A Beautiful March Day

It was a little chilly this morning and Morgen wanted to try on this pretty plaid coat made by Fanny Boiten. She particularly liked the handbag and the sweet dolly that belonged to my Mom. ❤

Morgen looks very nice in her new coat.

I love her sweet face. ❤

Morgen is already packing for her trip back to England. She is a real go-getter and I have yet to start packing.  I think I need a little encouragement. 😉

She said, “Mommy, what are you waiting for? I will help you pack for our trip!”

Having received such a generous offer of assistance, I agreed to start organizing this weekend. How exciting! Thank you Morgen for helping to motivate me. 😉

Look Morgen, here is Gertie! ❤

“Hi Gertie!  I am glad you came out to play!” 😊

“Hi Morgen!   Look, it has warmed up today!  It is 68 degrees and the sun is really shining too!”  😊

“I am wearing bib overalls made by Lorraine Tyler.  My leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy.”  ❤

“I think you can take your coat off Morgen now that it is so warm.” 🌞

Gertie on a beautiful March day. ❤

“Oh Morgen, I love your outfit!” ❤

Morgen picked this outfit made by A Passion for Sasha that was found on Shelly’s site with this adorable shoulder bag, red leather boots and blue knitted socks.😊

Red is a very good color for Morgen. 😊

“What a lovely day it is. I love being here at Sasha Shangri-La” ❤

Morgen loves to carry a handbag. ❤

“Gertie, come and see me.” 😊

Happy sisters. 😊

❤ ❤

Today was an unexpected sunny day and the daffodils bloomed here on Cow Creek  in February. Most unusual but welcomed. 😊

A very beautiful March day.  Gertie, Morgen, and I want to thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoyed this post.  Have a wonderful day and weekend too.  😊 xxx

A couple of waterlogue images to enjoy. ❤

12 thoughts on “A Beautiful March Day

  1. such beautiful girls!! I suspect they want to help you pack for England while leaving a little spot so they can stow away!!

  2. Well Morgen, you do look good in red. I see you are getting your travel wardrobe together for your overlong trip soon. I do like those International flag overalls too Gertie, how appropriate for the theme at the SCW!

  3. I always find that the Gotz pony-tailed girls look their best in smart, less fussy clothing so these overalls/dungarees look much better on her that the studio dress that she first changed into. Like the way too that the red of the fabric, shoes and hair ribbon matches her lip paint. Dear little denim shoulder bag. Such detail there.
    Lovely to see Gertie popping up here in her pretty pastel dungarees, Their colours really enhance Gertie’s beautiful overall pale features. (Her face painting is absolutely exquisite. Janet at her very best!) Great too to see the contrasts between these two friends. The darker, bolder features of the Gotz in comparison to the lighter, more delicate look of the English girl.
    Very attractive wool plaid coat and tones in well with the dungarees..
    Adore the way that Morgen and Gertie are holding hands in several of the photos.
    Fab. waterlogue photos to finish off the post.
    Best wishes for the month of March!

    • Thank you Kendal for the insightful comments. I agree that the ponytail girls do look better in basic clothing though I had not thought about that before. You might remember my trio of Gotz ponytail girls, Mimi, Berry and Lee. I photographed them dressed in their ski outfits and they looked terrific in the pants and tops which were red, white and blue colors.

      Morgen surprised me when I dressed her in the red corduroy overalls and I was so happy that I had snapped that outfit up from Shelly’s site because she looks fantastic in it. I had thought that our brunettes do look their best in red for some time and I like our redheads in greens and the blue colors on our blondes. I do enjoy trying different colors though to spark a change in their appearance.

      I, too, noticed the contrast of the skin tones between Gertie and Morgen immediately. When I removed Morgen from her arrival box, I was a bit taken aback by how dark she was though a very happy surprise because I love her coloring. Both girls are becoming fast friends and they are together all of the time. I am glad you liked the waterlogue images too. I enjoy making them.

      Thank you for the lovely wishes for the month of March. It has been a beautiful month so far. Take care. ❤ xxx

  4. Morgan looks just wonderful in the coat made by Fanny, the colours really suit her.
    Gertie is just gorgeous and the bright sunshine is lovely to see on the girls.
    How lovely to have such warm weather ! We have had a couple of warmish days but as usual it’s going to turn cold again.
    Goodness only two months to SCW ! I’d best start getting my act together! 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee. It felt so good to be outdoors with the warm air and the sun shining too. It is supposed to go down to 19 degrees tonight. Oh well, March normally gives us ups and downs too. Time is flying by and I am going to start getting a few things ready over the weekend. I can hardly wait!!! 😊 xxx

  5. What a lovely pair of girls Ginger, they really do look extra beautiful with the natural light shining on them. Morgen really does suit red. I have a doll who also suits red…and as a result she wears the same outfit all the time! Poor girl!
    How exciting to be packing for your trip Ginger, I can see why Morgen wants to help you…..she is hoping to get her place in the suitcase really quickly….just in case!!!
    Have a lovely week 🙂
    Big hugs
    Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon. It was wonderful to be outdoors and feel the warm sun on my face. It has just starting snowing here today about 20 minutes ago. Very much see-saw weather events here!

      I hope to find more outfits for Morgen with at least some red colors. We have gotten a new, larger suitcase over the weekend that is extra light but durable. So the packing has begun! Thank you for the lovely week’s wishes. You too my friend. Big hugs. 😊 XXX

  6. WOW, Ginger! Both girls are amazing! I adore their playful outfits very much! You are right Morgan does look fantastic in red. Gertie is a favorite of mine. But mums the word on that as I don’t wish to hurt anyone’s feelings. I adore Gertie’s overalls depicting international flags. And Morgan’s adorable purse with your moms tiny doll, so cute.

    • Thank you Cathy! Gertie is a favorite of mine too. We both love Janet’s excellent paintings, don’t we? ❤

      It was so nice to have Mom’s dolly and Morgen has claimed that dolly as her own. Every little girl needs a doll or bear and it helps to ease the transition to a new home. 😊 xxx

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