Please Welcome Cathy to Sasha Shangri-La

LissAnnPlease meet a new member of the Sasha family here at Sasha Shangri-La. I adopted this dear girl from the lovely Cathy Himmel.  Cathy sent me this nice photo just before the doll was mailed.  She brought with her a sweet present. 🙂

Upon arrival, we opened the present together to find this wonderful book on friendship. We love books and reading here on Cow Creek. The cover image is perhaps a bit of foreshadowing and a happy hint of what is to come to the newly adopted girl. 🙂

The yarn ribbons tying up the gifted book were so lovely that we placed them in the dear girl’s hair.  Little Dawn came out to greet her new sister. 🙂

“Hi” said Little Dawn. “My name is Little Dawn, welcome sweet sister!”

Little Dawn reached out with a kind heart to her sister. ❤

“I have a soft dinosaur for you to hug. I hope you like it. What is your name?”

“Oh thank you Little Dawn, I love it very much. How thoughtful of you to greet me with a present. My name is Cathy.”

Little Dawn reflecting for a moment on her inner joy of meeting her new sister, Cathy.

Cathy is a very early 1965 Gotz girl with no mold line on her torso and wonderful, hand painted golden eyes with lashes. I love her facial expression. ❤

The cute pair of sisters loved each other immediately. ❤

Cathy’s hair is nice and full and silky. She has nice fringe too but I swept it back temporarily when I put the ribbons in her hair.

Cathy came in this lovely outfit and I think it was made by Vintage Sasha. 🙂

A close up photo of Cathy. I have to say she is so very pretty and she looks very different from her sister Rae, another 1965 redheaded Gotz girl living here on the farm. Rae is taller and I believe she has a larger head than Cathy.  Cathy is much more petite. I will do a post of the redheaded early Gotz girls and look more closely at their differences and their similarities but probably after the trip to England. 🙂

Little Dawn and Cathy, now the closest of friends, want to thank you for visiting with us today. They are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 🙂

Sisterly bonds that will stand the test of time. ❤

Painted in Waterlogue
A waterlogue image of Cathy for you to enjoy. 🙂 xxx

16 thoughts on “Please Welcome Cathy to Sasha Shangri-La

  1. What a gorgeous red haired girl Cathy is and a lovely new sister for Little Dawn. I am sure they’ll have a great time getting to know each other over the coming months.
    Two Pretty Misses together :)xxx

  2. Oh wow Ginger, she is amazing! I love her so much she is gorgeous!!! What a lovely new addition to your family at Shangri-la . The two girls look like the best of friends already.

    • Thank you Lorraine! I am so happy that Cathy is here and she is the closest of sisters with Little Dawn but is already surrounded by all of her loving sisters in the Gotz clan of the Sasha family. 🙂 xxx

  3. GOSH! Another NEW girl arriving over there….DARE??? I ask just how many Sasha Dolls you have ALTOGETHER in your collection….or had I better NOT?
    What a simply delightful Gotz girl Cathy is with her unique and so individual expression and I love how you have named her after her previous mother. I don’t think that I have ever owned such an early no-mould torso doll or if I have I was completely unaware at the time and can’t check as such because all my ex three have since moved on.
    Yes, that is definitely a vintage-sasha outfit! I’m always in awe of Sarah W’s work. Her ‘craftsmanship’, fit ,designs and use of exquisite materials is IMO nothing short of a Sasha Guinness book of records.
    Was pleased to see that you (well rather Little Dawn) remembered the welcoming soft toy this time as well as the waterlogue photo at the end.
    I shall really look forward to your future post on the yellow eyed girls after your forthcoming exciting visit to the SCW!
    Many thanks girls for your good wishes for the coming week. We are certainly very busy getting ready for that special Sasha weekend, coming up far too quickly now.

    • Oh wow, Kendal, yes you may dare to ask and I will humbly reply that I have not counted them lately so I do not know the exact number…..right now, I am laughing outloud as I try to answer your most easy question and after all, there is certain to be a finite number of Sasha dolls living here on Cow Creek, correct? It should not be difficult to count them, right? Then why am I so nervous just thinking about the number of Sashas? I did go the bottom of the blog where I have listed a lot of the dolls and labeled them in an attempt at organization. Well, there are 95 dolls shown there. But I have a few new additions not shown there yet plus some babies that are unaccounted for and probably will be adopted out in the future. So, I am thinking the best and most honest answer is around 100 Sasha dolls. They are truly my most favorite doll. ❤

      It was a special treat that Cathy came in one of Sarah's beautiful outfits. Plus she came wearing the nice white sandals and there is a shortage of white sandals here at this time. So, a very wonderful Sasha adoption! 🙂

      I have wanted to do some comparing and contrasting of Sashas made in the same timeframes and with similar features though they have very different and unique appearances. So it is good to start with 1965 I think. The SCW is really coming up faster than I expected. I leave two weeks from tomorrow! How exciting and I cannot wait!!!!! 🙂 xxx

  4. What a lovely lovely girl Cathy is Ginger 🙂 I love her pouty chubby cheeks and her beautiful golden eyes, she makes the perfect addition to your Sasah family at Shangri La. I didn’t realise that it was only two weeks until you go to the UK, time passes so quickly! I expect you’re very excited!!!!
    I particularly love the photo of the two girls holding hands, how sweet is that!
    Have a lovely week Ginger.
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! I think she is a perfect addition too. She has so much character. :). I am so excited and it seems unreal at times, like a far off dream and then I think two weeks from tomorrow…Yikes!!! Of course, I am no where near ready and I am not a great packer like some people are but I have planned clothing and dolls in my mind so mentally, I am packing. LOL…. So happy you liked the photos of the girls together. It is fun to spend time with them. Big hugs for you. 🙂 xxx

  5. Oh my GOSH! I really can’t get over how different see looks Ginger! Her surroundings and new friends are working their magic on Cathy. She looks……..healthier actually. I have never noticed this in my own photos of her, but she has amazing smaller eyes which appear slightly far apart. At first I thought it was simply because she was standing next to her slate eyed sister Little Dawn, but I can see this in the photo of just her. I would very much love to see comparison photos of Cathy along with your other early ochre eyed girls. Thank you so much for adopting Cathy.

    • Hi Cathy! Isn’t she wonderful? I love her sweet face so much! I think pulling her fringe back from her face really “frames” her beautiful facial features. She is just wonderful. Thank you for adopting her out to join the Sasha family here on Cow Creek. We will do that comparison post as soon as we can. It is interesting to learn more and more about these special Sasha dolls. 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Tricia! As of now, I am bringing Gertie and Finn. I am considering bringing another doll but do not know yet. I am picking up the course doll “Mary” at Janet’s house so I must leave some room for the dear girl. 🙂 xxx

  6. Hi Ginger,

    I must write your travel partner before your trip to the Sasha Celebration to find out when you leave, but my memory is that it’s in about two weeks. I know you and Ann will have a wonderful time. Just make sure she watches her feet when you both walk on uneven pavement, such as cobblestones.

    I once had a Gotz who could have been Little Dawn’s twin, but that was in my early Sasha collecting days. Since she no longer had her original outfit, I sold her to upgrade to an all-original sixties Gotz who has never tugged at my heart strings as strongly as the one I sold. Whenever I’ve sold, and that hasn’t been often, I’ve always been reluctant. Many of the nineties Gotz, however, have not caused the emotional attachment of my earlier Sashas. Your Cathy, though, is a beauty and has a good personality. I’m sure you bonded with her immediately.

    I’m sorry I’ve been so out-of-it the two latest times we run into each other. It hasn’t been because of my feelings toward you, I promise. I’m in a lot of pain from my back and it doesn’t take much before it practically turns me into a zombie. On both occasions, I had recently taken a pain pill and wasn’t at my best, if I ever do feel well oiled anymore.

    Bon voyage!


    • Hi Anne! Thank you for your lovely note. You are correct, two weeks from today I will meet Ann in Boston to begin our wonderful trip to England. I am so excited to be able to meet friends that I have only known through Facebook. I am certain Ann and I will enjoy our time very much.

      Cathy is just the sweetest Gotz girl and I love her expression. Your twin must have been sweet too. I too have a few regrets of doll adopted out and I have slowed down and am giving a lot of thought about my downsizing. Now I am adopting out non-Sasha dolls and even that has slowed down because I am spending my spare time getting ready for the trip. 🙂

      It was so nice to see you in Columbus at the doll show. I hope you had a nice visit and trip home. It is always nice to see you and your lovely smile. 🙂 xxx

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