A Hannah Hello

You might remember Hannah a graphic eyed NP with very nice red hair.

Hannah is wearing a beautiful cardigan made by the very talented Diane Duke.  I love the hearts and the colors and it fits Hannah perfectly. ❤

I braided Hannah’s hair first with the braids covering her ears and then I tried braiding her plaits behind her ears.  I thought she looked prettier with her ears showing so I left them laid back and added pink and white checked ribbons.

Hannah up close.

Her shirt and checked trousers are made by unknown sewers. Her fantastic pink leather shoes are made by Noreen.

We took these first few photos in front of a newer shed out behind the house to see how they looked.

The last blog post of Hannah was taken this past Winter and it was so freezing and windy outdoors and honestly, the photos did not show her at her best. Today’s post will hopefully remedy the images from that frigid day.

Hannah on a pretty Spring day. The temperatures today are in the 60’s but the sky is cloudy.  We finally broke free from the rain and snow we were experiencing nearly every day for weeks. The past few days have been glorious!

We moved back to the old shed and used a towel to cover the damp block.

A couple of close up photos of Hannah.

A very sweet girl.  We hope you have enjoyed this post.

Hannah and I both thank you for visiting with us today.

We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for the week to come. 😊 xxx

A waterlogue image of Hannah. ❤

12 thoughts on “A Hannah Hello

  1. She’s a darling girl Ginger. I love the colours of her DD cardigan with her smart checked trousers. The new shed makes a nice new backdrop along with the old one. Always handy to have a few places to chose from.
    The weather is awful, it’s so rare to see a dry and sunny day at present. I wish you the best in getting some decent weather ! 🙂 xxx

    • Thanks Dee. I wish you the best on your weather front too. It started sprinkling here just now while I was reading your blog post. Since it is warm, it is not concerning and I am glad I went outdoors earlier today before the rain. 😊 xxx

  2. WOW! Some absolutely FANTASTIC eye painting here! Have you any idea who did it?

    Love her determined look…it seems as though her bottom lip is, oh so very slightly jutting out giving her this look which translates to me into ‘I’m not to be messed with!’
    Liked hearing about how you tried plaiting her hair in those two ways, over and behind her ears, to see which suited her the best,

    Both the newer and older sheds make super natural backgrounds. I’ve found that weathered wood tends to enhance our Sasha Doll photos so beautifully.
    Smart website revamp BTW. Chon is going to do mine as part of my birthday present when I get around to taking some suitable new photos…which I am working on!
    Enjoy the coming week.

    • Thank you Kendal. I don’t know who did the eye painting but I love her eyes. She does look determined. I am glad you like both sheds as back drops. I think the weathered wood is beautiful behind our Sasha dolls. Plus we are finally getting our warmer weather and so many opportunities to take outdoor photos. I look forward to seeing you website revamp. Please say hello to Chon. 😊 xxx

  3. Ginger, Hannah is absolutely beautiful! Such a stunning girl with gorgeous hair and eyes. I think her cardigan is perfect for her, it suits her and is very nice with the rest of her outfit.
    I’m glad to hear that you’re finally getting better weather, we are too, thank goodness! I thought spring was never going to come!
    Big hugs

    • Thank you Sharon. I am glad you like her outfit and it was fun to mix up the colors a bit. Yes, our weather is definitely improving. I hope to get more outdoor photos this weekend. Finally, warmer days! Sending you big hugs! 😊 XXX

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