Bearing the Cold with Bears

First, it is so cold here on Cow Creek today.  It was 20 degrees Fahrenheit when we decided to bear the  elements and take a few photos.

Hannah is happy to get her new brown Steiff bear after Mommy returned from last week’s Doll auction in Ohio. Mommy won more bears than dolls. ❤

Hannah is wearing a wonderful knitted bunny hat knitted by Ellen Church.  I do not know who made her warm sweater and slacks. Her light tan suede boots were made by Jean Jensen.

Please excuse the stray hairs that are due to the winds and also due to my glasses fogging up because it was so cold.  I did my best.  

I love Hannah’s beautiful hair and eyes. ❤

Hannah sends hugs to you. ❤

Hazel, a Gotz no navel girl, also wanted to go outdoors on this very cold day.  Brrrrr…..

Hazel is wearing a lovely cord dress made by Ruthsdolls and recently bought from Linda Simpson. Her pinafore is also made by Ruthsdolls but was purchased at the festival last year in Washington DC. Her white leather shoes were made by Jean Jensen.

Hannah is so happy with her new Steiff bear that Mommy brought back from the auction.  😊

Hazel also wants to send you hugs. ❤

All of us here at Sasha Shangri-La want to thank you for visiting with us today and we hope you have a wonderful weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx

A couple of Waterlogue images to share with you. ❤❤

10 thoughts on “Bearing the Cold with Bears

  1. How brave you and the girls were to venture outside ! Hannah looks lovely and snug in her sweater,hat and trousers, her little bear who wears his fur cost is of course fine!
    Hazel I hope had her winter undies on to brave that cold without a coat! Her little bear so sweet and snug in her hand.
    I love their water colour images, two darling girls.
    Many thanks for braving the cold to share this photos with us Ginger, I hope you all had a lovely hot drink once you got back indoors 😉 xxx

    • Thanks Dee. When I saw a bit of sunshine, I decided to just go for it. It has been so wet lately with snow and wintery freeze mix, that seeing some sunshine just propelled me out the door! I took the photos quickly because my glasses were fogged and I was freezing but I so wanted to post these dear girls on the blog. I am happy you liked the post. 😊 xxx

      p.s. yes, I had a restoring cup of gingerbread tea!

  2. So thrilled that you three decided to brave the freezing cold over there to take these lovely photos for us who have been lucky to remain inside in the warmth by our computers.
    Love their delightful new Steiff minature Teddies and wonderful outfits.
    Many thanks for your best wishes for the next seven days and The Brood Remainers and I would like to wish you all the same.
    PS. Always love the Waterlogue photos at the end.

    • Hi Kendal and I am glad you enjoyed the post. The light outdoors was nice for the photos but I myself was the problem since I did not see the stray hairs through my foggy glasses. Plus my normal photo site was totally iced over and looked like an ice skating rink. So I relocated to a nearby tree where the canoes are propped up. A decent outcome I think. I do love dressing the dolls and taking the photos and I really just wanted to give it a try and not give up.

      Thank you for the good wishes and I will continue the Waterlogue images that most of us like to see. 😊 xxx

  3. Two beautiful girls Ginger, thank you so much for going out in that awful cold temperature to share them with us. I particularly love your NP girl, Hannah, she is just gorgeous, I love her eyes and hair colour too. Both girls are just so pretty. I think both girls look very happy to have those sweet little bears, what a great present you got them at the auction!

    • Thank you Sharon. It was worth braving the cold to finally capture some natural light in the photos. The auction was fun and I was happy to find Steiff bears for the Sasha dolls. Hannah and Hazel were the first in line to pick a bear! 😊 xxx

  4. Gosh Ginger! Both brown eyed Hannah and Hazel are very lovely girls. You always have them dressed so nicely. It is amazing how different these girls really are from one another. One who is not a Sasha collector would be dumbstruck to learn they were both Sasha dolls. Of course Hannah is amazing with the special painting of her eyes. Then of course NN Hazel has those very distinctive eyes that only belong to the NN. Her platinum hair is incredible. I really do love her cord dress and pinafore. The JJ shoes are always a special addition to any outfit.

    • Thank you Cathy. Yes these girls represent one of the earliest Trendon dolls and one of the latest Gotz dolls of the early production. They are so very different from one another. I think that is one reason we love our Sasha dolls because of the wonderful diversity of their productions. I am glad you liked the post. 😊 xxx

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