A Studio Rendition – Gypsy Before and After


A couple of years ago when Janet Myhill-Dabbs let me know this beauty was up for adoption, I could not adopt this beautiful girl quickly enough.  When Janet visited last Fall, she offered to enhance her eye painting to be more in keeping with the original studio doll and less of the previous owner’s request. I was happy to see how her new eyes might look though I liked her eyes before and everything about her.  The first two outdoor photos were taken when she first arrived and are on the blog. 😊

The beautiful Gypsy before….and….

The stunning Gypsy after. ❤

Do you like her new eyes?  Here are a couple of close up photos of her eyes before and after.

“Before eyes”   I like these eyes very much but….

“After eyes”. I just love the new eyes.  Gypsy is a most beautiful rendition.  Thank you Janet. ❤

Which eyes do you like best? I would love to hear from you all out in Sasha land. 😊 xxx

p.s. the photo below is of the gorgeous, original studio doll. How amazing she is!!! ❤