Please meet Suzanne

This lovely B-II Sasha studio doll is named Suzanne. Suzanne recently arrived and I am thrilled to have her here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Suzanne’s gingham outfit is original to her. 😊

Hidden behind her pinafore is beautiful smocking.

Smocking also on the back of her dress.

Her Sasha label along the back hemline. I turned the hem up to take the photo which is why you see the smocking.


Turning back the clock to last October, I first met Suzanne at Dorisanne ‘s lovely home when Janet and I paid a visit. You might remember that I adopted Bertie Karli from Dorisanne at that time. Bertie is a molded head boy that captured my heart. I brought Bertie home then but Dorisanne kindly accepted a layaway for Suzanne. This photo shows us together admiring the dolls. It was such a happy visit. ❤

Suzanne has a nice mohair bear friend to keep her company.

Suzanne is in excellent condition. She was made in the early 1950’s. We are both 1950’s girls. 😉

What s pretty girl.  Her smocking is shown on page 82 of the Sasha Clothing and Patterns book.  See below.


A wonderful book authored by Ann Chandler, Susanna Lewis, and Anne Votaw. 😊

Suzanne ❤

I took a couple of close-up photos to show her eye painting.

Suzanne and I thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post.  We wish you a blessed week to come. 😊 xxx

Note:  A few Waterlogue images to enjoy.


18 thoughts on “Please meet Suzanne

  1. I absolutely adore Suzanne, Ginger!! She is a real treasure and so rare to be all original. What I noticed first about her are the deep shade of her eyes and the lashes look very similar to our Shelly. What shade are her eyes? Shelly’s are a deep gray with the tiniest highlight. I adore her original red and white gingham with the houndstooth pattern. I don’t recall if I’ve ever seen something like this. A real treat that is for sure. Congratulations Ginger!

  2. What a treat to see your wonderful photos of this delightful girl. Your close ups really show her painting in detail, and then there is the photo of the two of you waving–love it–so sweet.

    • Thank you Julie. I am happy you enjoyed Suzanne’s post. My son Luke took the photo of her in my lap. She is a real joy to have here with us. I tend to put her in my lap often now along with her sister Nellie. They are just so huggable. 😊 xxx

  3. Suzanne is so wonderful Ginger, I can’t remember her being so minty but then we were just overwhelmed with amazing dolls at the time and I only had eyes for my Katherine! You must be over the moon to finally have her with you after such a long wait ❤

    • Thank you dear Janet. Yes it was overwhelming to see and be among Dorisanne’s beautiful dolls, I am thankful to your Katherine because she is the reason we made the journey to Dorisanne’s lovely home and so, we were able to spend time with her and her special dolls. The past few months really sped by quickly and it is nice to have her here now to brighten up these short, wintery days. 😊 xxx

    • Thank you Lel. Yes, I agree that Suzanne is a treasure. She is loved very much by Dorisanne and previously was loved by Hedy Frick of Switzerland. And now she is loved by me. A wonderful legacy for this special girl and the bonds of love continue to surround her. 😊 xxx.

  4. What a gorgeous girl Suzanne is. You must be so thrilled she’s now home with you.
    You have a lovely family of Studio dolls which she will make a great addition to.

    Thank you for sharing her with us 😄 xx

  5. Oh WOW Ginger, Suzanne is beautiful! I think she might be the prettiest Studio doll that I have ever seen actually. I’m partial to her lovely chubby cheeks, she really is a gorgeous doll.
    I hope she will be very happy at Sasha Shangri-la but feel it goes without saying….she couldn’t have found a nicer new mum and home to live in really 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon. I agree, she is so very pretty and definitely the most mint of my studio dolls. I appreciate your kind words about her new mum and home. I am so happy she is here with us and we all will give her lots of love and kisses… 😊 xxx

  6. What a beautiful…and I mean beautiful girl! She is superb! Goodness Ginger I lose count of the many studio dolls you have…please try and post a group photo of them all…would love to see it! Much love and as always thinking of you xx

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