A November Arrival to Sasha Shangri-La … Yes, November…

This amazing boy arrived here last November. I was so lucky to see him on Shelly’s site in time to adopt him. I have wanted a redheaded NP boy for years and finally found one.  He came in his shorts boy outfit which is now safely stored away for another day.  He was not happy being inside a box for a little over a week.

So, I put a fantastic sweater on him that was knitted by Diane Duke and he perked up immediately.

A close up of the new boy. He is very sweet and very, very shy.

This boy’s name has been so elusive.  Actually, he still has not shared it with me which is why I have not introduced him on the blog.  Finally, I decided to show him and ask for help to name this boy.  Please help!   Mr. No Name does not suit him.

Jeepers, I love this boy’s peepers!

I hope you like our new boy. Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us.  If you have some ideas for a name, please let me know.

We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a great week to come.


Waterlogue images for you to enjoy. ❤️ xxx



22 thoughts on “A November Arrival to Sasha Shangri-La … Yes, November…

  1. Gosh Ginger Brian is so amazing! He has such amazing eyes. When I first saw him, Brian just came to mind. I did look the name up, and it seems to be an Irish name. A good name for a redhead. I don’t know if you will chose Brian for him, but once he has his name I’m sure he won’t be as shy anymore.

  2. The early red haired shorts boys are my all time favorites of all the Gregors, and your new boy is an absolute stunning example! What a handsome lad! I think I would name him Logan. No doubt the girls of Sasha Shangri-la are swooning over his arrival!

  3. He is just a fabulous boy Ginger and for me his name would be Bryn. I know it rhymes with Finn but that was unintentional! I knew a lovely redhead boy called Bryn once, he came from Wales. I like that it is close to Cathy’s suggestion of Brian too.

  4. Hi Ginger, Robbie would be my choice as Robert apparently means ‘flame’ = that is why first redheaded girl is called Bobbi . Whatever you call him, he is gorgeous xx

  5. He is quite a handsome young man, Ginger. I think he looks like a Peter. I’ll bet Fynn will bring him out of his shell quickly.

  6. My! That was a closely guarded secret kept from us all for nearly three months!
    Red hair always reminds me of Ireland and the Irish so I’m going to suggest a few Irish names Patryk, Sean, Shannon, Alfie, Aidan and Ronan…but if it’s more of an English name that you are after, how about Harry.
    Smart doll choice yet again!

    • Thank you Kendal for many wonderful names to consider for this shy boy. I was waiting for his name to come to me. This is usually not a problem. I love doing posts that start “Please allow me to introduce…….”. I finally realized that I needed help and Sasha lovers are the very best source for ideas and inspiration. I am grateful for this valuable input to help give this dear boy a name. ❤️ xxx

  7. He is wonderful Ginger, I do love the red haired boys and girls too! 🙂 I’m sure he is going to be great friends with Finn and get up to lots of adventures.
    I think the name Grant may suit him or maybe Rufus , I’m sure when you read him everyone’s suggestions he’ll let you know the name he likes best.
    Congratulations of adding him to your cow creek crew 🙂 xx

  8. I love the name Brendan, but then I’m prejudiced because that is my sons name!! I think he is a handsome young fellow and looks lovely in his new sweater by Diane. Well done and congratulations for being able to bring him home to you dear Ginger, I think he’ll have a whole load of fun with his brothers and sisters at Sasha Shangri-La!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. A very good suggestion to name this sweet boy. I love Diane’s sweaters. They always look so nice on the dolls. We will review the suggested names this weekend and make a choice! ❤️ xxx

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