Happy Mothering Day

Happy Mothering Day from Lance, and all of us here at Sasha Shangri-La, to all the Mothers in the UK and all other lands.

We think that Mothers, Mums, and Moms, and the Mother equivalent in all languages, plus all of the Grands, are very special people.


Lance added that without our Moms, we would not be here. So a big thank you to all the wonderful Mothers out there for bringing us into the world.

Lance and I also wanted to send a loving thank you to our wonderful Moms that are no longer here with us. We love and miss you Mom.

Thank you for visiting. Β Have a blessed day and week to come. xxx


12 thoughts on “Happy Mothering Day

  1. This is a lovely expression, Ginger, of mother and child love to commemorate your dear, Lance. Thank you for sharing with all of us who just love visiting Sasha Shangri-La!

    • You are welcome Auntie Kendal. Thank you for the nice compliment. My best buddies are Finn and Bronson. Mom says we will all have our photos taken together soon for the blog so I hope you will see me again. 😊 xxx

  2. Happy Mothering Day to all our friends in the UK and other countries who are celebrating. Gosh your Lance is GORGEOUS, Ginger!! What a beautiful wide face Gregor he is.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment and such a handsome boy!
    I’m very late commenting, but thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes Ginger πŸ™‚
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

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