Chloe Discovers Excitement at Sasha Shangri-La

Chloe, a long time resident of Sasha Shangri-La, has noticed a lot of excitement in the air since Christmas and New Year’s day. She is the first to discover the reason for the happy dances her Mommy has performed this week. πŸ™‚

Mommy explained to Chloe that she has received a passport and a book about England that has a great map too! Chloe knows Mommy loves to read and that Mommy loves maps too. ❀

Chloe shares her Mommy’s passions and so she sits down to have a look. πŸ™‚

Chloe asks, “Are you planning to go to England Mommy? You know I was born there in 1966 but I don’t remember much since I have lived in the USA for almost all of my life”. πŸ™‚

Mommy shared with Chloe, “Yes my love, Mommy is finally going to visit England this year! I have waited a very long time and it has been my heart’s desire to visit England since I was a young girl”. ❀

Chloe’s heart seemed to grow bigger and bigger inside feeling so full of happiness and love for her Mommy. “I am so happy for you Mommy. Let’s read the England book together and share our thoughts and dreams”. ❀

And so we have begun to read and dream for what adventure lies ahead in 2016. Thank you all for visiting with us today. Chloe and I are sending happy wishes to you to have a wonderful weekend and for the week to come! πŸ™‚ xxx

28 thoughts on “Chloe Discovers Excitement at Sasha Shangri-La

  1. Wow! That is fantastic news Ginger….hope you don’t plan to visit in the next few weeks as the UK is forecast snow…and as a country we are not good at snow…most things grind to a halt πŸ™‚

    • Thank you SS, no I won’t be coming that soon, thank goodness! May is a much better month I think and I will be able to enjoy the Sasha Celebration during the visit — a real treat! πŸ™‚ xxx

  2. A little birdie told me about your planned trip awhile back, and I’m happy for you. Would love to travel with you in 2017, if you’re going. The trip and England will be delightful, I’m sure.

  3. Are you going to take Chloe with you on your trip? We are ex-South Africans,now Canadians of English descent.The minute I stepped onto English soil I knew that that was where I truly belonged.England is MAGICAL and I hope you have an amazing holiday!!!
    I love reading your blog.I have only just discovered it.I am new to doll collecting and as yet,have only two red-haired Sasha’s,Henry and Henrietta,my twins!!

    • Hello and welcome Laurainne. It is lovely for you to write. I am happy you have started collecting dolls and that you have Sashas. They are wonderful dolls.

      I am not certain if Chloe will go with me to England but there is time to think about who will make the trip. We will see! πŸ™‚ xxx

  4. Wonderful News Ginger. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Sasha Celebration weekend and also whichever of your delightful Sasha children you bring along on your trip.
    It so lovely that you will get to fulfill a life long ambition by visiting England. I am very happy for you :)xxx

    • Hi Dee! I am really looking forward to meeting you too! I am still pinching myself but it is going to happen. Yeah! My Mom and my Granny both went to England when they were about my age. I was wondering if I would ever go and now, it is happening! πŸ™‚ xxx

  5. So very pleased to hear that everything has gone according to plan and that you now have your very first passport and can now finally travel out of the US !
    Can’t wait to finally meet you and some of your Sasha Dolls. Guessing that your Gertie will be amongst those travelling with you so that she can meet mine and Janet’s and Liss’?
    Loving your beautiful Developmental girl, Chloe. .
    Great adventures ahead then?.Such excitement in the air!
    Thanks to you and Chloe for your weekend’s wishes.
    (Still having trouble here kick-starting my Sasha Brood blogging again! have become very lazy after a truly fabulous Christmas with the family. Very naughty of me I know!)

    • Thank you Kendal. I was so pleased that the passport took only 3 weeks to arrive and the flight is arranged so now to think about who will go with me. So far Finn and Gertie are definitely coming and they are very happy. πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the kind words for Chloe. She has been very patient waiting for her time on the blog. ;).

      So happy you had a fabulous Christmas with your family. Wonderful! Blogging will be back on your radar soon, I am sure of that. Take care! ❀ xxx

  6. How exciting to travel abroad Ginger! You are one step ahead of me as I don’t currently have a passport. It will be a wonderful adventure for you. Can’t wait to hear more about your plans, and will look forward to see your photos.

    • Thank you Cathy! I think so too, it will be a wonderful adventure! I am enjoying this part of the trip so much just thinking about it and planning. I will definitely take photos. πŸ™‚ xxx

  7. We can’t wait to meet you when you make the big long dreamed of trip to England – we will be at the Sasha Celebration weekend too (I’m running one of the craft workshops to make a toy – I’m keeping it under wraps at the moment). I hope you bring Finn with you along with Chloe and some of your other gorgeous dolls (in your hand luggage of course). Our entire collection will be with us at the weekend as we only have 10 Sasha and Gregor dolls and they will be delighted to meet whomever you are able to bring with you.

    • I can’t wait too DollMum! I am so happy you all will be there too. Finn is coming most definitely! He wants to meet you all too! ;). Gertie will also come and you probably met her last year at the Sasha Celebration. Chloe may or may not come. It is hard to decide and I will be limited to how many dolls I can bring. But there are quite a few here who really want to come! πŸ™‚ xxx

  8. Ginger, I think you might have mentioned to me previously that you were hoping to go to England this year and I’m soooooo happy for you that your dream has been realised. I want to go to the Sasha event now so that I can meet you! Or maybe you should come to Spain, I think you would love it πŸ™‚
    I actually never realised that you’d not been to Europe previously, you’re going to have so much fun, you really are. You will have to let us know what you’re going to do, where you’re going to visit etc., because it’ll be great fun planning it all in advance. Is your dear hubby going with you?
    Loved seeing Chloe by the way, she’s such a sweetie!
    Big hugs and have a great week ahead
    Sharon xxx

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you so much and I would love to meet you at the Sasha Celebration! I would also love to come to Spain but will not be able to do that on this trip. I have to return to work afterwards and so my days are limited. Maybe next time? πŸ™‚

      I will keep you posted about all of the trip details too. I will be flying over with another Sasha collector which is very nice for both of us. Rick will stay on Cow Creek to keep things “mooing”. So glad you loved seeing Chloe too. It was so nice to take photos of her dear, sweet face. πŸ™‚ xxx

  9. I wondered if you were timing your trip to correspond with either the Sasha Celebration or the Chat and Snap, and now I know that you did. What a great trip. I do hope to make it to England to enjoy a Sasha event there…

    • Thank you Julie. I am really excited and can hardly believe it is true. You will make that trip one day, just keep it in your mind and your heart. A year ago, I would not have thought it possible and now it is happening. Wow! Life is full of happy surprises! πŸ™‚ xxx

  10. This is all so exciting, I can feel your joy all the way across the pond! How lovely to have a book about England to share with Chloe at bedtime, I hope you both have wonderful dreams of pastures green and rolling hills! I can’t wait to show you around our part of the country and am over the moon that you will be at the Sasha Celebration Weekend with us all. ❀

    • Thank you Janet. I am so excited and cannot wait to make the trip to England. It will be wonderful to meet you and the other lovely ladies at the Sasha Celebration. I am over the moon too! We will have a very, very wonderful time. πŸ™‚ xxxx

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