Hi, It’s Me! Gracie! Psssssst, Don’t Tell Mummy Pretty, Pretty, Please!!

Hi everyone, it is me, Gracie! I am really having fun here at the Sasha Shangri-La farm playing with my brothers and sisters each and every day!  Mummy bought me a new dress that was made by Auntie Diane Duke in the UK. But Mummy made me wait ever so long, an eternity really, to open the shipping package.  Mummy would reassure me that she loves me and that she wants me to see my new dress but then she would kiss me, gently put me in my chair, and tell me goodbye.  Mummy would then leave and go someplace called “work”.  She spends ever so much time there at “work” and she is not here with me!   I really do not think it is fair to all of us here on the farm because we want Mummy to be with us each and every day and all of the time!

So, I am writing today and Mummy is not here at all.  She left her Ipad on her bed and well, you all know by now that I have memorized her passwords, so I am blog posting for my dear sweet Mummy to help free up her time and then she will be with us even more!!   We love and miss you Mummy, come home please, please. Pretty please with sugar on top! ❤

Here I am again and I want you to see how Mummy “reads” her books most of the time. This is an Ipad and Mummy purchases audible books that are narrated and she listens to them often. Mummy says it helps her because she listens on her drive to “work” and back home plus Mummy listens at home because she says it frees-up her eyes and hands up so that she can spend more time with me–Gracie!!!  Oh, and also with everyone else living here too!  It is hard to sit still while Mummy is away but I do try so very, very hard to be a good little girl….I just know Mummy will be so happy that I posted her photos for her! 🙂

Mummy is listening to a mystery book by M.C. Beaton and about Agatha Raisin and the reader is Penelope Keith.  I love to hear her voice very much and the sound of it reminds me of other happy places I have been before Mummy adopted me. 🙂

Mummy did dress me in this one piece undergarment, socks and shoes and these were all made by Thu Cuc Faes.  She put this clip in my hair so I am getting an idea of the colors that I will see in my new dress! I can hardly wait!!!!! 🙂

Just lookie!!!  Mummy opened the package and look at the pretty colors in my new dress!  Plus, look, look, a present from Auntie Diane just for me, Gracie!   How very sweet of Auntie Diane!  Thank you! ❤

Mummy took this close up photo so you can see how happy I am! 🙂

I asked Mummy if I could open my present first and she said yes!!!   I wonder what is inside???

Oh my, it is a perfect, pink teddy bear and it is just for me! I love this teddy so very much! Thank you Auntie Diane!!! ❤

The gift bag is so very pretty with its floral pattern and I think it makes a lovely hat! Don’t you??? 🙂

I feel like such a big girl wearing my new hat!  How happy am I. 🙂

Here is my new dress! Isn’t it so very pretty and it is so soft too! 🙂

I am such a happy Gracie now! Look at Auntie Diane’s tag.  It has a flower on it!  I love all of my new things very much! ❤


Mummy asked me to put my new hat away for some photos that will show my pretty  hair clip. 🙂

My pink teddy feels so soft too. I am one happy girl! 🙂

Mummy says that she loves taking photos of me!  I like it too! 🙂

A last photo taken on Mummy’s bed. Next, we are going to show a few photos of me standing up! 🙂

Hi again, it’s me Gracie and I am standing up like a big girl! 🙂

Isn’t it nice how good you feel inside when you wear a new dress? I feel very happy! 🙂

A nice full length view of me Gracie! 🙂

Teddy and I want to thank you for visiting us today and for not telling Mummy! I think she will be so happy when she comes home from “work” and sees how her little Gracie has helped her once again!  Maybe we will “read” a book together! 🙂

Teddy and I are sending you big hugs and loving wishes for the rest of the week to come.  Much love coming from us to you!!  I hope Mummy comes home soon! ❤ xxx

17 thoughts on “Hi, It’s Me! Gracie! Psssssst, Don’t Tell Mummy Pretty, Pretty, Please!!

  1. Hello Gracie – what a helpful girl you are being for mummy. I know she is so busy and she will be oh so pleased with you when she gets home. I’m glad you like your dress and thought you would like the teddy to match it. Every little girl, and boy, should have a teddy …. Or three! Auntie Di xxxxx

    • Hello Auntie Diane! Mummy was very happy to get home yesterday and she liked my post! She did say that I should ask permission first but she smiled when she read it!!! I love Teddy very much, he is my best bed buddy now, thank you Auntie Diane! 🙂 xxx

  2. Not only are Gracie’s dressing skills (due to her ever increasing wardrobe) improving on a daily basis but it seems her IT skills are now almost on a par with mine in spite of the 73 years age differenced!
    One very clever little tot. Her future nursery school will be ‘over the moon’ to enrol such an A* student.

    • Thank you Kendal and I can only imagine what Gracie would do in a nursery school classroom. She would love it very much with new friends to meet and new things to do. I must keep a better eye out for her though. She is a handful but such a love! ❤ xxx

  3. Gracie you are a little Imp! Poor Mummy just going off to that place called work so that she can buy you all these pretty clothes!
    and what a pretty dress she’s bought from Auntie Diane for you to wear. You are a very lucky little Miss.
    Love auntie Dee xx

    • Hi auntie Dee! Thank you for liking my new dress! I do feel lucky inside most of the time but I miss Mummy so much that the lucky feelings seem to go away. Mummy has asked me to not post to the blog unless she is home. I am going to try real hard to be good! Love, Gracie ❤ xxx

  4. Gracie you’re such a good little girl doing this for your mummy, I bet she was ever so happy when she came home and found that she could just relax and enjoy your company rather than have to get on her ipad and put on the photos of you in your new outfit 🙂 And what a lovely outfit it is too, you look very snuggly and warm in such a nicely knitted dress 🙂

    • Thank you auntie Sharon! I love my new dress too and it is very warm and oh so soft. ❤ Mummy was happy I posted to her blog but she did ask me to make sure she is home next time before I post again. I am going to be a very good girl from now on! I just love Mummy so much! ❤ xxx

  5. Hello Gracie, you cheeky little mite! You look so cosy in your lovely woolly dress and I love your pink teddy, one of my Sashas has one too! xx

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