Please Welcome Gertie and Heidi to Sasha Shangri-La



This is my darling Gertie that was repainted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs recently.  She is a twin to Janet’s “Edith” and they were both on display at the recent Sasha Celebration weekend in the UK.  Gertie has really touched my heart in a very special way. ❤


Gertie came to me in this lovely outfit and it is perfect with her coloring. ❤


A nice closer view of Gertie.  She was previously a Pinntucks girls before her repainting.  Janet dyed her wig and styled it into plaits which I love ❤

Gertie was barefooted so I added the hand knitted socks and nice leather JJ shoes.


A side view of Gertie.  Gertie was inspired by a vinyl girl that sold on ebay recently and she was handpainted by Sasha Morgenthaler. 🙂


A closer view of Gertie.  It was windy that day so please ignore the wayward hairs strands.


Another full length view of sweet Gertie. ❤


She looks nice with her plaits behind her shoulders too.  I am totally smitten and so I took many photos. ❤


A real close-up photo for you to see.  I am so amazed at Janet’s artistic talents and her other talents too. 🙂


This sweet girl is Heidi and she was previously a 70’s Trendon girl and Janet has wonderfully repainted her face. ❤


Some of you may have seen Heidi on facebook where Janet showed her in this farm pants outfit with duffle coat.  Also, some of you may have seen Heidi on display at the recent Sasha Celebration weekend.  Heidi’s eye painting was inspired by a very early Gotz girl that sold on ebay recently and that girl was wearing this outfit. 🙂

Heidi’s dress was made by Frances Trickett. If you look closely, you will see tiny little beads that line the neck and arm openings on this wonderful dress. Such nice detailing. Heidi’s white leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. 🙂

A closer view of Heidi’s pretty face. 🙂

I took a few photos of Heidi with Gertie. They both traveled to Sasha Shangri-La in the same box and have become great friends! 🙂


A full length view of Heidi and Gertie. 🙂

Hi there girls, are you taking-in your new surroundings? 😉


A final photo and both girls and I want to kindly thank you for visiting us here at Sasha Shangri-La.  We are sending you big hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful weekend to come! 🙂 xxx

14 thoughts on “Please Welcome Gertie and Heidi to Sasha Shangri-La

    • Hi Lorraine! While Janet repainted these four dolls and gave them “new life” , all four Sashas have been in the Sasha Shangri-La family for quite some time. But I have to say that they certainly feel like new dolls. Thank you for the lovely comments! 🙂 xxx

      • Of course they have! But I am sure they feel like new as you said 🙂 That is a nice way to get a ‘new doll fix’ without actually getting a new doll!

      • Yes, it is a wonderful way to have a “new” Sasha! And when they all four arrived within one day of each other, it felt like an ultimate fantasy come true!!! 🙂

  1. Two beautiful new girls joining your already lovely family Ginger! I love how Janet has done both girls, she’s very talented and it shows in these two sweeties!
    I look forward to seeing more of them in the future here at Sasha Shagri La!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Two lovely new members to your family. I thought one was Gertie who I must say I love, I love the pintuck girls and Gertie looks just wonderful with her new eye paint.
    She is just perfect.
    Heidi is also very sweet and such interesting eye paint, just like the one that turned up on ebay and was snapped up.
    It’s wonderful how Sasha painted such different styles of the Sasha doll which enables us to have such a wide range in our families.
    You must be one very happy mother with all these beautiful girls arriving en mass to join in the family. 🙂 xxx

  3. Hi Dee and thank you! Yes, I am thrilled to pieces over these girls!!!! I have never experienced so many Sashas arriving at the same time! It was unbelievable but I have to admit that I loved it. ❤

    I thought you might have caught the hint on FB where I felt compelled to at least introduce Gertie by name. Especially since she was saying her goodbyes to Edith and Janet. Not easy to do this plus then embarking on a long trip to a new country. But all is well now! 😉

    So happy you like Gertie's painting too. She grabbed my heart before I could take a breath! I was and am a goner over Gertie. ❤ Since Heidi's painting is entirely different from the other dolls, I am really enjoying the diversity in the appearance of each of these dolls. That is one reason the studio dolls are so remarkable to me, their different painting and hair styles/colors. 🙂 xxx

  4. Dearest Ginger, what a wonderful post, your photos of Heidi and Gertie are just beautiful, the love you have for them shines through. I love the closeups of the painting, it is so interesting for me to see my work larger than life as I don’t see that brushwork with my glasses! The JJ shoes are always so perfect, I love the blue ones with the coloured socks and also the lovely outfit that Heidi now wears. She really loves her wayward fringe doesn’t she? It does look so cute on her and suits her so well.

    • Thank you Janet and I am so glad you enjoyed the post. These girls have been such a delight to see and I am getting to know them again.

      Heidi’s fringe must have its way which is a lot like her! She is a very confident young lady! Thank you again for creating these lovely repaints and bringing new life to the nearly forgotten pair. They are wonderful! ❤ xxx

  5. Oh my gosh, another one! How lovely is Gertie! What a sweet Bauermadchen (farm girl) she is too, and so beautifully reproduced! If I didn’t know that she was a modern reproduction, I would have sworn that she was an original studio doll. Her face paint is flawless, and her lovely dress looks completely authentic. What a sweetie!

    But no, you don’t stop there, you also get a lovely new daughter in precious little Heidi. Her dress is so pretty and so lovingly detailed, and her eye-paint is gorgeous; so soft and sweet! Her cute little hairstyle gives her such a lovely innocent look. She truly is a beautiful new edition to your amazing Shangri-La family. Your family really is a Sasha Shangri-La! Beautiful studio dolls; sweet precious course dolls; gorgeous children and sweet waifs from Gotz to Frido/Trendon and back, and beautiful and rare OOAK’s that are just an absolute delight to enjoy! You are such a lucky doll mother, and your children are so lucky to have such a loving, unique and beautiful place to live.

    My inquisitive little Theresa wanted to send a special message to Gertie:

    Salle Gerdie!

    Ich bien auch eine bauermaetchie. Miene nomme ist Theresa, aber zu Muttie und miene Bruderlie und schwesterlie bin ich Therieslie oder Riesli. Ich wolte sie schenken viele kussen und grussen von Ferne Walde. Ich weis schon das sie wird sehr gluckliche in diene schonne Sasha Shangri-La, und hoffichliche konnte wir einmal ein “visit” machen. Viellichte denkt sie auch an unsere Alpen Wunderbar so weit aveck in unsere liebe heime Schweitzerland: Die schone blumalie blau, rosa, gelb und wiess, die liebe geislie, und die grunne wieden. Die bergen wies mit schnee hoch oben, und die blauen, blauen himmel. Und die alpengluen ahm abend, wie feuer uff die schnee: Golde, rosa, rot und oranje! Wir natteren konnten, und ehrinnehrin, und vielliecht wenn wir traurig sind konnte unsere knache uns wieder flohliche machen.

    Yodalie Yee Hoo!

    Theresa von Ferne Walde

    Translated from Swiss German (which hopefully Gertie can read, but perhaps her mom can’t)

    Hello (more Hi) Gertie!

    I’m also a farm girl. My name is Theresa, but Muttie (Mami) and my brothers and sisters call me Thereslie or Rieslie. I wanted to send you lots of kisses and greetings from Fern Forest. I already know that you will be very happy in your lovely Sasha Shangri-La and hopefully one day we can visit each other. Perhaps sometimes you also think about our wonderful Alps so far away in our beloved home, Switzerland: The beautiful little flowers blue, pink, yellow and white, the dear little goats, and the green mountain fields. The mountains white with snow, high above, and the blue, blue sky. And the alpengluen (no real translation for this one. It’s what happens in the alps when the sun sets and shines on the mountains), in the evening, like fire on the snow: Gold, pink, red and orange! We can chat and remember, and maybe when we’re sad, our talk can make us happy again.

    Yodalie Yee Hoo!

    Theresa from Fern Forest

    In the alps people often communicated with each other through yodeling, which carried farther across the distances than words. The goatherds (which were both girls and boys, who were considered dependable and capable), alone for most of the summer days on the alpine pastures, would communicate with each other with sweet yodel songs and messages to pass the time. They also called their goats in with yodeling when it was time to head back down to the villages. The final yodel was Theresa’s alpine style greeting across the mountains (hills) between her and Gertie’s homes.

    We hope that you are enjoying your wonderful Sasha family, and the June days over at Sasha Shangri-La.

    Summer (soon!) hugs and kisses

    Elisabeth (Marmee/Mami) and the dolls of Fern Woods (Forest for little dolls)

    • Hello dear Elisabeth or may I say dear Mami? I have great affection for the name Mami and my grandmother’s sister was lovingly called Mami and she was my most favorite aunt ever! I can still remember my excitement when Mami would visit us at Thanksgiving time. It warms my heart still though she passed away many years ago. ❤

      I read your most thoughtful and kind comments several times now. I want to thank you for writing and it is greatly appreciated. Gertie and Heidi are really such a welcomed change to the Sasha Shangri-La family. Both of these girls have received a new lease on life due to the talented hands of Janet Myhill-Dabbs. When they returned home, they caused quite a stir. I think they are nicely situated now and they feel like they are home again. 🙂

      Thank you too for the kind comments about the Sasha family here on the farm. I am so blessed to have such a collection and it certainly brings me such joy to be able to spend time with these remarkable dolls and record some of their events on the blog.

      Now, little Gertie is sending her sweetest hello to your dear, inquisitive Theresa along with loads of hugs and kisses. She was so excited to read her message in Swiss German which was easy for her to do! I am very happy you provided the English translation which allowed me to read and join in Theresa's sweet note. Her description of the Alps are so colorful that I could see myself there with Gertie with lovely views of the flowers, the little goats and the stunning skys and mountains. I learned a new word too, the alpengluen, wonderful to visualize fire on the snowy mountains. Gertie returns Theresa's yodel, Yodalie YeeHoo to her and also to you Mami and your family at Fern Woods! ❤ xxx

  6. Seems that I must have completely missed commenting on this post so here goes!

    I loved these two dolls when I saw them at The Sasha Celebration Weekend. I am amazed at how wonderfully your Trendon girl, Heidi, was transformed into the Farmpants girl with her individaulally styled fringe , beautifully re-painted eyes and swinging ponytail.
    Bet she is thrilled too with her new dress!

    Your Twin girl, Gertie, is just stunning! Like you I can’t stop looking at her gorgeous little face. Love her outfit and especially the matching socks and shoes that you have since added. Perfect!

    • Hi Kendal and your writing is very timely as we only just returned from the beach last night and I was sitting down to catch up on the blog. I turned on the Ipad and found your lovely comments for Heidi and Gertie—thank you!

      I am amazed at Heidi’s transformation too! Janet gave her a very special expression that is so very different from Gertie’s painting but both are just perfect in their own, individual ways. <3. What a gift to be able to paint so beautifully! 🙂

      I will adding one last beach post to the blog very soon. We had a wonderful, restful, and enjoyable visit. Now it is time to put things back in order at home and return to work tomorrow. Have a wonderful week Kendal. 🙂 xxx

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