Where in the World am I ?

Where am I?

Who am I?  Oh that’s right……my name is “Tesla”. I have a vague recollection of an electric wall outlet and my baby fork….

I don’t remember this outfit. I don’t remember this puppy either.   Oh my, whose hand is this?

Oh no,  more hands….

Who are these strangers? Should I be afraid?  I don’t think so and…


Something inside my heart and my head says everything will be okay.  There sure are a lot of happy faces here.

Including mine!

Later alligator….

12 thoughts on “Where in the World am I ?

  1. Trying to rack my brains as to who this little tot used to belong to or from whence she came…but alas, even with the clues, I ‘for the life of me’ cannot remember. A sure sign that I must be getting old!
    (Could she be the little ‘Spike’ that was for sale on Sashadolluk?)
    Rest assure little Tesla you are in a wonderfully safe and secure Sasha home with so many beautiful, kind and caring brothers and sisters…not to mention all their wonderful pets.

    BTW.That’s a dear little outfit you are wearing!
    Enjoy your new life out there and have plenty of FUN!

    • Yay Kendal!! You are absolutely correct and spot on with your keen eyes! Tesla is the waify “Spike”on Shelly’s site! When I think of the name Spike, I think of Plum’s boy Spike who is blonde and all boy. So I thought a new name was in order for this dear one who is into mischief apparently with electrifying wall sockets! Who knows what is next…

      Thank you for the lovely comments. I enjoyed dressing her especially putting a gingham bow in that hairdo or should I say hair-don‘t? 😊 xxx

  2. Haha poor little thing, she rally has stuck something into the electrical socket to get such ‘shocking’ hair!!! But it does suit her, down to the bow perched precariously on top!
    I’m sure she will be well loved and cared for by all her new brothers and sisters, and maybe her hair will ‘relax’ and not be so freaked out once she settles in 😉 LOL

    • I think she has had a shock before she arrived which spiked her hair and now she has had another shock of a new home on Cow Creek and a new family. I am keeping my eye on her especially around anything electrical. Tesla is a handful! 😉 xxx

  3. Hello Tesla, see if you can find a bigger baby girl called Gracie, I’m sure she will help you settle in to your lovely now home 😊❤️

  4. I’m sure that you will setting in very nicely at Cow Creek, Tesla. I adore your new baby, Ginger! Gotta love that wild hair! I have one of those too! My Kiwi has this wild hair. There is so much character in these babies. Tesla is very sweet with amazing early eyes too!

    • Thank you Cathy. I remember your sweet Kiwi and I agree these babies have so much character. Plus they are very addictive and I have adopted a couple of babies just recently. I am glad you like Tesla too. 😊 xxx

  5. How funny, no more forks for you young lady. Well I am sure with all the love around at Shangri-La you will soon find your feet again sweetie!

  6. You are in Cow Creek with the Sasha Crew , what a lucky girl you are! You’ll soon be getting spoilt by all the children there.
    They love the babies and are always so sweet and nice to them, you’ve found a great home and I’m sure they’ll teach you all about the dangers in the world including plug sockets! xxx

    • Thank you Auntie Dee. I have met so many sisters and brothers this week. I finally found Gracie who was in a special cabinet in the living room. She is so sweet and nice to me and I never want to leave her. I feel so loved. ❤️ xxx

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