Lovely Lou’s Reunion



Some of you may remember back in November of 2015, I introduced Lou on the blog. She was a well loved 1968 fringe girl that had certainly been a close companion to a child or children over the years.  The first 5 photos show Lou’s photos from 2015 once again.


Sasha dolls are really so very beautiful. Thou Lou’s face is shiny, her eye painting and profile are lovely.  Her pretty yellow dress, shoes and socks were made by Ruthsdolls.

Her lip painting has paled and worn away.  Her hair is dry.

Lou’s hair is nice and full with some remaining curl.

Last year, Lou was adopted by a very good friend who had the foresight to send Lou to be restored by the very, very talented Brenda Walton.  After Lou returned to the States, my friend shared Lou’s new photos and she was so very kind to allow me to re-adopt Lou!  I am over the moon to have Lou back here today at Sasha Shangri-La.

Drum roll please …………

The unveiling of Lou….


Please meet again the lovely, little Lou.

Lou looks so beautiful and as you might expect her to look on the shelf of a toy store or a doll shop in 1968. She is wearing a minty farmpants outfit.  She also brought with her a minty red duffle coat which we will share later in this post.

A side view of Lou. Her hair is set in a perfect ponytail.   Swoon…..

Lou outdoors enjoying a recent sunny day.

“I am a bit camera shy but I remember well my sisters and brothers.  I love being home Mommy. I especially missed Chloe”.

We are thrilled you are here dear Lou.  You have been in the very best of hands and have been so well cared for.  We are thankful for such good friends. Chloe can hardly wait to see you!

Close up photos of sweet Lou.

Next, we will go indoors so Lou can see her Sasha family and especially see Chloe.

Lou and Chloe are reunited!  Lou is wearing her beautiful minty duffle coat plus she has her favorite bear named Hope. She brought this dear bear with her as a present from her previous Mommy and to keep her company.  Lou also managed to find a favorite duck toy made at the Sasha Celebration Weekend last year.  Lou is very happy!


Lou and Chloe up close. Chloe is a 1966 NP girl with deep blue eyes.

I think these two girls will be inseparable.

Lou and Chloe together once again.

Other friends are saying hello too. From L-R is Rusty, a Lenci Series 1500 boy, Celine a C-III Sasha studio girl , and Markus, a C-III Sasha studio boy.

Lou and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you enjoyed Lou’s reunion post.  We here at Sasha Shangri-La are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. xxx

Waterlogue images to see.

Gracie’s Gingham Gathering



Hello all, this is Gracie with great news! First, Mummy is taking me to the Sasha Festival in Minnesota! Yay!

Second, I asked Mummy if I could wear my gingham dress and she said yes! Yay!

And third, I asked Mummy if we could go outdoors today and gather up my sisters that are wearing gingham dresses and she said yes! Triple yay!!

So, here we go!

My my first sister is Sara. A beautiful NP with hand painted eyes by Sara Doggart.

When Sara came to Sasha Shangri-La, she was wearing a non factory dress.  As a result, we are not certain what outfit she would have worn from the factory.  Mummy had this wide skirt gingham outfit and so it now belongs to Sara. I hope you like these photos of Sara.


Next is is my sister Chloe. She is a 1966 brunette NP with deep blue eyes.

Chloe came to Sasha Shangri-La wearing a pretty pink dress and, over time, Mummy found this wide skirt, factory gingham dress just for her. I hope you like Chloe’s photos.

Next is big sis Alaine with her pretty hand painted eyes.

Alaine came to Sasha Shangri-La in her original gingham outfit plus her original gold tag.  She is a 1968 fringe girl.  Here are a few photos of Alaine. I hope you like them.

The next sister is Faith. I love Faith so much especially when she reads to me.

Faith came to Sasha Shangri-La without any clothes! Brrrrr…  Now she is wearing a wide skirt mini-check gingham dress that Mummy bought for her. Faith is an early 1968 fringe girl and we have learned that the mini check was made later in 1968.  So this dress was probably not one that Faith would have worn from the factory but Faith likes it and so do all of us here on the farm.   I hope you like these photos of Faith.


Clare is the next gingham sister for you to see.

Clare came to Sasha Shangri-La also redressed. Mummy  found this wide skirt gingham outfit for her. Clare is a 1968 fringe girl and she has a wider face. Here are a few photos of Clare in gingham. I hope you like them.

Last, is my new sister Jenn. Jenn just came to Sasha Shangri-La recently.

Jenn came to Cow Creek wearing this original gingham outfit with its narrower skirt.  She also came in her original crayon tube. Jenn is a 1969 side-part.  I hope you like her photos.  I gave her a soft bear to love.

The next photos show the gingham girls in groups.

This is my favorite photo!  I hope you liked this post.  All the gingham girls and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week ahead. xxx

The Waterlogue images are for you to enjoy.


A Beautiful February Day



Today was the most beautiful day. Not only were the temperatures in the 60’s but the sun was shining nearly all day long.  It is also my son Luke’s birthday and  we had a great time celebrating his special day with family and friends. 😊

I could not resist taking photos outdoors today. First up is Carney, my first NP and she is an early girl made in 1966. ❤


Carney is wearing a very beautiful dress made by Petrana.  Her purple boots are from Sashapotamus and they have 8 individual buckles to give her a fun, spirited look.


Carney is a very sweet girl and I have missed dressing her up.  I love her large blue eyes. ❤


A closer view.




Next for us to see is Pearl, a 1966 graphic eyed NP. She is wearing a lovely dress made by Petrana. Her green leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy. 😊


I love the detailing on Petrana’s dress. ❤


Pearl is a very thoughtful girl and she loves to read. ❤


I would love to have an outfit like this to wear!















Our next little lady is Chloe, an early 1966 NP with deep blue eyes.  She is wearing a beautiful outfit made by Petrana.  Her boots were made by Ruthsdolls.  Chloe positioned her scarf as a sash for her dress since the weather was too warm to wear a coat and scarf.  I like the look! 😊


The lovely Chloe in a lovely dress. 🌹


A closer look at her deep blue eyes. ❤




What a joy it was to be able to be outdoors and photograph the girls. Chloe enjoyed the sunshine too. 😊





Chloe would like to introduce the last lovely lady, her sister Ellen. Drum roll please……..


Here is Ellen, a later 66 NP with lovely graphic eyes and just a hint of eyelashes.   She is wearing a beautiful studio outfit by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.  Her wonderful leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy. ❤


🌹 Ellen 🌹


I love this outfit with the ruffles at the neckline and cuffs.  It fits perfectly and the colors are lovely. ❤




This week on Facebook, the early Sasha dolls were featured to include photos of eye paintings up close.  I really enjoyed the photos.  So, next are a few photos of eye paintings of these four girls. 😊


Carney up close and closer still. 🌹



Pearl up close and closer still. 🌹



Chloe up close and closer still. 🌹



Ellen up close and closer still. 🌹


Lastly, I took a few photos of the girls together.  I hope you enjoy the photos of these happy girls. 😊


Pearl, Ellen, Chloe, and Carney. 🌹


We thank you for visiting with us today and we wish you a very happy weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx







Chloe Discovers Excitement at Sasha Shangri-La


Chloe, a long time resident of Sasha Shangri-La, has noticed a lot of excitement in the air since Christmas and New Year’s day. She is the first to discover the reason for the happy dances her Mommy has performed this week. 🙂

Mommy explained to Chloe that she has received a passport and a book about England that has a great map too! Chloe knows Mommy loves to read and that Mommy loves maps too. ❤

Chloe shares her Mommy’s passions and so she sits down to have a look. 🙂

Chloe asks, “Are you planning to go to England Mommy? You know I was born there in 1966 but I don’t remember much since I have lived in the USA for almost all of my life”. 🙂

Mommy shared with Chloe, “Yes my love, Mommy is finally going to visit England this year! I have waited a very long time and it has been my heart’s desire to visit England since I was a young girl”. ❤

Chloe’s heart seemed to grow bigger and bigger inside feeling so full of happiness and love for her Mommy. “I am so happy for you Mommy. Let’s read the England book together and share our thoughts and dreams”. ❤

And so we have begun to read and dream for what adventure lies ahead in 2016. Thank you all for visiting with us today. Chloe and I are sending happy wishes to you to have a wonderful weekend and for the week to come! 🙂 xxx