Finn, Pearl and Gertie on Vacation……..Where?


Finn and his pup Fetch are reassuring their sisters Pearl (white sandals) and Gertie (blue sandals) that everything is okay.  Both girls were alarmed because they woke up in a new and different place.  Finn explained to them that sometimes Mommy is able to take a vacation with Daddy and that she likes to bring a few of the Sasha Shangri-La family members along to have fun!  Finn pointed out that is why they have their summer fun clothes on! 🙂


This is the first sunrise we saw at the beach. 🙂

Rick and I took an early morning stroll on the beach with sweet Shelby. This is her first road trip and first beach beach trip and she did incredibly well on the 9 hour trip. She also loves the sand at the beach but not so much the water. 🙂

The walkway from the beach and our house is the dark gold colored one on the left. 🙂

Finn at the beach later in the afternoon. The sun was very hot and bright!  His shorts were made by Dollydoodles. His leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Finn loves the beach! He visited Cassie Rogers at the beach last month in Santa Monica, California and was able to see the Pacific Ocean.  Now he is in Corolla located along the Outer Banks of North Carolina and he is seeing the Atlantic Ocean. I think Finn could be a beach boy very easily. 🙂

Finn asked for a map to show Pearl and Gertie where they were and I found one! 🙂

Corolla is located at the northern end of the Outer Banks. 🙂

Today Pearl and Gertie were playing in the kitchen.  I think they are enjoying their vacation! Pearl’s red blouse and striped shorts set were made by Millie Dingham.  Gertie’s red shorts were made by JoAnn Staricha and both pairs of leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. 🙂

Pearl said she was having a great time at the beach!  Gertie said that it was her turn to go to the beach today. 🙂

Pearl is happy for Gertie. The day is lovely and Pearl will go to the beach tomorrow. 🙂

At the beach, Gertie rests with my dear hubby and he is keeping her from getting too much sand in her clothes!

Gertie is so happy, she loves the ocean! ❤


The ocean is very nice today. 🙂

Rick and our son Luke are really enjoying the water. 🙂

Back home it is time to get lunch.  Gertie is looking for Pearl. 😉

There you are dear Pearl! You will love the beach!  Thank you Sis, I think so too! ❤

What a nice day today is and we are grateful to be able to share happy times together on vacation. 🙂 xxx

15 thoughts on “Finn, Pearl and Gertie on Vacation……..Where?

  1. Lovely! It’s so nice to be beside the seaside, isn’t it! And the kids are obviously having a super time, I hope you adults do too 🙂

  2. I love seeing the photos of where you all are on the Outer Banks. What an idyllic spot, I can almost hear the waves and smell the air. I really loved the photos of Gertie at the beach, what a lucky girl she is and in such excellent company with Finn and Pearl.

    • Hi Janet! Thank you for the nice comments! We made it home safely and I thought I should catch up on the blog. The Outer Banks were so good to us this year! Perfect weather and no one received sunburns which is nice since we are fair skinned and tend to burn easily.

      Gertie had a wonderful trip and became a lot closer to Pearl and Finn. I have to say that she missed Heidi and so they are back together now and catching up on what they each missed during this past week. It was a wonderful trip!!! ❤ xxx

  3. So cute Ginger! Yes, Finn could easily be a beach boy. I am sure all the sashas that went along with you and your family are having a great time 🙂

    • Thanks Laura! You are very correct. We all had a great time and it went by very quickly. Isn’t that always the case when you are having wonderful times together. Thank you for writing! 🙂 xxx

  4. ‘My Sasha Brood and I’ SO wish that we were there too as it all looks to be magnificent!! How wonderful to have a holiday house next to the Atlantic Ocean ….although I’d unfortunately have to be under shade (like the Sasha Dolls) for most of the time with suffering from skin Cancer.
    Must be a real treat though for Finn, Pearl and new Gertie to be there with you. They certainly look perfectly dressed for the holiday in their shorts, tops and JJ sandles.
    Hope that they have bought their buckets and spades to build some sand castles for us to see and admire.
    Adore Gertie’s sweet and much younger look here. Her plaits too look so real with those escaping wisps of hair.
    Pearl, enjoy your turn at the beach tomorrow..

    • Kendal, I would love for you and your Sasha brood to have been there with us! Not only would you and I get to finally meet one another face to face but we would have a fabulous Sasha time with our Sashas!!! I hope that we will be able to meet one day! 🙂

      Gertie enjoyed her time of play and wearing the shorts but she will be picking out a dress to wear very soon. She prefers dresses! Pearl loved her day at the beach and there will be a few photos of her beach time to share soon. While all of us are fair skinned, Pearl and Finn are nice and tan and have no worries about too much sun. 😉

      Thank you for the lovely comments about their outfits and JJ sandals. I am fortunate to have a few pairs of JJ shoes and it is nice to share them on the blog. The day I took Finn to the beach, I returned home early since it was very hot. When I rolled Finn out of his towel, he was wearing only one sandal and I immediately back tracked all of my steps to the beach and luckily found it in another beach bag. I was so relieved and I was much more careful after that episode! 🙂 xxx

  5. Dear Ginger,

    I am so pleased that you enjoy my comments, but honestly the pleasure is mine. It is so nice to know that there is someone who shares my love and joy for these exceptional dolls, who is just a “few hills” away.

    Back in the 90’s when the the new Gotz Sasha’s came out, it was so exciting to learn that yes, you could find the older dolls on Ebay, and that there was a whole world of doll play and clothes out there that I had thought had, (except for the American Girls and Barbie), all but vanished. But despite spending way too much money to re-energize my Sasha love, the enjoyment of my wonderful dolls was still an isolated and quiet thing, and though clearly there were others who shared it, we did it alone.

    In that aspect, I am even more grateful to you, as a casual, one lazy day search under “Sasha dolls,” revealed your wonderful blog to me, and in one exciting fell swoop transported me into a community where my secret play was celebrated in beautiful pictures, happy dolls and doll mothers, and creative stories of imagination and enchantment. So thank you, for showing me a world where we can all share our dolls and their adventures once again.

    Thank you also for your story about your favorite aunt. Being an aunt myself, it was a lovely thing to hear. No, I do not mind at all if you wish to call me”Mami.” It is what me, my sister and brother and I called my mother for years, and though most of my doll children seem to like Marmee, there is still a Mami in there now and again. The interesting thing is, that while all the Sasha children have origins in Switzerland, my little Theresa, is the only doll that I actually found and bought in Switzerland, so she is a double Swiss girl, I guess, and to her, Mami is always who I’ll be.

    On to this post. What a lovely story! And what a wonderful new experience for Gertie! Imagine coming from the towering Alps of Switzerland, to the beautiful blue water and sand of the beach that just stretches out forever, and it seems that your whole family absolutely adores her. I can’t wait for sweet little Pearl to see the Ocean too, or any other sight-seeing that she might be taken on. How very sweet of Finn to help reassure his new sisters and get them into the joys of their exciting new adventure.

    The holiday clothes that they are all wearing are just adorable. Your cottage looks very nice and cosy, and your photographs are just stunning, only enhanced with the occasional insertion of your lovely Sasha children. They look so happy and peaceful. I hope that you all continue to have an amazing and relaxing vacation.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Hugs and Kisses,

    Elisabeth (Mami) and the Fern Woods Family

    • Hello dear Elisabeth and the kids here at Sasha Shangri-La all would all love to call you Mami! ❤ We think both of your names are lovely! Gertie sends her special hugs to you and little Theresa. ❤

      Thank you for sharing how you found us here on the blog. It is wonderful that you searched and found other kindred spirits with a deep affection for Sasha dolls. I think it is just so nice that we can share our photos and our thoughts in a way that reaches out with kindness to those living around the world. I like to think that Sasha Me rgenthaler herself would appreciate this too. 🙂 Some of my nearest and dearest Sasha friends I have yet to meet face to face but I love hearing from them and learning so much about these incredible dolls. They are very special people! ❤

      The happy trio of Sasha dolls that traveled to the beach this past week had a most wonderful time with the family. My dear husband is very supportive of the Sasha family and my sons are understanding as well. We all have collections that are meaningful to us which helps with understanding one another and what is important to us. I am so happy you enjoyed the holiday posts and I have one more to make. Have a great week Elisabeth and your Fern Woods family. 🙂 xxx

  6. Love your blog, Ginger. What a wonderful vacation all of you had and I was pleasantly surprised to see Gertie wearing the shorts I made. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing them in their dresses! and to Elisabeth: Lovely story and thank you for sharing!

    • Hi JoAnn and thank you! We did have a great vacation and your shorts are just so nice and we wear them often! I will be posting them in dresses very soon. Elisabeth will be so happy to read your kind comments. 🙂 xxx

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