Exciting Additions Before the Trip to England

I  want to introduce a few new members of the Sasha family that were adopted before my trip to England and were not shown on the blog. The first is a girl beautifully rerooted by Sarah Williams and her previous Mom was Kendal.  I so wanted a doll that belonged to Kendal and I am thrilled to have her here at Sasha Shangri-La. 😊

She was on Shelly’s site wearing this outfit made by Janet Myhill-Dabbs. So lovely. ❤️

Her hair is so beautiful. I really like the color and it reminded me of my hair when I was young.

Very old photos of me in my teens. The hair color is so close to this girl’s color though my hair was wavy and not straight,

Long, long ago….

Amazing reroot. 😊

Since it is summer, I redressed her in a pretty smocked dress by Molly,  knitted socks, and JJ shoes. Plus a dotted ribbon for her hair. 😊

I was calling her my “mini me” because at the time I adopted her, Janet had introduced on Facebook the idea of Sashas being a “mini me” of ourselves when we were younger. So please meet the most precious Minnie. ❤️


You might have seen these two photos of a PJ boy for sale on Susanna Lewis’ site earlier this year. These two photos are Susanna’s photos and she was accepting offers for this early, all platinum hair NP boy.  I thought he was fantastic and had seen him in Susanna’s book. I made an offer and happily, I was able to adopt this dear boy. ❤️

I redressed him for the Sasha Festival because he was modeling for Diane Duke’s presentation on her beautiful knitted creations.  His jeans, with the leather knee patches, were made by Pinestreet Studio.

His name is Ferris which means foundation. I thought it was a great name for him since he represents the early NP boys and they were only made in 1967 so he is a foundation boy of all the future Gregors to come.  Finn is so happy Ferris is here! 😊

Redressed again, Ferris is a little shy but Finn offers him a puppy to have for his own. 😊

My sweet platinum NP boys. They are alike but oh, so very different.  I love them!! ❤️

Dreamy. ❤️❤️

Ferris and his pup Fido, along with Finn and Fetch, are all enjoying their day on Cow Creek. 😊


Please meet my new studio doll named Anita. I adopted her from Cathy Himmel and she came beautifully dressed in a Ruthsdolls lavender outfit and she also had her original red plaid dress.  I dressed her back in her plaid dress and added the green wool duffle coat which is an original studio coat and tagged. I then plaited her hair and added ribbons. Her head is made of gypsum and she has the “B” body or cloth body that I dearly love. She is an older girl and her painting is nice with her ochre colored eyes. ❤️

The little bear Fergus came along for the ride!  Anita with her hood up! 😊

I found a pair of dark green leather shoes and knitted socks for sweet Anita, a lovely studio girl. ❤️

I hoped you enjoyed meeting Minnie, Ferris, and Anita. I am sorry that my introductions have been delayed especially since I am so happy to have these special Sashas join my Sasha family.  I hope to begin the posts next of the trip overseas and the very happy times I had while traveling.  We all want to  thank you for visiting with us today and wish you a wonderful weekend to come. 😊 xxx


16 thoughts on “Exciting Additions Before the Trip to England

  1. Lovely additions to your family. I love Sarah’s reroots. What fun that she is a mini me (thanks for showing pictures–lovely). No words do describe how wonderful Ferris and Anita are.

  2. All are lovely an unusual dolls, but I believe Anita is quite early. Her mouth appears so. It’s much harder to date B bodies since the left foot isn’t marked, but often there are telltale signs. The more I continue to familiarize myself with them the better I get at determining age; however, I will not say my guess is fool proof. and it’s subject to change as I learn more and continue to see more Studios. Anita is extremely desirable, I’d say. Hugs, Anne

    • Thank you Anne. I appreciate the information very much about Anita. I thought she was earlier and perhaps late 40’s or early 50’s? I am very fond of her and she was fun to dress. ❤️ xxx

  3. I am really lost for words Ginger. They are all so magnificent. But to see Anita, actually brought tears to my eyes. This girl is such a rare one. I love the facemask I with the square face and round cheeks giving her the appears of a young child. Plus those amazing ochre eyes. One must have a true appreciation of SMs work to understand the depth of this particular doll. You did a great job with giving her braids too. Your two NP boys are of course gorgeous. You are right, they are the same but different. There is so much detail in Ferris’ eyes (love his name BTW). And when you see Ferris and Finn side by side one can really see the difference. I love how Finn’s eyes are far apart. Or at least they seem that way to me. Now we come to your Minnie. She is also amazing. It is such an honor to have one of Kendal’s dolls. *sign*. I adore everything about her. I see that she was once a Gregor in a past life? Minnie has amazing eyes. I can only take a guess that she might be from the mid 1970s? The re-root and the shade of her hair is very lovely. But OMGosh!! What an amazing outfit she is wearing by JMD! Also a real treat to see your early photos too Ginger. You were, and are such a beautiful person. I’m truly happy to know you. Congrats to you Ginger on your new arrivals received before your trip abroad.

    • Thank you Cathy. I knew you would like this post especially seeing Anita again. Yes, she does look like a young girl and such a sweet child I think. I am glad you like her braids and you know how partial I am to braiding hair when possible. She is a very special girl. 😊

      Finn’s eyes are wide apart compared to Ferris’ eyes. They each have their own look which is so nice. The boy dolls have their own appeal and I love them. Minnie was a Gregor and the rerooting by Sarah is so amazing, I am glad you like my old photos of days gone by and thank you for the lovely compliments too. I am so happy we collect Sasha dolls that bring us all together. ❤️ xxx

  4. Lovely to see these new additions to your family. I especially enjoyed seeing the photos of you when you were younger.

    The boys do it for me every time – just love your new guy!

  5. I love them Ginger, Ferris is such a perfect brother for Finn and Anita I am sure has fitted in nicely with her other VIP siblings. My heart is with your Minime though. I loved having her stay with me and have never seen hair so perfectly rooted. She is a little treasure and looks super in her summer outfit ❤

    • Thank you Janet for the lovely comment. Yes, they are all fitting in very nicely here on Cow Creek. Ferris and Anita have brothers and sisters to play with every day. 😊

      Minnie’s rerooting by Sarah Williams is truly amazing and I had not seen anything like it before either. I really appreciated you taking care of the sweet girl until I mailed her home from your house after the SCW. It was so hard to say goodbye to her again after only just getting her but my luggage constraints required us to part. She is very happy now to be out of the boxes, redressed for summer, and getting to know her family here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤️ xxx

  6. WOW Ginger you have been busy taking in some new children to live at Sasha Shangri-La! And what lovely additions they are too. I love the first girl with her super red hair and yes, the colour is very like yours in theose lovely photos of you, and then Finn’s ‘almost twin’, another handsome boy, and then the last girl with her green duffle coat. A great bunch, thank you for sharing them with us!
    Big hugs xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. I am glad you like the new additions. They feel like they have been here a good while though. I usually would give each doll a separate post but I was so behind on blogging even before I left for England. After returning, I then became further behind on blogging and so I just grouped these three wonderful dolls together not wanting to ignore them any longer. ❤️ XXX

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