Brunettes and Barn


A very beautiful, past weekend with warm, sunny days led me to take Jessie and Adeline outdoors for photos.  I used one of the barns as a rustic backdrop to contrast with these fine and lovely girls and their outfits.

Jessie is wearing a new, pretty pink and red Ruthsdolls outfit that I was lucky to find on Shelly’s site.  I added pale pink knitted socks and found red leather shoes made by Ruthsdolls that came with a Christmas outfit.  I borrowed them to go with Jessie’s new outfit. 🙂

Adeline, on the right, is wearing a dress made by Maureen Hallenbeck and I had previously shown Adeline in this outfit.  I have not changed it because I do love it on Adeline and she looks so nice next to Jessie and in her new outfit. 🙂


Jessie and Adeline are both 1967 NPs from the English Production. I love that they both have their own “look” and also love Jessie’s bobbed hair cut. ❤


Sisters having good conversation together. 🙂


Jessie holding her favorite white bear that was gifted to her upon her arrival at Sasha Shangri-La by Zoey and Tilly. 🙂


Adeline holds her favorite “lovie” toy which is a soft, sock monkey. 🙂


Jessie shown alone but somehow, she does not look as sad as perhaps she did when she first came to the farm. 😉


Jessie up close for you to see. ❤


Adeline, my sweet Adeline. ❤


A closer view of Adeline for you to see. 🙂


A last photo of Jessie and Adeline and they are sending you big Sasha hugs and wishing you a most wonderful and beautiful first week of May! 🙂 xxx

14 thoughts on “Brunettes and Barn

  1. Both girls are absolutely gorgeous Ginger, and so beautifully dressed too. Brunettes look so pretty in red, it really brings out their eyes 🙂
    Thank you for sharing them with us!
    Hugs sharon xx

  2. I love how these two girls, Jessie and Adeline are the same but different ! 🙂 that is the joy of these Sasha’s, each having their own style that shines through.
    Both look lovely in their dresses and pinnies and I love their little basket to hold their Bear and Monkey.
    The barn backdrop looks to be a great place to use for Sasha/Gregor staging, it can be hard to find something new close to home.
    A lovely post Ginger Thank you for sharing 🙂 xxx

    • Hi Dee and thank you! Yes, I love their individual looks too. I was happy to find the barn backdrop and will use it again. It was a real gift to find it close by. I will keep looking and might find another special spot! 🙂 xxx

  3. Jessie and Adeline, you are both such pretty girls and I love your outfits. Thank you for sharing your favourite toys with us and do enjoy the lovely weather. xxx

    • Thank you Janet! So glad you enjoyed the post! We are having beautiful weather though actually quite hot in the late afternoon and getting into the 80’s. Hopefully, the perfect days with the highs in the 70’s will return while we are still in the Spring season! 🙂 xx

  4. It’s always a delight to see a couple of dolls from the same era together as it highlights these ‘from the same mould’ doll’s totally individual looks.
    I love comparing their two different expressions here… from Adeline’s self-assured and totally happy with life to Jessie’s sad and still fearful of what life holds for her…. though I’m sure that it won’t be too long now before she will cheer up once she realises what a wonderful family and Sasha environment she has come to live in.
    I’ve always admired photos taken against natural wood/bark backgrounds as it so emphasises these beautiful dolls to the full.
    Great outfits!
    Many thanks girls for your week’s good wishes.
    (PS. If I HAD to choose only one to keep it would be Jessie with her bobbed hair, wider, slightly concave face and ‘nearly-in-tears’ expression as my favourite of the two…. though please don’t tell them.)

    • Hi Kendal and thank you! I am glad you enjoyed seeing this pair of 67 brunettes together. I really like the way you described their facial expressions which is exactly as I see them too. I did think that perhaps Jessie was a bit less sad in these photos but it will take a long time, I think, for her to cheer up! 😉

      I particularly like the background of the barn wall and it just happened that my husband had placed cinderblocks to act as steps to the door’s ledge. That placement of block allowed me to sit on the lower “step” and place Jessie and Adeline on the upper “step”. This turned out to be the perfect level to photograph them while sitting comfortably! I was very happy to discover it and will keep looking for other promising locations for photo taking outdoors on the farm. 🙂

      Thank you too for the extra note about Jessie. I also agree with you about her expression and promise not to tell! Jessie has totally captured my heart with her sad and soulful expression. She did this immediately on Shelly’s site but when she came out of the shipping box, I was a “goner” so to speak. ❤ xxx

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