Fun and Fine Festival Finds

Gracie went to the festival dressed in a sweet Christmas outfit. She had a wonderful time. She is holding a stocking gifted and knitted by Diane Duke.

Gracie laid out the festival purchases in the sales room for you to see.

Beautiful clothing made by JoAnn Staricha.

A close up. The socks have sparkles!

Beautiful green checked, pleated skirt by Julie Ruleman. Julie also made the cute felted owl and bear.

Panties and a sweet baby outfit by Ruthsdolls found on Betsy Robert’s table.

Beautiful knitted wraps by Diane Duke and red JJ shoes bought from Jackie Kraemer.

Toddler dress also by Diane.

Shoes! Brown boots made by Marti Murphy, navy rain boots by LL Bean, three pairs of toddler shoes by Monica Jarpey, and the red leather JJ shoes again.

Nice cotton dress with long sleeves. I love the American flag and star design.

I brought this sweet baby girl to sell. I already have a quirky browed girl named Pixie and thought I would adopt this sweet girl to a new family. She was wearing a beige crocheted outfit that sold in the sales room to an admirer. No one wanted the baby. So I bought this outfit for her and it is perfect! It was made by Janet Myhill Dabbs.

Sweet baby. Need to think of a name…

Gracie is keeping an eye on these particular festival goodies. They are toddler sized dresses and shoes for a sweet toddler that will be joining our Sasha family soon. We can hardly wait for her arrival.

The next post will be introducing a very, very special adoption that happened at the festival. Plus the auctions wins and gift exchange. Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a wonderful weekend. 😊

8 thoughts on “Fun and Fine Festival Finds

  1. My goodness what great items Ginger! Each one a delight to see. I also love that deep blue dress with the flags and stars. Great find!

  2. How lovely of Gracie to show off all your wonderful purchases. Looks like there was plenty to buy and enjoy.
    Your sweet baby does look really pretty in her new Janet made outfit, it really does suit her.
    Looking forward to seeing your new toddler when she arrives, looks like she has a nice wardrobe of clothes to choose from with what Gracie is guarding. xx

    • Gracie had a fantastic time at the festival. She loves being held by Sasha mommies and she made her rounds. Gracie has missed having a toddler in the family so she is excited to have a toddler sister again. Still need to think of a name for that quirky baby. 🥰

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