A Studio Rendition – Gypsy Before and After

A couple of years ago when Janet Myhill-Dabbs let me know this beauty was up for adoption, I could not adopt this beautiful girl quickly enough.  When Janet visited last Fall, she offered to enhance her eye painting to be more in keeping with the original studio doll and less of the previous owner’s request. I was happy to see how her new eyes might look though I liked her eyes before and everything about her.  The first two outdoor photos were taken when she first arrived and are on the blog. 😊

The beautiful Gypsy before….and….

The stunning Gypsy after. ❤

Do you like her new eyes?  Here are a couple of close up photos of her eyes before and after.

“Before eyes”   I like these eyes very much but….

“After eyes”. I just love the new eyes.  Gypsy is a most beautiful rendition.  Thank you Janet. ❤

Which eyes do you like best? I would love to hear from you all out in Sasha land. 😊 xxx

p.s. the photo below is of the gorgeous, original studio doll. How amazing she is!!! ❤




21 thoughts on “A Studio Rendition – Gypsy Before and After

  1. I am so glad you let me paint the eyes to how I originally intended Ginger, for me it is the 2nd of course. I always felt unhappy with how I was asked to paint the first eyes and was so relieved when you adopted her as I knew you trusted I would do the right thing by her!

    • I am so glad too Janet. I had complete trust that you had the best vision for her, no doubt in my mind! So it was a leap of faith but really more of a small step than a leap because I know your work. Thank you again! 😊 xxx

  2. OMGosh!! Janet’s work never ceases to amaze me. There really is a big different in the before and after. Well not a really BIG difference. More like enhanced and true to Janet’s rendition of Studio painting technique. She is very lovely, Ginger. What a treat to have her in your collection.

  3. I agree that she was sweet before but now she has much more of a presence, she’s lovely Ginger, Janet has done a great job of making her more like the Studio Gypsy doll.
    Big hugs xxx

  4. Dear Ginger, the after eyes are stunning and much truer to the original. Either way you have a wonderful doll! So happy for you!

  5. Hi Ginger
    Love this blog. Gypsy’s eyes were lovely ‘before’ but they are now stunning and she looks far more like her inspiration. ‘After’ most definitely gets my vote ❤

  6. I’m going to go for the AFTER more dramatic eyes too as I think that they are truer to Sasha Morgenthaler’s original painting.
    (The BEFORE eyes are imo are more in keeping with the Gotz second serie limited edition doll Yamka.)
    I agree MORE jewelery is definitely needed.

  7. Hi Ginger, Gypsy is stunning and to me the after eyes 👀 are definately the best. Her face draws you in to her eyes now and they definately have more soul. Love ❤️ her and looking forward to seeing her with more beads. Thank you for sharing her xxx Sue

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