Happy Valentine’s Day


You may remember Minnie, my mini me. After naming her, I learned that she was previously a member of Kendal’s lovely Sasha brood and her name was Lucy.  Since my name is Lucile Virginia, (Ginger is a life-long nickname), Minnie will now be named Lucy.  It is a perfect name for my mini me. 😊

Lucy and I want to wish you a lovely and Happy Valentine’s Day.  She has a cute, red Steiff bear as a present from Mommy’s recent auction trip and the hand blown red glass heart was made at a local glass factory called Blenko.  ❤

Beautiful Lucy.

Lucy is wearing a fantastic outfit made by the talented seamstress Maureen Hallenbeck. I love this outfit from the top of her headband, to the bottom of her pant’s hem. A dainty lace trimmed collar and pants cuffs are a very feminine touch and aren’t the buttons just the best! ❤

I hope you like to see Lucy from different angles.  Due to the unfriendly weather, my photos were necessarily taken indoors.

Lucy is an amazing Sarah Williams re-root and was a previous 1969 Gregor. Oh what a change is there!  Her hair is truly remarkable and she is a perfect model. I love her. ❤ ❤

Beautiful pants with tuck pleating and lace trimming. Maureen’s attention to detail is much appreciated. ❤ Lucy’s red leather shoes and white socks are from Ruthdolls.  ❤

It is also Ash Wednesday today which begins our season of Lent.  Easter will be here before we know it! 😊

Lucy and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We wish you a happy day and week to come. 😊 xxx


p.s. Waterlogue images of dear Lucy ❤

Exciting Additions Before the Trip to England


I  want to introduce a few new members of the Sasha family that were adopted before my trip to England and were not shown on the blog. The first is a girl beautifully rerooted by Sarah Williams and her previous Mom was Kendal.  I so wanted a doll that belonged to Kendal and I am thrilled to have her here at Sasha Shangri-La. 😊

She was on Shelly’s site wearing this outfit made by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. So lovely. ❤️

Her hair is so beautiful. I really like the color and it reminded me of my hair when I was young.

Very old photos of me in my teens. The hair color is so close to this girl’s color though my hair was wavy and not straight,

Long, long ago….

Amazing reroot. 😊

Since it is summer, I redressed her in a pretty smocked dress by Molly,  knitted socks, and JJ shoes. Plus a dotted ribbon for her hair. 😊

I was calling her my “mini me” because at the time I adopted her, Janet had introduced on Facebook the idea of Sashas being a “mini me” of ourselves when we were younger. So please meet the most precious Minnie. ❤️


You might have seen these two photos of a PJ boy for sale on Susanna Lewis’ site earlier this year. These two photos are Susanna’s photos and she was accepting offers for this early, all platinum hair NP boy.  I thought he was fantastic and had seen him in Susanna’s book. I made an offer and happily, I was able to adopt this dear boy. ❤️

I redressed him for the Sasha Festival because he was modeling for Diane Duke’s presentation on her beautiful knitted creations.  His jeans, with the leather knee patches, were made by Pinestreet Studio.

His name is Ferris which means foundation. I thought it was a great name for him since he represents the early NP boys and they were only made in 1967 so he is a foundation boy of all the future Gregors to come.  Finn is so happy Ferris is here! 😊

Redressed again, Ferris is a little shy but Finn offers him a puppy to have for his own. 😊

My sweet platinum NP boys. They are alike but oh, so very different.  I love them!! ❤️

Dreamy. ❤️❤️

Ferris and his pup Fido, along with Finn and Fetch, are all enjoying their day on Cow Creek. 😊


Please meet my new studio doll named Anita. I adopted her from Cathy Himmel and she came beautifully dressed in a Ruthsdolls lavender outfit and she also had her original red plaid dress.  I dressed her back in her plaid dress and added the green wool duffle coat which is an original studio coat and tagged. I then plaited her hair and added ribbons. Her head is made of gypsum and she has the “B” body or cloth body that I dearly love. She is an older girl and her painting is nice with her ochre colored eyes. ❤️

The little bear Fergus came along for the ride!  Anita with her hood up! 😊

I found a pair of dark green leather shoes and knitted socks for sweet Anita, a lovely studio girl. ❤️

I hoped you enjoyed meeting Minnie, Ferris, and Anita. I am sorry that my introductions have been delayed especially since I am so happy to have these special Sashas join my Sasha family.  I hope to begin the posts next of the trip overseas and the very happy times I had while traveling.  We all want to  thank you for visiting with us today and wish you a wonderful weekend to come. 😊 xxx