris says hello to you. ❤️

Bronson also says hello to you!

Bronson is wearing a sweater by Rosie Laird, a Dollydoodles gillet, jeans by Sashapotamus and red leather boots by Jean Jensen.

Bronson is happy to have a new brother!  He and Brynn are best buddies already!

Bryn is wearing his Diane Duke  sweater, Dollydoodles jeans, and Noreen Walters made leather boots.  He looks right at home with his puppy in tow.

Bryn thanks you for visiting with us today. We wish you a very happy day and wonderful week to come. ❤️ xxx

Bryn sends hugs to you!

A Waterlogue image of Bryn to enjoy. ❤️

11 thoughts on “Results are in! Please allow me to introduce…

  1. I am so honoured that the boys chose the name Bryn! To tell you the truth I had quite a crush on the original Bryn which is why his image has stuck with me all these years! What a wonderful group of early boys and I love how their names all together just roll off the tongue, hello Bronson, Bryn, Finn and Ferris, you all need a poem! Bronson, Bryn, Finn and Ferris love to sit on the Shangri La terrace ❤

    • Thank you Janet. His brothers helped pick his name and it is good to have a name. What a relief to finally have a nice name for such a special boy here on Cow Creek. Bryn is quickly becoming a favorite with all of us. I love your poem! I will give that some thought. ❤️ xxx

      • I can see why he would become a favourite, he is wonderful. I can’t stop saying the rhyme now, it is like a chant!

  2. I can see why Janet/you/Finn/ and he chose the name Bryn when you look at his three brother’s names and the letters that those begin with.
    Well done Janet (though pleased to see that one of my choices of Harry was in second place.

    • Thanks Kendal. Yes exactly it. We thought of the 67 boys here and their names and it seemed the best fit for this boy. My grandfather was Harold and so Harry was a very close second. Perhaps the next boy will be Harry.
      Names are interesting to consider and we all have associations with people’s names and some are positive and some are not. Plus these associations are different for each of us based on our life’s experiences. So a name that I love might really be a no-go for someone else. I really appreciate all of the names suggested which helped to find Bryn his good name at last! ❤️ xxx

    • Thank you Steve. Bryn is fitting in with his brothers very well. I have to admit I had not dressed the boys since last summer so they were happy to put away their shorts for longer pants and sweaters. ❤️ xxx

  3. What a lovely choice of name for Bryn Ginger, it suits him perfectly. They’re a great bunch of lads and so nicely dressed too 🙂 I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun together at Sasha Shangri La in the years to come!
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I really like his name too and now he can have fun with his brothers. I enjoyed dressing the boys for cold weather and they like it too. Now they want to go outdoors! ❤️ xxx

  4. Congratulations on your new name Bryn , what a great time you’ll be having with all your new brothers and when they call your name you’ll be able to reply.
    A lovely set of NP boys you have there now Ginger you must be so happy to have added Bryn to the group.
    Thank you for sharing their lovely handsome faces with us. 🙂 xxx

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