A Beautiful February Day


Today was the most beautiful day. Not only were the temperatures in the 60’s but the sun was shining nearly all day long.  It is also my son Luke’s birthday and  we had a great time celebrating his special day with family and friends. 😊

I could not resist taking photos outdoors today. First up is Carney, my first NP and she is an early girl made in 1966. ❤


Carney is wearing a very beautiful dress made by Petrana.  Her purple boots are from Sashapotamus and they have 8 individual buckles to give her a fun, spirited look.


Carney is a very sweet girl and I have missed dressing her up.  I love her large blue eyes. ❤


A closer view.




Next for us to see is Pearl, a 1966 graphic eyed NP. She is wearing a lovely dress made by Petrana. Her green leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy. 😊


I love the detailing on Petrana’s dress. ❤


Pearl is a very thoughtful girl and she loves to read. ❤


I would love to have an outfit like this to wear!















Our next little lady is Chloe, an early 1966 NP with deep blue eyes.  She is wearing a beautiful outfit made by Petrana.  Her boots were made by Ruthsdolls.  Chloe positioned her scarf as a sash for her dress since the weather was too warm to wear a coat and scarf.  I like the look! 😊


The lovely Chloe in a lovely dress. 🌹


A closer look at her deep blue eyes. ❤




What a joy it was to be able to be outdoors and photograph the girls. Chloe enjoyed the sunshine too. 😊





Chloe would like to introduce the last lovely lady, her sister Ellen. Drum roll please……..


Here is Ellen, a later 66 NP with lovely graphic eyes and just a hint of eyelashes.   She is wearing a beautiful studio outfit by Ginny of a Passion for Sasha.  Her wonderful leather shoes were made by Marti Murphy. ❤


🌹 Ellen 🌹


I love this outfit with the ruffles at the neckline and cuffs.  It fits perfectly and the colors are lovely. ❤




This week on Facebook, the early Sasha dolls were featured to include photos of eye paintings up close.  I really enjoyed the photos.  So, next are a few photos of eye paintings of these four girls. 😊


Carney up close and closer still. 🌹



Pearl up close and closer still. 🌹



Chloe up close and closer still. 🌹



Ellen up close and closer still. 🌹


Lastly, I took a few photos of the girls together.  I hope you enjoy the photos of these happy girls. 😊


Pearl, Ellen, Chloe, and Carney. 🌹


We thank you for visiting with us today and we wish you a very happy weekend and week to come. 😊 xxx







18 thoughts on “A Beautiful February Day

  1. What a wonderful post Ginger, how I loved looking at those beautiful eyes. Ellen has won me over, gosh that face. My favourite outfit is worn by Pearl, I just love that oversized bow at the back of her head and all the detail on her dress, and her shoes…well everything!

    • Thank you Janet. I know you love Ellen’s eye painting. ❤ I love looking at their eyes and Ellen’s eyes have that beautiful depth of expression. Petrana posted Pearl’s outfit on Facebook and I bought it as quickly as I could. Marti had the shoes at the festival in Rochester and I loved them immediately. I was not certain when I would match them up with an outfit but I was certain that they were very wonderful and would make an outfit one day.. 😊 xxx

  2. what a gorgeous bunch of girls Ginger. They are just perfect, such fabulous detailing in the eyes , especially Carney’s .
    Love all their dresses and shoes, all look perfect together. Wonderful close up’s of the eye’s and faces, you must have had a lovely time taking them.
    How lovely to have 60 degrees! we are on 1c at the moment with promises of , if we are lucky, 6 c tomorrow, enjoy your lovely weather !
    have a great week ahead and thanks for sharing such wonderful photos 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you! I so enjoyed the day yesterday. The cows on Cow Creek were bellowing their happiest of “moos”. The sun was perfect too and I took the photos about 2:00 in the afternoon. This time of year a sunny, warm day is a true gift. 😊

      I have always loved the early girl’s eye paintings and Carney’s eyes are so sweet and serene to me. She has an angelic quality in my eyes. I am glad you enjoyed the girls and their outfits and thank you for happy week’s wishes. 😊 xxx

  3. There’s such a lot to look at here and how nice it must be to get out in the sunshine ! Such beautiful girls !! I love the way you’ve dressed them all done their hair. You have an amazing collection of very early dolls. A real treat for the eyes. Thanks for sharing ! xx

    • Thanks Linda. I so enjoyed dressing them and getting ready for the camera. Even fastening the 8 buckles on Carney’s purple boots was not a chore to do. Timing is everything I guess! 😉

      I am happy you enjoyed the post. I have been on your site yesterday playing with the Sasha jigsaw puzzles and they are such fun. What a great addition to your lovely blog. 😊 xxx

  4. Wow, Ginger! Each one is so unique from the other. They are amazing early girls, you are so very lucky to have such treasures. I especially adore the way you have them dresses. Very lovely!

  5. Four gorgeous girls and all so beautifully dressed! I loved the brown dress by Petrana with all the embroidery and detailing, very nice.
    I hope your son had a great birthday Ginger, and that he enjoyed his special day.
    Thank you for the great close ups of the eyes, I find it very interesting how some have the whites as small neat triangles, some are squiggles and others are like little crosses or maybe they are kisses!! Very clever, all of them, and I guess this is how some people like Brenda Walton for example, are able to differentiate between the artists who painted them.
    Thanks again for a lovely post and have a great week, I hope the weather is good for you again.
    Big hugs xxx

    • Hi Sharon! Thank you for the lovely comments. Yes, we had a great birthday celebration with Luke. He is 26 years old and my baby. ❤

      I love looking at the different eye painting on our Sasha dolls. The eyes really make the doll and seeing them up close is a real treat. I so enjoyed your recent post where you repositioned a doll’s eyes and it made such a lovely difference in their appearance. You have a great “eye” Sharon! 😊

      I think we are in for nice weather this week. I hope it happens as predicted! 😊 XXX

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