Zurcher Spielzeugmuseum – The Real Sasha Shangri-La


At the end of the holiday in Italy last year, Tricia and I were able to go to Switzerland and have a wonderful visit with Brigitte.   Brigitte was a kind and generous hostess and on our last day we traveled to Zürich.  After stashing our luggage in lockers at the station, Brigitte led us to the wonderful museum featuring Sasha Morgenthaler creations. (Link below)

We had another very interesting visit in Zurich, after the museum, but that will be shared in a separate post since this museum post is very lengthy. I hope you will prepare a cup of tea and enjoy these photos.  If you have seen them before, perhaps these images will revive your interest, show you a different angle or a different lighting, and provide you additional and renewed insights to the delightful talents of Sasha Morgenthaler.


The fantastic displays in the museum are encased in glass and so there will be reflections plus you will see the back of some dolls that are facing outwards on the opposite side. These photos are not in a logical order and you might see a head shot later in the photo lineup from the full length photos. Also, please be tolerant of the photos that are a product of my camera phone and my very shaky hands in nervous excitement of actually being there in Zurich, in person, and with so many studio dolls!   I hope you will be able to enjoy your visit as you see the inspirational Sasha studio dolls in abundance and Serie dolls as well. The real Sasha Shangri-La.

The Prince.

A four legged beauty.

Boys galore and don’t you love seeing them all together?  Each one is very unique and so charming.  One thoughtful girl in bright pink towers in the background and a friendly zebra nudges the barefoot boy.

A poorly captured Pierrot to the right of the photo and a divine bebe propped up on an upper pedestal.

A beautiful bebe.

The fabulous existentialist girl and boy.

An oh so sweet child in dungarees and striped shirt.

A remarkable blonde boy and girl. Her coat is a work of art by itself.

A closer photo of the girl in bright pink. I can’t help but notice the lovely waist tie of the blonde girl from the back.

Tools of Sasha’s trade.

A most handsome boy in brown corduroy trousers and black jacket. Even the small Steiff bear with his mouth open looks to be amazed to see such a fine boy.

I love this beautiful blonde girl with her plaits and holding on to bebe dear. So very touching.

A beautiful head painted by Sasha and would be an A-I studio doll if joined to the proper body.  Such beautiful painting on this tricot covered mold and lovely red hemp wig.

A photo of a working table which I think would’ve been in Sasha’s studio.

A head mold.

Another photo of this precious pair or should I say trio?

An amazing Japanese girl dated 1952.  A most beautiful child looking so serene.

The existentalist pair in these two photos. I struggled with the glare and I hope you can especially see the wonderful boy and his purple corduroy slacks, purple and white striped top with scarf, plus a smart shiny black jacket with matching hat.  The girl is equally beautifully dressed with her fur coat, colorful scarf, slim white slacks and sleek black boots.

Close up of the handsome boy wearing the brown corduroy trousers.

A sweet girl in her apron and sandals. You can see the rick rack trim on her undergarment that is typically seen on Sasha’s undergarments.

Yes, another angle of this happy girl and bebe.

A card game created by Sasha Morgenthaler.

An unexpected Kathe Kruse wide hipped girl stands behind a delightful doll house and to our left of these two lovely studio dolls.  The girl with the plaits is a favorite of mine.

I could have spent hours absorbing this display alone.  As you can see, all children love a doll house.

I was delighted to see these two lovely Munich Art dolls.  I think this was my first time to see a Munich Art Doll in person though I have seen them in books and in several Theriault’s auction catalogs.

How lovely to see these girls shopping and looking so beautiful in their corduroy dresses.

Amazing displays.

This pretty girl, in her checked gingham dress, looks at home with other dollies of days gone by.

A tilt of her head and her high arched brow both speak to me as to say that she is inquisitive and observant.

A little angel all in white is tucked sweetly into this corner.

A biography and timeline for Sasha Morgenthaler.

An existentialist look to this pale girl in black sweater and slacks with a discreet scarf wound at the neckline.

A most beautiful girl wearing a remarkable dress with the fabric flowing on a diagonal in the center while the white lines of the fabric draw our attention to her neckline, cuffs and hemline. A most wonderful creation!

A pale girl wearing a fabulous creation of a maxi coat in leather with matching slacks, belt and boots and a white knitted top. She has a wistful and far away expression.

A sweet child in white with a remarkable hat.

A very pale and serious girl wearing a stunning white dress.

Photographs of Sasha and her family and at work.

A print of a painting by Ernst Morgenthaler illustrating his wife, Sasha, her sons, and the housekeeper in the background.

A perfectly pouty brunette in a pale pink dress that reminds me of the Serie brunette girl’s dress called “Party Pink”.

A serious and thoughtful child.  Several more close up photos.

A lovely display of Sasha vinyl dolls.  The round platforms rotate in circles to help you see all the dolls.

A gorgeous girl.

I am showing this most beautiful Sasha Studio girl with her very full plaits once again.  Her green eyes are perfect with her green printed dress. I love her ribbons too.  I love everything about her.

A handsome red headed boy.

Her lovely white dress with lace trimming on the bodice, cuffs, and hemline accentuates the diagonal patterned fabric. Her brown hair, eyes, necklace, sash, and shoes all make for a perfect picture of this beautiful girl.

Two beautiful girls in lovely white gowns.

A dreamy expression with this beautiful girl and she has a wax-like appearance to her face.

Additional photos of the vinyl dolls and outfits.

There were many fantastic antique dolls on display.

A lovely Sasha Doll tucked beside a most interesting train display.

Look here! A Gregor waving to get our attention.

Additional lovely Kathe Kruse dolls.

Baby Sasha waiting for his stroll.

As you can see it is an extraordinary museum and I would love to spend much more time there to really see and think about the amazing displays of dolls and toys.

A couple of Lenci dolls among doll friends.

A towering and full doll house is a wonderful backdrop for our beloved Sasha dolls.

I took a few photos of Zürich from the museum window.

Upstairs the displays continue of space toys and familiar toys to include Star Wars.

A wonderful poster on display.

A happy surprise to see these two Sasha babies sitting in a cradle tucked away on a side shelf.

I hope you have enjoyed this post of remarkable Sasha dolls along with the other lovely dolls and toys found in our human history.  I am so grateful to Brigitte for her warm hospitality extended to Tricia and me during our stay and for bringing us to the toy museum in Zurich.  This visit will forever stay with me in my heart.

Edith Welcomes a Kruse Cousin ❤️


A quick post as Edith extends the arm of friendship towards a new family member joining our Kruse clan cousins here on Cow Creek, Lost Horizon Farm. 🙂


“Hello there shy one.  My name is Edith.  What is your name?”


“Hello Edith. My name is Ingrid.  It is nice to meet you.  You are very pretty Edith.”  “Thank you Ingrid, you are very pretty too!  Look, we have matching boo boos on our hands.  My boo boo is on the right hand and your boo boo is on your left hand.  But together, we can do anything.” ❤


A waterlogue image for you to enjoy.  I think Edith and Ingrid are going to be very close cousins.  Thank you for visiting the blog and have a wonderful week! 🙂 xxx



Happy Father’s Day



Happy Father’s Day to all of our “fathers” in our lives.   Have a blessed day everyone. ❤ xxx

Note: The tall boy on the left is an early cloth doll made by Kathe Kruse and is known as a German grandchild.  His name is Freddy.  The curly redheaded boy is made of felt and was made by R. John Wright.  His name is Scott.  The tiny blonde boy is made of felt and was also made by R. John Wright.  His name is Cole.  Lastly, is the vinyl boy made in 1967 and he is an NP Sasha doll.  His name is Finn.  I love them all but Finn has my heart completely. ❤

Abby and Gertie in new dresses


This is Abby, an early Sasha studio doll with a cloth face and yarn braids. She has a type A body and a facemask I, and so she is an AI studio doll. Abby’s limbs were replaced by Trudi Loffler and I have her original worn limbs stored away.  I love this beautiful girl. ❤

Abby’s sweet face was painted by Sasha herself and most of us that love Sasha studio dolls can see her hand there—I love Abby’s face. ❤

Abby is wearing a new dress made by the Kathe Kruse factory.  Her nice leather, navy sandals were made by Thu Cuc Faes.   I think she looks lovely in blue. 🙂

The outfit came in this useful garment bag with labeled wooden hanger and a cute shoulder bag that I forgot to take out.  It is nice to know that this size of a Kathe Kruse dress (45-48 cm) will fit a Sasha studio doll or a course doll. 🙂

Abby with her flower basket. 🙂

A side view of sweet Abby. ❤

A full length view of Abby.

Next is dear little Gertie wearing a new summer frock. 🙂

Gertie is wearing a dainty white eyelet blouse with a round collar and puffy sleeves. The blouse came with another outfit and I like it teamed with this pale blue and pink summer dress with pink flowers vining down both sides.  Both pieces are untagged and are from Shelly’s site. 🙂

Gertie loves her ragbaby gifted to her by her twin sister Edith and Edith’s Mommy, Janet.  Her white leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. ❤

Gertie up close. ❤

Not the best of light but I tried to show Gertie with one of the few remaining lilies. The resident deer population continues to pluck up the lillies during the night and eat them so we are usually left with just the stems.  I imagine that they taste sweet and are maybe a dessert for them. 🙂

Some watercolors (computer made) to enjoy. 🙂

Gertie. ❤

Abby ❤

Abby and I want to thank you for visiting with us here at Sasha Shangri-La. We wish you a beautiful week to come! 🙂 xxx