Abby and Gertie in new dresses

This is Abby, an early Sasha studio doll with a cloth face and yarn braids. She has a type A body and a facemask I, and so she is an AI studio doll. Abby’s limbs were replaced by Trudi Loffler and I have her original worn limbs stored away.  I love this beautiful girl. ❤

Abby’s sweet face was painted by Sasha herself and most of us that love Sasha studio dolls can see her hand there—I love Abby’s face. ❤

Abby is wearing a new dress made by the Kathe Kruse factory.  Her nice leather, navy sandals were made by Thu Cuc Faes.   I think she looks lovely in blue. 🙂

The outfit came in this useful garment bag with labeled wooden hanger and a cute shoulder bag that I forgot to take out.  It is nice to know that this size of a Kathe Kruse dress (45-48 cm) will fit a Sasha studio doll or a course doll. 🙂

Abby with her flower basket. 🙂

A side view of sweet Abby. ❤

A full length view of Abby.

Next is dear little Gertie wearing a new summer frock. 🙂

Gertie is wearing a dainty white eyelet blouse with a round collar and puffy sleeves. The blouse came with another outfit and I like it teamed with this pale blue and pink summer dress with pink flowers vining down both sides.  Both pieces are untagged and are from Shelly’s site. 🙂

Gertie loves her ragbaby gifted to her by her twin sister Edith and Edith’s Mommy, Janet.  Her white leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen. ❤

Gertie up close. ❤

Not the best of light but I tried to show Gertie with one of the few remaining lilies. The resident deer population continues to pluck up the lillies during the night and eat them so we are usually left with just the stems.  I imagine that they taste sweet and are maybe a dessert for them. 🙂

Some watercolors (computer made) to enjoy. 🙂

Gertie. ❤

Abby ❤

Abby and I want to thank you for visiting with us here at Sasha Shangri-La. We wish you a beautiful week to come! 🙂 xxx

14 thoughts on “Abby and Gertie in new dresses

  1. Two very lovely girls who look beautiful in their dresses. Abby definitely suits blue, she looks like she enjoys living in the country and is about to go and gather a bunch of flowers for her basket.

    • Thank you Lorraine! Abby was happy to go outdoors which doesn’t happen often mainly due to her size and that she requires a doll stand to photograph standing up. It was fun to redress her in a new outfit and color. 🙂 xxx

  2. Cute Abby in her outfit! I A B S O L U T E L Y L O V E Gertie! She’s a dream kid and her dress is to die for! Perfect! Thanks for sharing Ginger xx

    • Hi Sarah and thank you for the lovely comments! Gertie is a special girl and I am really enjoying my time with her and trying on different outfits. I am glad I captured her in this dear little dress because Fall season is fast approaching and the colors and fabrics will be changing soon. 🙂 xxx

  3. Both girls do look lovely Ginger, their dresses are pretty….they look fresh and bright. I love anything with blues in them, blue being my favourite colour, there are so many lovely shades of blue to choose from!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx

  4. It’s always exciting when you come across a fact like that a well known doll clothes manufacture’s clothing fits other dolls, especially a rarity like your AI studio girl!
    I only know of one other collector who has one of these very first Studio Dolls…. and that’s of course Dawn Law. (I was there with her at the time that her doll was discovered to be this wonderful doll.)
    That coloured floral dress is just the ideal colour for Gertie and her beautiful blue eyes.
    I can’t wait to have Janet paint me up a replica Gertie face. At the moment I’m still resourcing a suitable doll and luckily already have a Pintuck’s wig in my wig box.

    Thanks for the next week’s good wishes. We always enjoy visiting here.

    • I remember your photo of Dawn Law’s early studio girl. She is a beautiful Sasha studio doll and how exciting to learn this after thinking you had a course doll. A dream come true! ❤

      Gertie does look her best in blue! Janet's original dress on her was perfect for her. I am so very happy you will be adding a Gertie sister to your brood. The pintuck's wig is perfect and Gertie's wig had a bit of color added to it. Thank you Kendal for your lovely comments. ❤ xxx

  5. Isn’t Abby amazing Ginger. I love that her braided hair is fine wool, she is a very early Studio I believe, from the late 40’s? The dress you found for her is such a prefect fit and I love the hat too. I must look out for an outfit for my girl. Gertie, what can I say….I think you are my best repaint and I am always amazed when I see your face ❤ I love that pretty dress with the embroidered side panels. Perfect for those hot WV summers.

    • Yes, I think Abby is amazing and she is very early, the 1940’s. It is nice to have a Kruse outfit or two on hand for the studio or course dolls. They are well made and nice fabrics too. 🙂

      Gertie has capured my heart and will not let go! So I have completely surrendered and just love her! She is a joy to dress and photograph. I think her little summer frock suits her well. Thank you for the very kind comments too! ❤ xxx

  6. What lovely new outfits for your girls. It’s so good when you find something that’s a good fit for a doll . Abby looks lovely in her new blue outfit, love her hat!
    And well Gertie is just a darling and looks good in everything 🙂 xxx

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