Lovely Lou’s Reunion


Some of you may remember back in November of 2015, I introduced Lou on the blog. She was a well loved 1968 fringe girl that had certainly been a close companion to a child or children over the years.  The first 5 photos show Lou’s photos from 2015 once again.


Sasha dolls are really so very beautiful. Thou Lou’s face is shiny, her eye painting and profile are lovely.  Her pretty yellow dress, shoes and socks were made by Ruthsdolls.

Her lip painting has paled and worn away.  Her hair is dry.

Lou’s hair is nice and full with some remaining curl.

Last year, Lou was adopted by a very good friend who had the foresight to send Lou to be restored by the very, very talented Brenda Walton.  After Lou returned to the States, my friend shared Lou’s new photos and she was so very kind to allow me to re-adopt Lou!  I am over the moon to have Lou back here today at Sasha Shangri-La.

Drum roll please …………

The unveiling of Lou….


Please meet again the lovely, little Lou.

Lou looks so beautiful and as you might expect her to look on the shelf of a toy store or a doll shop in 1968. She is wearing a minty farmpants outfit.  She also brought with her a minty red duffle coat which we will share later in this post.

A side view of Lou. Her hair is set in a perfect ponytail.   Swoon…..

Lou outdoors enjoying a recent sunny day.

“I am a bit camera shy but I remember well my sisters and brothers.  I love being home Mommy. I especially missed Chloe”.

We are thrilled you are here dear Lou.  You have been in the very best of hands and have been so well cared for.  We are thankful for such good friends. Chloe can hardly wait to see you!

Close up photos of sweet Lou.

Next, we will go indoors so Lou can see her Sasha family and especially see Chloe.

Lou and Chloe are reunited!  Lou is wearing her beautiful minty duffle coat plus she has her favorite bear named Hope. She brought this dear bear with her as a present from her previous Mommy and to keep her company.  Lou also managed to find a favorite duck toy made at the Sasha Celebration Weekend last year.  Lou is very happy!


Lou and Chloe up close. Chloe is a 1966 NP girl with deep blue eyes.

I think these two girls will be inseparable.

Lou and Chloe together once again.

Other friends are saying hello too. From L-R is Rusty, a Lenci Series 1500 boy, Celine a C-III Sasha studio girl , and Markus, a C-III Sasha studio boy.

Lou and I want to thank you for visiting with us today.  We hope you enjoyed Lou’s reunion post.  We here at Sasha Shangri-La are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. xxx

Waterlogue images to see.

18 thoughts on “Lovely Lou’s Reunion

  1. Holy smokes what a difference between the before and the after of your sweet Lou, Ginger. How wonderful that you have her back. Brenda Walton is quite talented in her restoration. I wonder if she used a matte spray to take away the shine on her face? Are the farm pants and duffle coat originals, or reproductions? What a real treat to see this lovely restored girl! Congratulations Ginger!

    • Yes, a big change for Lou. I am so happy to have her back. I do not know how Brenda did the restoration but I understand that it was very challenging and took a great deal of time. The farm pants and coat are all original and not reproductions. They are minty. I am so glad you enjoyed the post Cathy. Thank you for writing. ❤️ xxx

  2. Such a difference ! Brenda Walton obviously has the magic touch , she looks so much like she has indeed just stepped off the toy shop shelf.
    How nice of your friend to allow you to re adopt her too ! Sasha people are wonderful. I bet she’s causing a stir with all the other girls impressed with her beauty treatment.
    Thank you for sharing Lou’s transformation 🙂 xxx

    • Yes, Brenda’s touch has made a tremendous difference in Lou. What an improvement! Sasha people are indeed wonderful, the best! Lou has stirred up the girls here and a few have already asked me if they could go and visit Auntie Brenda for a spa treatment! Thanks for writing Dee. ❤️ xxx

  3. Oh Ginger, it is so wonderful to see Lou in the garden at Sasha Shangri-La! Brenda did indeed work magic on her! Her skin is matte perfect and her hair shiny and restored to original perfection. How lovely for her that she has her bear, Hope, and her friend, Chloe, to be friends with again. Thank you for posting Lou’s story, Ginger. ❤️

    • Thank you Peggy so very much. Yes, Brenda’s work is amazing and I am so happy Lou has been restored by her most capable hands. Lou loves her bear Hope and she loves Chloe her sister too. Lots of love for sweet Lou here at Sasha Shangri-La. We are very blessed. ❤️ xxx

  4. She was beautiful in the before photos, with such a mild and serene expression, but she’s certainly a stunner now! I just love her fringe and high ponytail; one of the best of the early hairstyles that you rarely see intact anymore. Wonderful outfit too. What a thrill to have her back home again!

    • Thank you Steve. I love her hair style too and Brenda styled it perfectly. Her outfit is just perfect for her too. I am so happy that Lou has returned and that she has a new lease on life. She has charmed us all here on Cow Creek. ❤️ xxx

  5. Oh my Lou is exceptional, what an incredible job Brenda has done, she really does look like she is fresh off the toy shop shelf. You must be over the moon to get her back Ginger and I can tell that Chloe is very relieved to have her Bestie back. I love Lou’s Little Scruff Soldier Bear by the way, what a sweetheart.

    • Thank you Janet. Having Lou back has been a real joy. I am over the moon and back! Chloe has attached herself to Lou ensuring that she never leaves again. Her little bear named Hope is just the most wonderful bear and yet another gift from Lou’s previous Mommy. A most generous and kind friend. ❤️ xxx

  6. Such a wonderful transformation on this delightfully pretty girl that I’m now wondering if I might send MYSELF off to Brenda for this very same treatment…though fear that it might be too much of a challenge for her!
    As you know I love SECOND chances to buy back our beloved dolls. I can see that everyone is very happy to have Lou back amongst the fold again.

    • Thank you Kendal. I had the same thought about signing up for a spa treatment from Brenda for me. But I came to the same conclusion that I would be just too much so I will make the best of what I have. 😊. We are indeed fortunate that Brenda is helping our Sasha dolls recover their former, original beauty. I know you and I both love our waifs and it is especially nice to have a waif restored and to see them transform.

      Having a second chance with a much loved doll is truly a most wonderful gift to receive. Not only turning back over the beloved doll but the generosity of heart that allowed the return of the doll. We are part of an amazing community. ❤️ xxx

  7. WOW Welcome back Lou, what an absolute beauty you are!
    Lou was lovely before Ginger, but she really has benefited from her visit to Brenda and she is now just stunning.
    I’m so glad that you were able to adopt her back again, and that she is happy to be reunited with her family!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Auntie Sharon! I am happy to be back home. 😊

      It is so nice to have Lou back and she is having a ball now that the weather is improving. Brenda’s work is just amazing. I am so glad Lou was in her hands. She is like new but better because she has been loved a lot. 😊 xxx

    • Thanks DollMum. We have a lot of kids here on the farm that want that duck toy! So we have to share it. Lou remembered it and found it right away after she arrived. She asked for Chloe first and duck toy second. 😊 xxx

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