Please Welcome Cathy to Sasha Shangri-La


LissAnnPlease meet a new member of the Sasha family here at Sasha Shangri-La. I adopted this dear girl from the lovely Cathy Himmel.  Cathy sent me this nice photo just before the doll was mailed.  She brought with her a sweet present. 🙂

Upon arrival, we opened the present together to find this wonderful book on friendship. We love books and reading here on Cow Creek. The cover image is perhaps a bit of foreshadowing and a happy hint of what is to come to the newly adopted girl. 🙂

The yarn ribbons tying up the gifted book were so lovely that we placed them in the dear girl’s hair.  Little Dawn came out to greet her new sister. 🙂

“Hi” said Little Dawn. “My name is Little Dawn, welcome sweet sister!”

Little Dawn reached out with a kind heart to her sister. ❤

“I have a soft dinosaur for you to hug. I hope you like it. What is your name?”

“Oh thank you Little Dawn, I love it very much. How thoughtful of you to greet me with a present. My name is Cathy.”

Little Dawn reflecting for a moment on her inner joy of meeting her new sister, Cathy.

Cathy is a very early 1965 Gotz girl with no mold line on her torso and wonderful, hand painted golden eyes with lashes. I love her facial expression. ❤

The cute pair of sisters loved each other immediately. ❤

Cathy’s hair is nice and full and silky. She has nice fringe too but I swept it back temporarily when I put the ribbons in her hair.

Cathy came in this lovely outfit and I think it was made by Vintage Sasha. 🙂

A close up photo of Cathy. I have to say she is so very pretty and she looks very different from her sister Rae, another 1965 redheaded Gotz girl living here on the farm. Rae is taller and I believe she has a larger head than Cathy.  Cathy is much more petite. I will do a post of the redheaded early Gotz girls and look more closely at their differences and their similarities but probably after the trip to England. 🙂

Little Dawn and Cathy, now the closest of friends, want to thank you for visiting with us today. They are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 🙂

Sisterly bonds that will stand the test of time. ❤

Painted in Waterlogue
A waterlogue image of Cathy for you to enjoy. 🙂 xxx