Happy Valentine’s Day

You may remember Minnie, my mini me. After naming her, I learned that she was previously a member of Kendal’s lovely Sasha brood and her name was Lucy.  Since my name is Lucile Virginia, (Ginger is a life-long nickname), Minnie will now be named Lucy.  It is a perfect name for my mini me. 😊

Lucy and I want to wish you a lovely and Happy Valentine’s Day.  She has a cute, red Steiff bear as a present from Mommy’s recent auction trip and the hand blown red glass heart was made at a local glass factory called Blenko.  ❤

Beautiful Lucy.

Lucy is wearing a fantastic outfit made by the talented seamstress Maureen Hallenbeck. I love this outfit from the top of her headband, to the bottom of her pant’s hem. A dainty lace trimmed collar and pants cuffs are a very feminine touch and aren’t the buttons just the best! ❤

I hope you like to see Lucy from different angles.  Due to the unfriendly weather, my photos were necessarily taken indoors.

Lucy is an amazing Sarah Williams re-root and was a previous 1969 Gregor. Oh what a change is there!  Her hair is truly remarkable and she is a perfect model. I love her. ❤ ❤

Beautiful pants with tuck pleating and lace trimming. Maureen’s attention to detail is much appreciated. ❤ Lucy’s red leather shoes and white socks are from Ruthdolls.  ❤

It is also Ash Wednesday today which begins our season of Lent.  Easter will be here before we know it! 😊

Lucy and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We wish you a happy day and week to come. 😊 xxx


p.s. Waterlogue images of dear Lucy ❤

18 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. A very happy Saint Valentine’s Day to you both. What a lovely Sasha fix for me seeing the lovely ex Lucy again in all her new outfit glory.
    Adore her little red Steiff Bear! What a very lucky girl you are.
    Super waterlogue photos too! Shall especially treasure this post!
    Many thanks too Ginger for your Jackie Lawson e-card. So wonderful to have such thoughtful friends.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    What a happy coincidence that your mini me’s name is Lucy. Sarah’s reroots are the best, and I love Maureen’s clothes. All the little extra trims she adds are so delightful.

  3. Happy St Valentine’s Day dearest Ginger, and of course little Lucy too! What a pretty outfit and such a lovely girl with her red blond hair and sweet face. It’s really nice to see her 🙂
    Big hugs xxxx

  4. I am loving Lucy, Ginger!! Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I had thought she was an early Gregor that had been re-rooted. I do love those wonderful eyes. Love her dress by Maureen Hallenbeck with the coordinating red and white polka dots. And of course Steiff is always a wonderful companion.

    • Thank you Cathy. I am glad you enjoyed the Valentine’s post. I love the eyes on the early boys and Lucy’s re-rooting is really remarkable. Maureen’s outfits are so nice to see on our dolls. 😊

      Lucy has asked to go to the Festival but I am not certain that I will have room. We will see. ❤️ xxx

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