Blonde Waifs in Pretty Dresses

Happy Sunday! It is raining today and yesterday and it is good that I took extra photos last weekend on a sunny day.

This is Val a true Sasha waif that came to me in a shoe box. I have kept her hair drawn up in a ponytail since it was very dry and I like the style on her.  I think her face is very sweet. 🙂

A pretty dress that I think was made by Ginny, Passion for Sasha. It came to me on a doll I adopted. 🙂

Stripy socks by Sharon Humphreys and leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Val up close. ❤

This delightful girl was repainted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. You may remember her when I introduced her as the Berliner. I love her beautiful, dreamy eyes. I thought it would be nice to redress her. ❤


Photos to enjoy. 🙂



Pretty dress by Maureen Hallenbeck. Leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂






Lovely Berliner. ❤

This is Heidi wearing an outfit by Ruthsdolls and leather shoes by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Heidi was repainted by Janet too. I love her pretty, soft expression.

Photos to enjoy. 🙂




Pretty maidens in a row. 🙂

We want to thank you for visiting with us today. We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 🙂 xxx

Lastly, a watetlogue image of the girls. I may not be posting routinely the next few weeks since I will be preparing for and enjoying the upcoming trip to England. If possible, I will make a couple of smaller posts reflecting the lovely journey. ❤


19 thoughts on “Blonde Waifs in Pretty Dresses

  1. I do so love the waif’s and these three are very lovely girls. Love that last photo of the three of them plus the watercolour one.
    Wonderful dresses on these misses and now I know who keeps beating me to the Ruth Hartley double smocked dress! lol
    Lovely Sunday post Ginger, Thank you :)xxx

    • Hi Dee! Thank you for the lovely comment. So glad you enjoyed this post. I was fortunate to get the dress by Ruth on Shelly’s site where they fly off the site each time they are posted. I was lucky to get there first. These girls are enjoying their dresses! 🙂 xxx

  2. The mention of Waifs and customised dolls always makes the hairs my on my skin stand up in excitement and anticipation of something Sasha special. Two of my favourite things!
    How great to see the Berliner again after a year of absence. Must say that she looks as lovely in her new ‘home’ clothing as she did in her original replica studio outfit plus she’s also dressed prettily in pink ready for her Facebook entrance.
    Val looks lovely with her hair up high and those ‘to die for’ purple JJ sandals and Sharon Humphrey stripped socks.
    Heidi with her Janet painted eyes and dressed in her double smocked Ruthsdoll’s dress completes this happy trio!
    A super treat for us here in rainy UK.
    Many thanks too for the good wishes.
    PS. My Gertie 2 is almost dying waiting to meet your Gertie!

    • Thank you Kendal for the very nice comments. You are correct, the Berliner should go on facebook during this Week of Pink and I will show her there too. I somehow missed posting photos during the green week on facebook so this time, I posted a few pink photos before the offical Pink Week started in case I was so busy that I would miss another week.

      I love Val’s shoes and socks too. The JJ shoes are all treasures to have pand anything made by Sharon is just wonderful. 🙂

      It is rainy here too today…I will be content to work inside. Gertie is so excited to meet your Gertie 2. It is about time these sisters met one another. Great fun!!!! 🙂 xxx

  3. I’ll be interested in the comments you send to us back in the States while you are in England, Ginger. The second gorgeous girl you posted in this Face Book has the most wonderful hand-painted eyes. She is the one dressed in a raspberry-colored outfit. Do you know her provenance? Have a great trip.

    • Hi Anne! Thank you for writing. I will do my very best to capture the dear Sasha collectors in England and the lovely places visited. How exciting!!

      The girl wearing the raspberry outfit was painted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs and Janet was inspired by the Berliner studio doll painted by Sasha. I redressed her in the photo shown on this post to share how she looked dressed differently. Janet made her Berliner outfit which is fabulous and I have carefully stored it away for now. Janet is just amazing, isn’t she? The Berliner’s eyes are even more lovely in person. ❤ xxx

  4. What a treat to see these gorgeous ‘waifs’…..although they look just perfect to me! And such lovely eye painting on the Janet girls too 🙂 Not to mention their pretty outfits!
    I expect you’re getting mega excited now Ginger, I wish I were going too! But I will rely on you all to take lots of photos and share them with me 😉
    Big hugs and enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon for the lovely comments. I am glad you liked the post. Yes, I am mega excited and you have found the perfect word! Mega!!! I am working this week and I hope I can concentrate and not have my thoughts drift to visions of the SCW. I wish you were coming too. I do hope we meet one day. I will take photos to share and be sending you many big hugs. 🙂 xxx

  5. Val has the most stunning eyes Ginger and her hair is styled just perfectly, in fact all three girls look so cute together with their wayward styles. I love how you have dressed them, especially seeing Berliner in such a girly pink dress. She must feel so special now! I adore the outfits you have picked for them all. We are getting so excited in this house for obvious reasons, many are vying for an honoured spot in the guest bedroom! ❤

    • Thank you Janet! I love every waif that you have repainted and given new life for us to enjoy. I love all of your studio renditions very much but Gertie is my star child and she is super excited to see you and her twin sister Edith again. A happy reunion there is certain to be at your house. 🙂

      This time next week I will not be able to contain my excitement plus it will be Mother’s Day here. I am glad to be home for Mother’s Day and glad to depart the next day. How exciting!!!! ❤ xxx

      • Ginger, weeeeee! I want to shout that last bit. Edith has assumed her position in the guest room now and I am making a mental list of all the things I want to share with you. I don’t know how we are going to cram everything in in the 2 days before the SCW, maybe we shouldn’t sleep? ❤ xxx

      • Dear Janet, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee from me too! I was/am making an actual list at the same time you wrote of your mental list. Great minds think a like…lol! 😉

        I am just so happy thinking about each part of the trip. I watched a Joan Hickson Miss Marple movie yesterday that shows so much of the English countryside and trains, etc. Gertie is ready to go but I have not prepared Finn yet. He remains in the wonderful brown cord dungaree and knitted sweater that he was gifted through the Christmas swap. That might be what he wears though….

        Sleep will be the lowest priority during this time! So cram away! ❤ xxx

      • I do hope we have one gorgeous spring day so that we can take the kids to Alnwick Castle as that is Hogwarts! It is such a fabulous place to visit and there is a restaurant in a treehouse where we can eat. Let’s put in a request for Wednesday to be dry! I love Miss Marple mysteries, I watched one yesterday too, At Bertram’s Hotel. ❤

      • The castle and eating in the treehouse sound fantastic! I have read all of the Harry Potter books and some more than once plus saw the movies of course. 🙂 I watched the 4:50 from Paddington which is one of my favorite movies. Making up an itinerary for Rick to have of the trip. ❤

  6. So lovely to see your blonde girls Ginger…waifs or not they are all very special. Lovely to see your Berliner in something different – gives a totally new impression of her. T

  7. Such beautiful blondes Ginger! Val is the twin of my Jordan. I adore Val’s hair style, and those wonderful early Sasha eyes. Berliner is breathtaking with her watery dreamy eyes. She is most definitely a portrait doll. Heidi is quite unique and also gorgeous. I remember seeing the “prototype” on eBay and was apprehensive because of the very unique eye shade. I love everything about your Heidi. Janet did an amazing job with Heidi’s very unique soft facial expression. All three are so very drool-able. Thank you Ginger for sharing these amazing blondes.

    • Thank you Cathy. I am glad you enjoyed this trio of Sasha’s. It is nice to see the different Sasha’s and the outfits the talented seamstresses make for them. I so enjoy dressing them and taking their photos. 🙂

      I love Janet’s repaints too. Her Heidi is a very special girl and I am thrilled to have her here. Sending you hugs dear Cathy. 🙂 xxx

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