Baby Bramble finds Sasha Shangri-La

Oh my, look at what I found playing amongst the daffodils. This year’s first blooms and Sasha Shangri-La’s first baby adoption in 2018. ❤

Baby Bramble is an earlier Trendon waif that has been wonderfully re-rooted and repainted by Chris Meatyard. She is so precious and her hair is the softest baby hair with a few wisps of baby fine hair framing her hairline.

Hello Baby Bramble we are thrilled to have you here on Cow Creek.  Chris also made this wonderful outfit using a vintage Liberty Tana Lawn fabric and adding an adorable felt jacket with matching shoes. It is perfect for her. ❤

A sweet teddy bear for Baby Bramble who we will lovingly call B.B.  She is adorable. ❤

Hello BB.  It is a beautiful day here today though still not very warm with temperatures in the 40’s.  I love the sunshine and so do the flowers. Life is stirring!  🌞

Look B.B. there is someone here that wants to welcome you….

It is Gertie!  Gertie just loves babies and she is so happy to meet you. 😊

Welcome little B.B. You will love living here on Cow Creek. My name is Gertie. I am your big sister.  ❤

B.B. immediately snuggles in close to Gertie. Sisters forever. ❤

B.B. looks very happy.  She is very loved. ❤

A few close up photos of B.B.

A gorgeous baby girl. ❤

Sugar and spice and …

…Everything nice ❤

B.B. and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

p.s. A couple of Waterlogue images for you to see.

17 thoughts on “Baby Bramble finds Sasha Shangri-La

  1. She is just adorable and I love her baby hair Ginger ❤️ Congratulations on your new little arrival, I am sure she is settling in there beautifully with you all xxx Sue

  2. What a sweet little baby Ginger! I love her hair, it’s so natural and soft looking, like a real baby 🙂 I really like her outfit too, Chris has done a wonderful job of customising her….and she fits right in at Cow Creek. And how delightful that she has such a sweet big sister in Gertie! She’s really landed on her feet…..even if she can’t even walk yet! 😉
    Have a great week ahead, I hope your weather warms up for you really soon.
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. She is really precious and I love how Chris re-rooted her baby hair and painted her sweet face. Her outfit is wonderful too. Gertie is taking special care of little B.B. to help her feel at home. We have had a pretty day today. It is sunny but still a bit cold. Spring is in the air though. Sending you big hugs! 😊 XXX

  3. Hello Ginger! BB is absolutely lovely! I love her hair….she is a little beauty that’s for sure!
    Much love xxx

  4. Gosh, congratulations on the first baby to arrive at Cow Creek for 2018, Ginger. And my goodness she is so adorable! I’ve never seen a baby quite like her. She truly is a OOAK, from her beautiful hand painted features to her sweet baby hair. Chris really did create a lovely baby who will be so happy living there and making so many new friends. I see that big sister Gertie is doing a very good job in welcoming BB.

    • Thank you Cathy. Yes she is unique and a really special baby girl. I love her outfit too being a big fan of Liberty fabric and also of felt and top stitching. 😊

      Gertie is the queen of welcome here on Cow Creek. She is so friendly and outgoing and is a natural greeter. 😊 xxx

  5. My apologies for this lateness in commenting…still trying to play ‘Blogspot catch-ups.’
    What a dear little OOAK baby. I just LOVE ‘different’ and a perfect nanme too, BB, Baby Bramble/Bramble baby.
    Great too to catch a glimpse of the delightful and utterly charming original Gertie!
    Super outdoor and waterlogue photos too!
    Many thanks also to you three for this weeks good wishes. I’m hopefully putting them to good use.

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