Summertime and the Living is Easy


Hello from Cathy who is so happy to show you her new summery dress made by Marianne of Nomacustom on Etsy.  We love the pretty floral print and the rick rack trim.

Cathy is a very early Gotz girl with her ochre eyes and her no mold line torso.  She is a petite girl with nice silky hair.

Cathy up close.

I love the contour of her pretty face. It gives her a most innocent expression.

Cathy sends you a big hug.

Well, look here…we have Gertie, one of the favorite girls here at Sasha Shangri-La.

Gertie is dressed in a pretty floral dress with a frilly white blouse. The maker is unknown and the outfit was found on Shelly’s most enjoyable site.  Her beautiful locket is a gift from her twin sister Edith who lives with Janet.

Most of you know that Gertie is a repaint by the very talented Janet Myhill-Dabbs.  She was previously a much loved Pintucks girl.

Gertie is a very sweet sister to all of her siblings here on Cow Creek.

Gertie sends her love to you.

Now we see Faith, a beautiful 1968 Fringe girl.  She is dressed in a pretty floral frock with an eyelet blouse.  The maker is unknown and it was found on Shelly’s wonderful site.

Faith was a very lucky eBay find years ago and she was my first fringe girl.  I love her very much.

Faith up close.

I really like the blue side panel of this dress. It is unexpected and beautiful to see.

Faith sends her love to you.

The three girls in their floral frocks enjoying a perfect summer’s day.




A full length photo of Faith. Her white leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen.

A full length photo of Gertie.  Her denim sandals are from Sashapotamus.

A full length photo of Cathy.  Her pink leather shoes are from Sashapotamus.

These pretty girls want to thank you for visiting visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed  this summery post.  We hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week to come.

Goodbye to you our friends from all of us at Cow Creek.


A waterlogue image to see.


Baby Bramble finds Sasha Shangri-La


Oh my, look at what I found playing amongst the daffodils. This year’s first blooms and Sasha Shangri-La’s first baby adoption in 2018. ❤

Baby Bramble is an earlier Trendon waif that has been wonderfully re-rooted and repainted by Chris Meatyard. She is so precious and her hair is the softest baby hair with a few wisps of baby fine hair framing her hairline.

Hello Baby Bramble we are thrilled to have you here on Cow Creek.  Chris also made this wonderful outfit using a vintage Liberty Tana Lawn fabric and adding an adorable felt jacket with matching shoes. It is perfect for her. ❤

A sweet teddy bear for Baby Bramble who we will lovingly call B.B.  She is adorable. ❤

Hello BB.  It is a beautiful day here today though still not very warm with temperatures in the 40’s.  I love the sunshine and so do the flowers. Life is stirring!  🌞

Look B.B. there is someone here that wants to welcome you….

It is Gertie!  Gertie just loves babies and she is so happy to meet you. 😊

Welcome little B.B. You will love living here on Cow Creek. My name is Gertie. I am your big sister.  ❤

B.B. immediately snuggles in close to Gertie. Sisters forever. ❤

B.B. looks very happy.  She is very loved. ❤

A few close up photos of B.B.

A gorgeous baby girl. ❤

Sugar and spice and …

…Everything nice ❤

B.B. and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

p.s. A couple of Waterlogue images for you to see.

A Beautiful March Day


It was a little chilly this morning and Morgen wanted to try on this pretty plaid coat made by Fanny Boiten. She particularly liked the handbag and the sweet dolly that belonged to my Mom. ❤

Morgen looks very nice in her new coat.

I love her sweet face. ❤

Morgen is already packing for her trip back to England. She is a real go-getter and I have yet to start packing.  I think I need a little encouragement. 😉

She said, “Mommy, what are you waiting for? I will help you pack for our trip!”

Having received such a generous offer of assistance, I agreed to start organizing this weekend. How exciting! Thank you Morgen for helping to motivate me. 😉

Look Morgen, here is Gertie! ❤

“Hi Gertie!  I am glad you came out to play!” 😊

“Hi Morgen!   Look, it has warmed up today!  It is 68 degrees and the sun is really shining too!”  😊

“I am wearing bib overalls made by Lorraine Tyler.  My leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy.”  ❤

“I think you can take your coat off Morgen now that it is so warm.” 🌞

Gertie on a beautiful March day. ❤

“Oh Morgen, I love your outfit!” ❤

Morgen picked this outfit made by A Passion for Sasha that was found on Shelly’s site with this adorable shoulder bag, red leather boots and blue knitted socks.😊

Red is a very good color for Morgen. 😊

“What a lovely day it is. I love being here at Sasha Shangri-La” ❤

Morgen loves to carry a handbag. ❤

“Gertie, come and see me.” 😊

Happy sisters. 😊

❤ ❤

Today was an unexpected sunny day and the daffodils bloomed here on Cow Creek  in February. Most unusual but welcomed. 😊

A very beautiful March day.  Gertie, Morgen, and I want to thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoyed this post.  Have a wonderful day and weekend too.  😊 xxx

A couple of waterlogue images to enjoy. ❤

Hello It’s Me….Joanie ❤


The newest Sasha studio doll addition to Sasha Shangri-La is the sweetest of little girls named Joanie.  She is a pure delight and she sings daily which lifts me up especially now that I am home most of each day.

Joanie arrived in a green checked studio dress that is without a label but appears to be original. Gwennie immediately extended her sisterly love to Joanie.  Both girls have had some repairs in places on their lovely faces which is a sure sign that these older girls have been truly loved by others over the years. I am continuing their love story.  ❤


I took a few photos of Joanie when she arrived last Fall.


This pair of dear ones really brighten my day. 😊


Sisters forever. ❤

A nice photo of the pair and a waterlogue image too.

While the girls were modeling, sweet Joanie noticed that Gwennie’s dress was older and showed signs of wear. So she offered her dress to Gwennie! What a nice and generous gesture towards her sister. 😊


So pretty Gwennie tried on Joanie’s dress and I think it looks lovely on her. Do you agree?


You might remember that Gwennie was my first Sasha doll and I am very attached to her. I adopted her from Marie Morgan who was very kind and allowed me to pay for her by a layaway plan. Gwennie is a B-III studio doll. The B designates a cloth body and the III designates the type of face mold. Sasha designed four different face molds for her child dolls. ❤


Gwennie loves her dress very much but she immediately asked me to find a nice outfit for Joanie to wear so they both would have new outfits. 😊


I asked the very talented Janet Myhill-Dabbs to help us find an outfit. She found this wonderful studio-length, vintage dress that was among studio/course doll clothing she had acquired and it is perfect with Joanie’s green eyes. Janet knitted her cardigan and fabulous hat and made her lovely felt shoes. I added her onesie and her knitted socks and now Joanie has a new, fantastic and unique outfit. Janet suggested to put her braids up on each side which is a perfect enhancement to her pretty face and outfit. 🌹

Speaking of faces, Joanie’s face mold is a type I.  Since she has a cloth body, she is a B-I studio doll.


A close up view of the dress details. I love this fabric which is silk I believe and I really like the unusual fabric design . ❤


Lovely matching shoes and warm socks. 😊


The cardigan is very pretty and the hat is fantastic! I love the Pom Pom on the bottom. ❤


Joanie is very happy to have her new outfit. I was so touched by her kindness and generosity that I thought I would keep my eyes open for a Sasha studio outfit for Joanie. Guess what? I recently won an auction of a studio outfit and it arrived today in the mail! 😊

Here is a peek of Joanie’s outfit. She has not seen it yet. Do you think she will like it?  Let me know if I should surprise Joanie with this outfit and hat too. 🌹


The blue top is not tagged but is nicely made. 😊


Her dress tag. 🌹


Thank you for visiting with us today. Gertie has joined her sisters Joanie and Gwennie and we all want to send you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

Heaven in England – Part 3



On Thursday, May 12th, Gertie and I were in Janet’s kitchen about to begin the making of the “cake pops” for the Sasha Celebration weekend.  Gertie is wearing a newly made outfit that I had asked Janet to make for her arrival.  I love it! 🙂


My camera for the trip was my cell phone camera.  The lighting is not the best but you can see Janet diligently working on the cake pops.  Janet had a mold formed to make many tiny ball-like shapes and she placed cake batter into the mold and baked it until done and then she put all of the cake balls into the freezer until time to frost them.


A much better photo of Janet and Gertie with the cake pops.  We put sticks into each cake ball and placed them on the cardboard rings you see in the photo.  The blue frosting was first, then the white and last, the red frosting.  I thought it was brilliant idea for the SCW! 🙂


Gertie was a tremendous help that morning. 🙂


What a fun time we all had in Janet’s kitchen with tea breaks of course! 🙂



Next, we walked from Janet’s house to the seaside to enjoy the view of the North Sea and to go to lunch! 🙂



I took a few photos along the way.  We walked above and along the beach that you can see in the distance.  So beautiful.

North Sea with Janet

A lovely view of the King Edward’s Bay and you can see a ship in the distance. 🙂

North Sea

I never tire of views of the sea though that day was brisk and overcast, it did not rain.  It was wonderful to walk and look and just take it all in. Only a 10 minute walk from Janet’s house.  🙂


We found our way and walked down to see the restaurant straight ahead neatly tucked in the hillside at King Edward’s Bay in Tynemouth. 🙂


The view overhead was very impressive.  I think it is the Tynemouth Priory and Castle imposing upon the skyline.


But we pressed onward to our luncheon destination. 🙂


Here we are!  It is Riley’s Fish Shack where we ordered mackerel that came with tasty side dishes.  I did not photograph the meal this time. I think it was because we were actually sharing our table with others since it was crowded that day. Most of the people dining were eating indoors rather than in the outside area due to the cool winds.  The view was fabulous and the meal was delicious! ❤


A map to show that we were in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area that day.  The previous day we visited Northumberland area and visited Alnwick Castle.  You can see how very close we were to the Scottish borders.

We returned home after lunch and spent some dolly time with Janet’s lovely and varied doll collection.  Later we began our packing and preparation to leave the next day to join many friends at the Sasha Celebration Weekend in Nottingham.

There was a small package for me waiting at Janet’s house. A dear friend who lives in Spain had made gifts for Gertie and for Finn and posted them.  She knew that I was going to make a day trip to Paris during my England stay and voila, wonderful french outfits for my happy pair.  How very thoughtful to send gifts. ❤

Gertie loves her new dress which has Eiffel Towers in many colors, ric rac, and wonderful buttons! It fits her perfectly. 🙂

I love her dress too!  Her sandals were made by Janet. 🙂

Thank you dear friend for such a lovely gift. ❤

Finn loves his wonderful France shirt! 🙂

I love it too!  A perfect fit and a perfect boy’s shirt.  Thank you my friend for your thoughtfulness. ❤ xxx

I had the best time with Janet in her part of England.  Her hospitality was warm and kind and wonderful.  I love this part of England so very much and I was just captivated by every aspect during my stay.  I will always be grateful to have had this time with Janet and her husband Billy in their home in England. ❤

Thank you for visiting Sasha Shangri-La today and the next post will finally be the Sasha Celebration Weekend. 🙂 xxx