A Sunny Day at Sasha Shangri-La

This beautiful summer farm girl has come to live here at Sasha Shangri-La.  She is beautifully painted and outfitted by Janet Myhill-Dabbs.

This pretty one told me her name is Sunny.

Hello there Sunny.  This is a quick post to introduce you.

Sunny loves flowers and she helped to arrange this mason jar of sunflower and daisies.

A few more photos of our farm girl here on the farm.

A beautiful day today on Cow Creek.

Sunny wants to thank you for visiting with us.

We both hope you all have a wonderful week.

A sweet wave goodbye from Sunny.

Note: A peek at Sunny’s foot with her pedigree.

A Waterlogue image to enjoy.

Sunny standing with her sister, Gertie.

18 thoughts on “A Sunny Day at Sasha Shangri-La

  1. Oh! Lucky, lucky YOU! She is utterly adorable! I’m so beginning to miss buying new dolls like this.
    Just love her face painting, especially those freckles and her farm-child outfit is gorgeous.
    Can I ask which doll/year she is from and also her hair/wig details? Everything has come together beautifully to create this precious little girl.
    Trying hard not to be envious and commit a sin!
    Thanks for sharing and your ‘Sunny’ good wishes.

    • Thank you Kendal. I thought you might love this girl too. She was a 70’s brunette girl with falling hair and Janet thinks she arrived already bald. Her lovely wig is a Pintucks wig that Janet dyed. Yes, her outfit is just wonderful.

      I am going to post a couple of photos at the end of the post showing Sunny standing beside Gertie. Sunny is a bit shorter than Gertie and their faces are different in size. It is nice to see them side by side. ❤️ xxx

  2. What a gorgeous girl! Her outfit is perfection, and her eyes are amazing. Janet is certainly a talented artist. I love the water color image of her with the big bold sunflower. Such a day brightener!

  3. What a truly beautiful Farm Girl Sunny is Ginger. Congrats for welcoming her to Cow Creek. I was also going to ask who she was in a previous life as I wasn’t sure if she was a Pintucks. But I see that I was almost right as she is wearing the Pintucks wig. I adore all the detail to Sunny’s amazing ensemble which appears to have layers upon layers of garments. It was really a great idea to have Sunny standing beside Gertie as they do look like sisters but no two Gertie are alike.

    • Thank you Cathy. Sunny was a 70’s girl with badly falling hair and, as you said, a Pintucks wig dyed to a pretty, warm brown color. Her outfit is fantastic with layers of interesting fabrics. Sunny does look similar to Gertie but she has her own look and personality. It is nice to compare the two and they are definitely sisters. 😊 xxx

  4. Hello little Sunny, I am overjoyed to find out you now have a home at Shangri-La. Thank you too Ginger for taking such wonderful photos of her, I especially love to see the closeups of my painting as even I don’t see these strokes with the naked eye.

    • Hi Auntie Janet! I love it here and have such nice sisters to play with on the farm. Mommy says hello and she is glad you could see the close up photos of your paintings. We sure do love your artistic creations. Thank you! 😊 xxx

  5. The perfect girl to join the farm at Cow Creek! She is just gorgeous. I love her face and her outfit.
    She looks great against the stone wall and with the lovely jar of flowers.
    But of course she looks right at home with her sister Gertie.
    A beautiful post Ginger , many thanks for sharing Sunny with us 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee! I am glad you like this post of Sunny with a sunflower 🌻 and on a sunny day. It was so nice to be outdoors with reasonable temperatures in the 80’s and not the 90’s. Gertie is Sunny’s best friend and sister too. A great time for them here on the farm on Cow Creek. 😊 xxx

  6. Isn’t she lovely Ginger! I think she looks as if she’s going to be a real help around the farm, and she’s dressed perfectly for her role there.
    I love the photo of the two girls together but my favourite is the one of her standing next to the jar of flowers, she looks perfectly at home with such pretty blooms 🙂

    • Thank you Sharon, I agree that she is definitely lovely and she knows her way around the farm too. We are lucky to have her here with us. I am so happy you like the post. Have a great weekend! 😊 xxx

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