The 2022 Sasha Festival in Syracuse, NY

I safely returned from the Sasha Festival in Syracuse, NY. I thought I would post today the lovely helper wins.

Finn is my travel companion. He had a wonderful time. We both think this was one of our most favorite festivals ever. The helpers were all fantastic! My paddle number was #74 and it was lucky.

The dress on the left is a floral corduroy. i love the colors in these two dresses.

A cute scottie dog on the collar on the black and white checked dress. The shirt on the right is a red, white, and blue geometric pattern.

A darling dress on the left with nice dolls that look like Campbell’s soup kids, The pajamas are made with an Asian influence. The flannel fabric has dragonflies with dragonfly buttons and sweet felted slippers.

I will post again soon to show the other treasures from our time in Syracuse. Thank you for visitIng with us today.

8 thoughts on “The 2022 Sasha Festival in Syracuse, NY

  1. Ginger,

    It was such fun getting to spend a little time with you. The girls have settled in nicely!! Thank you so much.



  2. Thank you so much for posting. Emma and I were so disappointed that we couldn’t work attending into her schedule. Living vicariously through your posts is the next best thing.

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