Early Boys Rising Early


The boys insisted on going outdoors early today before the rains came and poured and poured.   We dressed in summer clothes and sandals, rounded up our puppies, and grabbed our camera.  We heard the thunder rumbling in the distance and even felt its  vibrations under our feet as the dark clouds rolled over our blue skies.  We managed to dodge the raindrops and snap a few photos before dashing indoors.

Most of you know Finn, a 1967 Frido NP boy.  The year 1967 was the only year for NP boy production and the boys do not have eyelashes.  The 1967 girls do have lashes.

This brunette boy is Bronson. He is a 1967 NP and luckily, he has non-falling hair.

This handsome lad is Ferris. He is a 1967 NP boy with very different eyes than those belonging to Finn.  Both blonde boys have all platinum hair.  During that year, the blonde boys were either all platinum blonde or all a darker, golden blonde.

Here are the 1967 NP boys living at Sasha Shangri-La.

I am very fond of these lads.

Close up photos of these dear lads.  I like to see the eye painting up close.

Bronson’s eyes and brows are very bold and nice.

My beloved Finn…so sweet.

More close up photos.

Bronson is wearing a navy gilet by Dollydoodles, colorful  shorts by Lorraine Tyler, and navy leather sandals by Jean Jensen. His pup is Woody, a carved wooden dog.

Finn is holding his favorite pup named Fetch.  Finn is wearing a Sashapotamus t-shirt, a Levi denim vest, wonderful flag shorts by Lorraine Tyler, and light blue leather Birkenstocks  by Marti Murphy.

Now, we have Ferris wearing a t-shirt by Sashapotamus (yes, Ferris is extremely intelligent and loves chemistry), fabulous black cargo shorts by Sharon Humphreys, and gold leather sandals by Jean Jensen.  His blonde puppy is very clingy and we called him Fido.

Finn, Bronson, Ferris, and I thank you for visiting with us and we hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for today and the week to come.

Bye bye from all of us here on Cow Creek!

A Waterlogue image of the boys.


Trendon Mullins is Home


Hi Auntie Dee! I made it home safely! I really miss you and everyone at Sasha Village! I still have my neat sweater on and Mommy said to thank you for such a warm and wonderful gift. 🙂

(Lederhosen oufit by Jean Jensen.)

Plus….Mommy said to thank you for the super cool dinosaur puppet. It is dyno-mite! Mommy loves the dress too and the wrapped package is going under the tree until Christmas. I told Mommy that I felt like Santa Claus bringing so many nice gifts! 🙂

Bronson is the first brother to welcome me home. It is nice to be home again. 🙂

(Bronson’s sweater by Diane Duke)

I told Bronson about the great time I had visiting the Sasha Village. He said he knew because Mom shared the blog posts with everyone. Bronson even knows what a Chat and Snap is!

Bronson, a 1967 Trendon NP boy and Trendon Mullins, a later Trendon Caleb. ❤

Happy holidays everyone from us guys and Mommy too! 🙂 xxx