No Navels in the Snow

There are two no navel Gotz Sasha dolls that live here at Sasha Shangri-La. I haven’t shown this sweet pair in a while and they were both getting stir crazy! So, here they are! 🙂

Hazel is sitting in the sled and sister Sarah is pulling her…or trying to pull her! We are very happy that the snow stopped falling and the beautiful sun peeked out today! 🙂

These girls look so small compared to their snowy landscape. Their sled tended to sink into the deep snow.

So they tried some of the areas where the snow was compacted by tire treads.

This worked much better! 🙂

Wee!!!!! They love the snow! ❤

A last look at the snowy scenery.

My son was outdoors with me to help shake the snow off of the lower tree limbs. So he took a photo of Mom with a very big smile and having a great day outdoors with Sasha dolls. A very happy Mom thanks you for visiting and wishes you a happy weekend!!! 🙂 xxx

23 thoughts on “No Navels in the Snow

  1. Looks beautiful, if not a tad cold 😉 glad to see the girls are wrapped up warm in sensible clothes. Lovely to get to see you too, keep enjoying and sharing your fun x

  2. Snow always looks beautiful until you need to travel in it, but it was great to see your two no navel girls getting outside for some fun with the sled. Looks like Mum enjoyed herself too! :)xxx

    • We had a good time Dee! It has been unusual for us to have this much snow at one time. The weather is warming up now so it will be melting in the next few days. Thank you for the lovely comments! 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Ronnie! It is unbelievable to have this much snow! I am happy now because they just now turned our electricity back on! Yeah, after three days, we have power! 🙂 xxx

  3. What super snowy photos Ginger, I loved them…..there is something completely magical about snowy scenes like these…until that is you have to live with them for weeks at a time, but I did love seeing them and the girls enjoying their time playing in the snow. They look very warmly dressed too.
    You look great too Ginger, and again nice and warmy dressed….I hope you all had a lovely day! 🙂
    Hugs Sharon xxx

    • Thank you Sharon! We had a great, fun time in the snow and it was just as nice to go back inside to warm up!! I am usually shy about photos of me but I had encouragement this time from my son. What a great day! 🙂 xxx

  4. Hi Ginger, while you’re enjoying deep snow with your no navel Sasha dolls we’ve had real spring here today in middle England (even 2 daffodils out in my garden, plus crocuses). I hung the washing out for the first time this year and it almost dried in the sunshine and breeze.
    Lovely snowy pictures. I believe we’ve in for more rain this coming week, but at least the weekend so far has been spring like.

    • How wonderful to see the beautiful signs of Spring!!! The daffodils and crocuses are such a welcome sight and laundry hung outside has the most clean and freshest smell of all. So nice that you have your Spring starting now! I think ours will be delayed for a while longer. Thank you for writing about your sunny days! My Finn sends his happy regards to you! 🙂 xxx

  5. What a super LOT of SNOW! I haven’t seen quite so much in a long time. Great to see you and two of your No-navel girls warmly dressed and out enjoying this treat.
    It’s hard to believe your weather over there whilst we are enjoying brilliant sunshine, although there is still a bitterly cold north wind. Luckily it’s just like a Summer’s day though when I’m in the conservatory.

    Pleased to hear that your power’s back on. Take care, keep wam and thanks for the weekend’s good wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal and we did enjoy our short but fun outing. It looks like you may be enjoying the perks of Spring before we do which will be so nice for you and your Sasha brood. So wonderful to have a conservatory and I remember your photos showing that lovely area of your home. ❤

      Yes, our power has finally returned and things are getting back to normal. What a welcomed event! 🙂 xxx

  6. Lovely Ginger, they really look like little children playing in the snow and I love the photo of you with them at the end xx

    • Thank you Janet! So glad you enjoyed the snowy post of the no navel girls. Happy too that you liked my photo though I was ever so hestant to show it, my son gave me just the right bit of encouragement to post it no matter my reservations. 🙂 xxx

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