Please meet Suzanne


This lovely B-II Sasha studio doll is named Suzanne. Suzanne recently arrived and I am thrilled to have her here at Sasha Shangri-La. ❤

Suzanne’s gingham outfit is original to her. 😊

Hidden behind her pinafore is beautiful smocking.

Smocking also on the back of her dress.

Her Sasha label along the back hemline. I turned the hem up to take the photo which is why you see the smocking.


Turning back the clock to last October, I first met Suzanne at Dorisanne ‘s lovely home when Janet and I paid a visit. You might remember that I adopted Bertie Karli from Dorisanne at that time. Bertie is a molded head boy that captured my heart. I brought Bertie home then but Dorisanne kindly accepted a layaway for Suzanne. This photo shows us together admiring the dolls. It was such a happy visit. ❤

Suzanne has a nice mohair bear friend to keep her company.

Suzanne is in excellent condition. She was made in the early 1950’s. We are both 1950’s girls. 😉

What s pretty girl.  Her smocking is shown on page 82 of the Sasha Clothing and Patterns book.  See below.


A wonderful book authored by Ann Chandler, Susanna Lewis, and Anne Votaw. 😊

Suzanne ❤

I took a couple of close-up photos to show her eye painting.

Suzanne and I thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post.  We wish you a blessed week to come. 😊 xxx

Note:  A few Waterlogue images to enjoy.