A ”Sasha” Bunk Bed

Recently on Facebook, a lady asked about beds for Sasha. i remembered I had bought one some time ago and had not assembled it. So I found the box it was shipped in and pulled it out. Rick kindly put it together for me over the weekend. It is a very nice, sturdy bed.

The end panels are a barn red color. The bed measures 21 inches long by 11.5 inches wide. It is 17 inches tall to the top of the bed post. The bed came with two mattresses and one pillow.

I have no idea when this bed was made but I like the floral pattern. Maybe late 1960’s to mid 1970’s???

Betty Jean is excited about the new bed and wanted to help me show it by modeling for us. Her lovely cardigan was made by Linda Simpson. Her terrific shoes and socks were made by Betsy May. I think her beautiful dress, though untagged, was made by Karen Warnaka.

It is most comfortable according to Betty Jean. Plus just her size. Kids just love the top bunk!

If you look closely next to Betty Jean’s hand, you will see a sweet surprise! The name ”Sasha” is clearly there in a lovely script.

“Sasha” up close.

I don’t think Betty Jean will ever move. She has staked her claim!

Thank you for visiting with us today. Have a great week!

12 thoughts on “A ”Sasha” Bunk Bed

  1. How interesting and what a lovely bed, I don’t blame Betty jean for deciding it’s now her bed :).
    Doe it have a hole in each post ? maybe at the bottom? if so it could have been part of a set of bunkbeds which is why you have two mattresses!
    Either way a lovely bed for the CC Crew xx

    • Thank you Dee, please look at the post again. When I posted it, it omitted about 5 photos! I scampered around to find a way to edit it and I think all the photos are there now. 😬 You will be able to see the bottom bunk now. 😊

      • Lol Thank goodness, I just came back to look again and saw the bunk beds and thought I’d totally missed them first time round and the old brain was playing tricks on me !
        They are lovely and I’m sure the crew will enjoy using them 🙂

      • Thanks Dee. I really panicked when it posted and the photos weren’t there! I appreciate you checking it out again. Your brain is ever sharp my friend! 😊

  2. Oh how wonderful a bed this is for the Sasha doll Ginger! I just love it! The fact that it is solid wood with red panels is a plus. And let’s not forget the Sasha script as well. Is the name Sasha printed anywhere else in the fabric?

    • Thank you Cathy. I did not see the name anywhere else…just the one spot. It is interesting that it is only in one place. I wonder if maybe it was a display. I bought a brunette Gregor from the same person and he had a hole drilled in the bottom on his foot. He is a later boy but I wonder if they could have been part of Sasha displays over the years. 😊

      • Thanks Dee. I have seen a few with a drilled hole in their foot. I bet some stores really had wonderful things in storage after they removed displays. It would be a dream to see the accumulated storage in stores that sold Sasha dolls. Especially in the early days! 😊

  3. A very interesting post and causing a lot of delightfully unanswered questions as to its age etc. and which I hope that other collectors might be able to answer.
    Always love to look back at a little of our doll collecting history.
    Here my bigger Brood kids share a light pinewood Ikea bed whilst the babes sleep in a rocking cot that a German prisoner of war made for my father to give me in the early 1940s…along with a later white wood cot with the high slatted sides to stop them from climbing out.
    Great too to see the stunning Betty-Jean enhancing the post.

    • Thank you Kendal. I hope others help with the questions too. I wonder why the word “Sasha” is printed only once. I at first thought it would be better if the word “Sasha” was printed over and over throughout the entire pattern of the fabric. Now that I think further, it is unique and unexpected to see it only once. Nearly hidden and yet it is there clear to see. A Sasha secret of a sort.

      Your doll beds sound so nice especially the one made by the German POW for you in the 1940’s. A rocking cot is just wonderful for the babies and very special. Glad you noticed Betty Jean. I adopted her soon after the passing of our dear Sasha friend and named this girl in her loving memory. 💖

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