Gwennie – A New Life

Gwennie is very dear to me. She was my first Sasha doll and she is a BIII studio doll. Gwennie is an early studio doll made in the 1940’s to the 1950’s. Her head is made of gypsum and her cloth body is stuffed with wood shavings. Over time, the acid in the shavings weakened her body along with the play wear. Here is a photo of Gwennie taken a few years ago. The following photos show the damages to her body up close. You can see holes and a thinning of the fabric. The fabric was beginning to tear and spilt even just by gently removing an outfit.

I talked with Brigitte Schwitter about Gwennie’s condition and she offered to make a new body for Gwennie. Yay! So, I removed Gwennie’s head with the help of my husband and sent her body to Brigitte. The old body is needed for its inner parts. Brigitte made a wonderful, new body for Gwennie that will last for many years to come. She returned part of the original fabric which will stay with Gwennie and be a part of her history.

Gwennie’s new body! Perfect and strong. Rick and I carefully reattached her beautiful head.

Here is sweet Gwennie today and dressed in a school girl studio outfit that is tagged. She looks so much better with her new sturdy body. I am so grateful to Brigitte for her taking on the task of making this body and doing it so beautifully and expertly. A wonderful outcome!

I can now look forward to dressing Gwennie in different outfits as the seasons come and go. Thank you for visiting with us today. 😊

14 thoughts on “Gwennie – A New Life

  1. Oh WOW! This is so amazing to learn about your very early Gwennie Ginger with a wonderful outcome. I can imagine you are elated to be able to redress your sweet girl without the worry of doing more hard to her delicate body. Was it difficult to attach the head?

    • Thank you Cathy. It was more difficult for us to detach her head because her stringing was very tight. With her new body, the head went back on much easier. Brigitte provided us step by step instructions with photos to show us how to do it. 😊

  2. It’s great when you know someone with background knowledge has taken great care in mending something so precious. You can enjoy dressing her without worrying for years to come now, perfect!

  3. How wonderful that you have been able to have a new body made for her. It must have been worrying before when changing her into new clothes with her fragile body. She is such a treasure.

    • Thank you Lorraine. Yes, I hardly ever touched her and just looked at her in the cabinet. Now she can wear different outfits and I can spend time with her. I think she is a treasure too. 😊

  4. This is such an incredible service for Brigitte to offer, what a fabulous job she has done, now darling Gwennie is like new again. Now you can handle her without the worry of damaging her fragile fabric, I am thrilled for you Ginger ❤

    • Yes, I agree, an incredible service. Brigitte is very skilled and she found the fabric too, another challenge. Gwennie is like new! I am so happy she is fine now and will be just fine for future generations. 😊

  5. How lovely that Brigitte could make a new body for Gwennie and give her a longer happier life. And you and Rick so brave to remove the head first !!
    Gwennie will be able to play and change clothing without fear of bits dropping off. Well done to you all for saving her x

    • Thank you Dee. I do think we were brave as we were clearly novices in the studio doll assembly and disassembly world! I was very nervous taking the head off because her stringing was very tight but putting the head back on was easier for us. Brigitte helped us so much with photos and instructions. I am so glad Gwennie is touchable now and so is she. 😊

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