Early Boys Rising Early

The boys insisted on going outdoors early today before the rains came and poured and poured.   We dressed in summer clothes and sandals, rounded up our puppies, and grabbed our camera.  We heard the thunder rumbling in the distance and even felt its  vibrations under our feet as the dark clouds rolled over our blue skies.  We managed to dodge the raindrops and snap a few photos before dashing indoors.

Most of you know Finn, a 1967 Frido NP boy.  The year 1967 was the only year for NP boy production and the boys do not have eyelashes.  The 1967 girls do have lashes.

This brunette boy is Bronson. He is a 1967 NP and luckily, he has non-falling hair.

This handsome lad is Ferris. He is a 1967 NP boy with very different eyes than those belonging to Finn.  Both blonde boys have all platinum hair.  During that year, the blonde boys were either all platinum blonde or all a darker, golden blonde.

Here are the 1967 NP boys living at Sasha Shangri-La.

I am very fond of these lads.

Close up photos of these dear lads.  I like to see the eye painting up close.

Bronson’s eyes and brows are very bold and nice.

My beloved Finn…so sweet.

More close up photos.

Bronson is wearing a navy gilet by Dollydoodles, colorful  shorts by Lorraine Tyler, and navy leather sandals by Jean Jensen. His pup is Woody, a carved wooden dog.

Finn is holding his favorite pup named Fetch.  Finn is wearing a Sashapotamus t-shirt, a Levi denim vest, wonderful flag shorts by Lorraine Tyler, and light blue leather Birkenstocks  by Marti Murphy.

Now, we have Ferris wearing a t-shirt by Sashapotamus (yes, Ferris is extremely intelligent and loves chemistry), fabulous black cargo shorts by Sharon Humphreys, and gold leather sandals by Jean Jensen.  His blonde puppy is very clingy and we called him Fido.

Finn, Bronson, Ferris, and I thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for today and the week to come.

Bye bye from all of us here on Cow Creek!

A Waterlogue image of the boys.


12 thoughts on “Early Boys Rising Early

  1. What a handsome trio of lad you have there Ginger. I bet they were so happy to get out and have a little fresh air before the thunder and rain reached Cow Creek and you had to run for cover.
    It was lovely to see the boys enjoying themselves. 🙂 xx

    • Hi Dee and thank you. They insisted because they have been very patient and have waited for quite a while so it was time. But it was worth the wait because we had fun and it was nice to spend time with the boys. 😊 xxx

  2. Those handsome lads have probably caused a few near fainting spells among the young ladies of Sasha Shangri-La! You really have to marvel at Frido’s eye painting talent. Not only did they paint eyes that were just gorgeous, but all so individual as well. I love seeing Bronson because it seems like the brunette NP boys are the rarest of the rare. Love the cute and stylish outfits they are wearing.

    • Yes these boys have captured a few hearts here at Sasha Shangri-La including my own. I love the eye painting on the early dolls. Bronson was a very lucky eBay UK find. He had a ding on his nose and other places too as well as needing a good clean. I could see that he had a bit of a hard ride surviving a rough and tumble life and so he was named Bronson. I fell in love with this dear boy and I no longer see his bumps and bruises but only a handsome, strong boy with a good heart.

      Thank you for the very nice comments Steve. Have a great day. 😊 xxx

  3. All three are ‘truly scrumptious!’ …BUT Bronson has to be my favourite as I adore the brown eyed/brunette haired dolls the VERY best. (Well they say that opposites attract…and I’m blued eyed/fair haired!
    Trendy gear and super pet dogs!
    Thanks for your good wishes for the coming week. Hoping that you all have a fun time after the rain ceases. BTW. WE here are desperately in need of some RAIN as it keeps missing us!

    • Thank you Kendal and Bronson sends his love to you. I am starting to sort out the Sasha clothing with the goal of organization to help better dress the dolls. I think it will be helpful to be able to see the options or possibilities while assembling their outfits. I remain inspired by your wonderful talent of dressing Sasha dolls for many years. Beautiful blog posts!

      I hope you have a nice day. I will do my rain dance here for the rain to come your way and soon! 😊 xxx

      • I’ve always enjoyed dressing my Sasha Dolls over my 22-23 years of collecting.
        It was MUCH harder in those early days when there were no Sasha seamstresses/ Sasha cobblers around displaying their wares… so it was basically just mixing and matching the few Frido basic original clothing, with the addition of the odd bit of home hand-knitting.
        Then Ruth Hartley finally appeared on the internet scene and AWAY I went, spending many hours looking at the print off copies of her outfits from my late father’s works computer, trying to decide just what to buy. (Last year I came across these copied sheets and returned them to Ruth!)

        Please don’t forget about that Rain Dance as we are desperate for a drop of garden watering!

      • I am very grateful to Ruth Hartley for not only her beautiful creations but for making them available on the internet to all of us even if we live far away from her in the UK. The internet has really changed our world and the possibilities of dressing our dolls and seeing how others dress their dolls especially now with Facebook and our blogs. ❤️

        p.s. I am doing the daily rain dance to help your garden. 😊

  4. Three very handsome boys, but you already know who my favourite is! My little ‘nephew’ Finn! But I love the eye painting on Ferris, so pretty. I’m glad that the boys were able to have a run about on the farm before the thunderstorm came. We haven’t had rain for ages now, we had so much in the spring though that I’m fine with none for now….although I appreciate we could do with some!!! As long as it falls during the night, I’m ok with it 😉

    • Thank you Sharon. I know who you love best! Finn sends his love back to you! ❤️

      I hope you get your night rain sometime soon. The boys were so excited to go outdoors and they told me not to worry about getting wet because we won’t melt! Ha ha!! Teddy our dog was inside hiding behind the bed while we went out. Brave boys but not so brave Teddy. 😉 xxx

  5. Gosh Ginger!! Your threesome are certainly amazing. No two are alike as we know it to be when it comes to the Sasha dolls. To have three NP boys from this year is certainly a wonderful accomplishment. You are so very lucky. And your NP boys are beautiful from the face painting to the very playful way you have dressed them.

    • Thank you Cathy. I am indeed fortunate to have these three boys living here on the farm. I am so glad I went ahead and took these photos despite the impending storm. The boys were a great encouragement though and I followed their lead. I am glad you enjoyed seeing their paintings and outfits. 😊 xxx

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