Please Meet Joseph

This handsome boy came to live here on the farm last year. His name is Joseph. He is a 1968 tiny eyed boy with black non-falling hair.

A close up photo of Joseph.

Bronson has become best friends with Joseph. He has helped him feel welcome.

Joseph is wearing a wonderful blue corduroy outfit made by Ellen Church. i was the lucky winner of Ellen’s creation at a Sasha Festival auction.

Bronson is wearing a nice Sasha Festival outfit that was given to me by a dear friend. Bronson is a 1967 NP boy.

Happy boys!

Some close up photos to show their amazing eyes.

Thank you for visiting us and meeting Joseph. Have a great week ahead.

12 thoughts on “Please Meet Joseph

  1. A lovely handsome lad whose has joined your Co creek Crew Ginger. He looks to already be great mates with Bronson.
    The 68 dolls have beautiful eyes, congratulations on his adoption xx

    • Thank you Dee. I was surprised to win him. He was in a 3 doll lot and I left a bid and forgot about him and the auction. Then I later received the email that I won! How exciting! Then when he arrived, I was even more excited! 😊

  2. WOW Ginger! What gorgeous boys Joseph and Bronson are. They do make wonderful best friends and will have such fun playing on Cow Creek. I do love the delicate facial features that Joseph has. Both are a dream.

    • Thank you Cathy. It was a nice surprise to win Joseph in that auction. I do love the tiny eyed dolls. They are very different than the bigger eyes like Bronson’s. It is so nice to see the differences as well as the likenesses in the paintings. Sasha dolls are just so wonderful. 😊

  3. Congratulations. What a FANTASTIC new addition to your Cow Creek Lads. Wishing him a very happy and wonderful time in his new home. Looking forward to seeing some of their future adventures together.

    • Thank you Kendal. Thank you too for the happy wishes for Joseph. Our weather is improving bit by bit and so I am looking forward to taking photos outdoors. Joseph’s photos were taken on our front porch and it felt good to be in the fresh air. 😊

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