Please meet Verity at Home with a Happy Harvest

A beautiful studio doll sold recently and her beautiful face and outfit have inspired Janet Myhill-Dabbs to create this lovely rendition.  I have named her Verity.

We went outdoors on the front porch for our photos today.

Verity is very shy and a dear little puppy made friends with her right away.

Janet made this beautiful green gingham dress for Verity, a previous Pintucks girl, with the lovely smocking and white collar.  She knitted her very fine socks and made her nice green leather shoes. Her plaits are tied with velvet ribbons that are the palest of pinks.  Verity admired my medal of Mary so I let her wear it with a silver chain.

What is that lumpy, warty looking thing next to Verity’s puppy? Hmmm…more to come.

My beautiful Verity.

Verity, turn and look at all of those warty looking things!

“Mommy, I don’t need to turn and look because look beside me!  They are here too on this side of the porch railing.   They aren’t moving so I think we will be okay”.

I agree Verity, you are not only wise but beautiful.

More close up photos of Verity.


A slight smile maybe?

Verity, I must tell you that this is a goose neck gourd and we have been blessed with an unexpected harvest of these lovely, interesting gourds this year.

“How very nice Mommy. I see more on the other side of the porch and I think they are lovely “.

More close up photos of Verity because I love this beautiful girl and so does the camera.

“Oh Mommy, look what I found!”.

“A big bowl of these warty beauties, don’t you just love the colors too?  Oh look, a pumpkin too!  How exciting is this!”

A quick look at the area out back which is next to a large brush pile.  If you look closely, you can see another tiny gourd still on the vine.

On top of the brush pile, the gourd vine has spread and is growing profusely. See the gourd hanging from the vine?  Amazing because last year, Janet and I drove to see Dorisanne in New York and we stopped and bought local gourds near Dorisanne’s house.  After they had died, Rick threw them in the brush pile and now nearly a year later, we have lovely new gourds!  What a wonderful way to remember such a special trip.

Not exactly a pretty sight but just to show you the ugly brush pile that produced our beautiful, lumpy, warty gooseneck gourds.

Verity is enjoying her new home here at Sasha Shangri-La.  Her puppy is a sweet little friend for her to hug and hold until she meets her brothers and sisters.

I am so happy you are here dear Verity.

We want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post of Verity and our happy harvest.

Verity and I are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the weekend and week to come.

A Waterlogue image to enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Please meet Verity at Home with a Happy Harvest

  1. Oh wow! She’s gorgeous! Her eyes just are amazing. Janet really outdid herself. I’m always amazed at how resilient seeds can be. The goose neck gourd looks a little like Gonzo from The Muppet Show! 😆

    • Thank you Steve. I agree that Janet really did hit a grand slam home run with Verity…out of the park! I was captivated by those gourds last year and bought them home to add to the Fall decor. Yes, they do look like Gonzo, how cute is that? Love the muppets and can hardly wait to see my favorite the Muppets Christmas Carol. 😊 xxx

  2. I can see that Verity has really touched your heart, I love the closeup photos of her, you have captured her essence! Your Mary medallion looks so pretty around her neck too. Now onto the gourds! As I was reading down I had such a giggle over us choosing them out last year and taking Dorisanne the gift of gourds. The goosenecks were our favourites and I also remember displaying them on the bail of hay at the foot of your drive. What a miracle that they have now decided to take residence at Shangri-La. I can imagine your shrieks of joy at seeing them in the brush pile, what a lovely end to that gourd story!

    • Thank you Janet. Verity is a beauty and a heart grabber! I do love her. Yes, I can see in my mind that roadside stand where we stopped and that nice man who helped us. I was over the moon to see them here a year later growing on the vine. Rick said come and look, you are going to love what you see! I had noticed the large leaves and pretty blooms the past weeks but I had not looked closely. He will bring out another bail of hay or two this year and the gourds will be waiting to be displayed with the pumpkins. I love the Fall and maybe if we are lucky, the gourd story may be never ending. 😊 xxx

  3. What a lovely new addition to your family Ginger, Verity is a beautiful girl, her eyes are such a nice colour, they remind me of the sea! I like her outfit too, it suits her perfectly.
    The gourds are very interesting, and make great decorations. I had a funny warty one given to me last year but it wasn’t like yours, it was shaped like a pear. I had to throw it out in the end because it went it bit weird! LOL
    Have a great week ahead Ginger, sending big hugs to you and yours xxxx

    • Thank you Sharon. I am glad you like Verity too. I love her outfit which is so nice to have just for her. The gourds do go weird don’t they? 😬. That is when Rick throws them into the brush pile. I am grateful ours came back this year for another round. Thank you for the lovely week’s wishes. 😊 xxx

  4. Oh my goodness Ginger!! I’m really speechless. Verity is really so beautiful. Janet once again did wonders with her brush, needle and thread. Verity has such a soft expression, and does indeed look to be on the shy side. I’m glad that she was able to keep the Pintucks wig. The human hair wig only adds to her soft appearance. I adore her smocked dress, it’s very unique. I love the sweet necklace you have given her too. What a sweet personal gift to this lovely girl. And I’m also excited about the gourds that grew from the dead ones in the brush pile. What a total surprise that is to see! I really enjoyed this post Ginger. Thank you for sharing your sweet Verity, and her garden gourds too.

    • Thank you Cathy. I really like the Pintucks wigs and the look of most human hair wigs on the Sasha dolls. I also like the simplicity of her gingham outfit which is just perfect for her. The gourds were a great surprise and so nice to find. Verity is fitting in very well with her sisters and brothers on Cow Creek. 😊 xxx

  5. What a gorgeous girl Verity is! I love her eyes , she looks so good in her green gingham dress and your little necklace.
    She is going to fit in really well at Cow Creek, thanks for sharing her with us. 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dee. I agree, Verity has wonderful eyes and such a nice expression. I love her! She is making friends quickly though I keep her near to me most of the time because I love to see her. 😊 xxx

  6. I love the name you have given her and she is absolutely stunning Ginger. I fell in love with the original Studio too ❤ Also love the gourd memory 🙂

    • Thank you Tricia! Janet really captured the expression of that studio doll and her outfit. I imagine there were more than a few of us Sasha lovers that fell for that beautiful studio doll. Verity has captured my heart. 😊 xxx

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