Heaven in England – Part 1

***Note: I want to apologize up front to my blog readers for my delayed post and especially for my delay in commenting on my fellow blogger’s posts.  My adjustments to allow myself to fit back into my life and work has been all consuming since my return. Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.  I will catch up! *** 🙂

imageA fuzzy photo taken from the plane’s window when Ann Chandler and I touched down in England on Tuesday, May 10th. Though you see rain drops there, by the time we went through the various airport check points and met up with Tricia, I do not remember any rain that day after leaving the airport. Tricia kindly drove Ann and I to her lovely home and I had a brief visit at that time.

Soon that day, Tricia traveled with me by train, caught at the Walton-on-Thames railway station, to help me connect to the fantastic Virgin Trains. Prior to my arrival, Tricia helped me to reserve my ticket and I happily sat in First Class and in great comfort to observe the beautiful English countryside as I made my way north to meet Janet at Cullercoats & Tyne. ❤

imageTricia waving goodbye and I think we both were able to take a photo of one other through the generous window. 🙂

During the entire train ride, I was offered complimentary and numerous hot and cold beverages from trollies and also sandwiches and crisps and fruit. Delightful. 🙂

I managed to take a few photos at railway stations and also managed to “pin” in Facebook a lot of the stations along the way. Wifi was offered on the train which was very nice.  I found the architecture of the stations and the general observing of “life” very pleasing to the eye. 🙂


Expansive and graceful ceiling.

This was taken at the Durham railway station. I noticed that the people waiting there were taking photos too but of another train approaching in the opposite direction.

It must have been a very special train and I managed to take a few photos as it passed.

Beautifully painted cars.

Looks like the people are enjoying their ride too! 🙂

Possibly a dining car. Darling lamps on each table and curtains! 🙂

Another dining car perhaps. I am uncertain what train this was but it was very beautiful and very clean.  I am so happy to have been able to see it. 🙂


After meeting Janet at the station, we walked to her lovely home nearby. Her husband kindly took this photo of us in her garden and I was so thrilled to be standing next to Janet and also thrilled to have our photo taken next to the infamous blue wall that I have seen in many photos for quite a while. I felt like I had reached heaven being able to meet Janet face-to-face after such a long time of sharing and writing about our love for dolls with one another. It was just the very best of times! ❤

I do admit to being a bit tired upon my arrival. It was around 4:00 pm on Tuesday, May 10th. My journey began the day before on Monday, May 9th, when I left my home at 5:30 am and drove 3 hours to Columbus, Ohio in order to fly to Boston where I met Ann.  From Boston we flew to Heathrow airport in London. Needless to say, I slept very well that night in Janet’s comfortable bed. 🙂


This was the last photo taken that day and it was at bedtime. You can see my Gertie standing next to her twin sister Edith who lives with Janet. Finn is also in the lineup. These dear ones stood next to the end of my bed which was so very nice to see as I drifted off to sleep…..

I will post again soon of the time Janet and I spent in her beautiful part of England and the views of the glorious North Sea. I had the very best of times while visiting with Janet and her husband Billy. Their hospitality was very warm and it was so comforting to be on the receiving end of their kindnesses while being far away from home.  I will always treasure that time together. ❤ xxx

15 thoughts on “Heaven in England – Part 1

  1. A long journey Ginger with a delightful meeting at the end. It’s so nice to finally meet someone who you have been ‘chatting’ to by email, I’m sure Janet and yourself had a wail of a time once you recovered from the journey. I look forward to seeing your adventures in the north of our fair country in your future posts.
    Love the photo of Fin, Gertie and Edith watching you drift off to sleep. 🙂 xxx

    • It was a long journey Dee and so worth it! When I think of the entire trip, I was at a loss of how to write or talk about it. There was just so many experiences and meeting so many wonderful people. All of which I want to write about and share with everyone. So I finally decided to write about it in little, delicious, bite size pieces…..and progress was finally made. 🙂

      Thank you for writing and I plan to catch up on blog reading over the upcoming days which include a holiday weekend for us here in the USA. It will be Memorial Day weekend. ❤ xxx

  2. Ginger, we were thrilled to meet you at last and the famous Finn and see Gertie again. It is fascinating to see your perspective on the British railway system as you traveled to meet Janet. The train you saw was none other than The Flying Scotsman, newly restored http://www.flyingscotsman.org.uk/events/scotsman-on-the-tracks/ and touring again – the 10th May looks like it had an outing on that stretch of track and the carriages said ‘the national railway museum York’ which is where it is based. So what a wonderful treat to see that iconic train! I’ve traveled on the railways in the UK many times in the past couple of years as my job takes me to Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling) every couple of months or so, the railway station architecture is very familiar (and seeing Durham Cathedral from the train is a treat).

    • I too was thrilled to meet you DollMum, and your traveling companion! It was a wonderful time! I loved your workshop too. Finn is very attached to his marionette. 😉

      Thank you very much for identifying The Flying Scotsman and for providing the link! It was a great treat to be able to see it passing by. I loved riding the trains and I am so happy that I was able to ride this train in particular. I had not been on a train in years! It was a perfect way to relax and see the English countryside which was so beautiful. Just divine! 🙂 xxx

  3. Such a wonderful start to your story! I’m in suspense for the rest Ginger. What great fun you had. XOXO

    • Hey Laura! Thank you for writing about the first installment of my time in England and I am glad you enjoyed it. My time there was indeed such great fun! I will try to post again very soon! 🙂 xxx

  4. What a lovely start to your holiday in England Ginger, it was just brilliant that you were able to visit! I really look forward to all the installments of your visit. There is nothing better than finally meeting people that you’ve ‘known’ for ages yet only through cyberspace! And you did stay with the loveliest of ladies in Tricia and Janet, didn’t you! A great twosome and super friends!

    And what an added bonus that you were to see the Flying Scotsman too!

    Big hugs xxx

    • Hello Sharon and I am so glad you enjoyed Part 1 of the fantastic trip to England. I think between the photos I managed to take, along with writing about things I did not capture in photos, that I will be able to capture the essence of the wonderful time in England….and Paris!!! (should not give that surprise away, should I?)

      Meeting everyone was definitely the best part of the trip. You are so right and there is nothing better than meeting your friends for the first time! My brain would not even connect the dots to realize that you were standing there, in person and in front of me! How perfect that was! The very best of surprises Sharon. ❤

      Thank you for writing and I will post again soon my friend. ❤ xxx (XXX extra big hugs coming your way) ❤

  5. Lovely to read the first instalment of your adventure in England. That train, the Flying Scotsman has been through our station several times and I have managed to get pictures of it as well.

    That travel is always a difficult one, and tiring, but it doesn’t take long to catch up because of all the excitement of being in a new place.

    • Thank you Lorraine and so glad you enjoyed the first part of the wonderful trip to England. I am hoping the rest of the posts will flow better now that I am back in my routine and have gotten the story off to a start!

      I so enjoyed my time there and had to regularly pinch myself because it felt like a dream to me. Exactly so about the travel, I caught up very quickly and after one night’s rest, I was ready to go! 🙂 xxx

  6. So pleased that our English rain stopped on your arrival and then decided to stay away to allow you to see our wonderful Great Britain country at its very best in the Springtime! I couldn’t have asked for a better weather welcome to your first visit to meet and see us and our beloved Sasha Dolls!
    It was pure JOY for me and Clarise, (MY Gertie2,) to see and get to know you, your Gertie1 and Finn a little more.
    How great is that too for you to catch a glimpse (and with camera in hand!) of one of our true British railway icons, the famous Flying Scotsman Steam Locomotive, fresh from it’s four and a quarter million pound recent make-over …..and even puffing and running on the rails right past you! Nowadays I have been spoilt and try only to use Virgin First Class travel and really enjoy their fab service. If you get the chance next time at one of our bigger Railway Stations,between connections go into their First Class rest rooms and take advantage of their comfortable chairs and settees, toilets and free snack foods and hot/cold drink.s. Very refreshing indeed!
    Hoping that you’re now,recovering from your tiredness and jet lag, amidst returning to work and that you thoroughly enjoyed your UK visit.
    Love for now from Kendal and ALL her Sasha Brood.xx

    • Hello Kendal 🙂 It was pure joy to meet you too! I have wanted to meet you for a long time now and to finally see you and talk with you was wonderful. ❤ It was so nice to see your Clarise in person and it was a long awaited dream come true to see your entire Sasha brood! Your Sasha display was fabulous! I also want to say that I so enjoyed meeting Chon. She is a lovely person and it was extra special to meet her. 🙂

      I liked all of the train rides but especially the Virgin First Class ride. Trains are not a main type of traveling here in the States and I wish it were possible to ride trains more often.

      The weather was perfect during the entire trip and I think there were only 2 small intervals of rain and it happened when I was either indoors or on a bus. The temperatures were just right. I had the very best of times! Sending you and your brood much love and Gertie and Finn send their love too! ❤ xxx

  7. Wonderful, some lovely posts for me to revisit and comment on. I have my tea at hand and now have just scrolled through the first of the England posts! It all seems so long ago now Ginger, I am so glad you have kept a record of our visit ❤

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