Hello from Finn and Cleo

Note: I hope those who celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday had a wonderful day with their family and friends.  It was simply wonderful here yesterday and I enjoyed being with my family especially after missing a couple of past Mother’s Days due to my travels.  My family gifted me a beautiful garden bench which I will show on the blog once I have it situated under a dogwood tree where I spend time with my thoughts.

This wonderful boy above is a 1967 NP boy and his name is Finn.  Finn is the very best boy and today he is modeling a wonderful outfit handmade by the very talented Sharon Humphreys.


This handsome striped overall and cheery red shirt fit Finn perfectly. I love it!  His pup Fetch likes it too! The red leather sandals were made by Jean Jensen.

Notice the lovely detailing along Finn’s pocket.  Finn is happy to be outdoors though it is nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit today.

Another pocket and beautiful fabric too.

A perfect length.  Thank you very much Auntie Sharon.

I wanted to take a close up photo of Finn which has always proven to be a challenge for me since Finn is a well loved boy and has a shiny complexion from many Mommy hugs and kisses over the years.  He is very patient though and allows open displays of motherly affection plus he stands still for many photos.

A Waterlogue image of dear Finn.

Another view of Finn. Below are three different Waterlogue images made from this photo. I thought you would enjoy seeing the different interpretations.

Next, please meet Cleo, a sweet toddler who has joined the family here.  She arrived a bit earlier than Mother’s Day but I am claiming her to be a Mother’s Day present.

I redressed her in this dear little floral dress by Ginny.  She is holding her now favorite bear gifted to her upon her arrival.

Cleo is my one and only toddler now and I am happy she is here.

Hello dear Cleo. Welcome to Sasha Shangri-La.

A Waterlogue image of Cleo.

Finn, Fetch, Cleo and I want to thank you for visiting with us today. We hope you enjoyed this post.  We are sending you hugs and happy wishes for a wonderful week to come. xxx

16 thoughts on “Hello from Finn and Cleo

  1. Happy Mothers Day Ginger. Hello Finn, you handsome lad. I love your new dungaree set by Auntie Sharon, it’s goes perfectly with your red sandals. The last full face watercolour image of you is beautiful.
    Hello Little Cleo, you’ll be so happy with those Cow Creek kids, they just love looking after the littlest ones.
    I look forward to seeing your lovely bench under the tree .
    Have a lovely week 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Dee! Finn loves his new outfit by Auntie Sharon and he sends his love to you. He is sad to miss seeing you at the SCW but glad you had such a great time. Little Cleo sends her love too. ❤️

      I am very happy with the garden bench which was a big surprise and so extra nice. I appreciate the lovely wishes! 😊 xxx

  2. Great photos as usual; where did Finn come from? what a face! And those shoes on Cleo are most interesting indeed! Am looking forward to seeing the garden bench, Ginger.


    • Thank you Susan. I adopted Finn from Kelly Wenarsky a long,
      long time ago. I love his sweet face and wonderful platinum blonde hair. Finn has traveled with me on every trip and is a great companion. I hope we can finish up the work soon around the new bench. I will share as soon as possible. 😊 xxx

  3. I and my Brood just ADORE Sharon’s bright and trendy outfits. Her clothing just seems to tempt and allow our kids to have and thoughly enjoy some FUN times. I love these dungarees and perfectly matching JJ sandals on Finn… as I’m sure he does too!

    Gosh! I hadn’t realised that you hadn’t a toddler until Cleo arrived. (Mind you it is so very hard for us to keep track of just which dolls you have, and haven’t got. due to the sheer quanity.) Little Claudius (as does Ollie and Eric) makes a pretty little toddler girl especially with that delightful little bowed topknot.

    I’ve always liked how each and every Cow Creek vinyl newcomer gets given a soft toy of their own, whilst I’m afraid that here we have to share and tend to only ‘have and to hold’ (and probably only for a short period of time) if it matches or tones in with their outfit! NOT such a good Sasha mother in these instances!

    Looking forward to seeeing your Mother’s Day bench in situ shortly. Fab. idea.
    Loiv the Waterlogue images at the end of your posts. (One day I’d love to ask you if you wouldn’t mind doing a few for me of a couple of my kids, just for me to enjoy looking at in secret as I try never to copy.)

    Enjoy the coming week and thanks for another delightful Sasha blogpost.

    • I love Sharon’s creations too. They are so full of life and just fun to wear. I had a few toddlers before and then they somehow all managed to be adopted. I do think I should have a toddler here on Cow Creek and Cleo is a perfect choice. I am glad our toddler boys can be toddler girls too. 😊

      It is a task to keep an accurate track of the Sasha family and every so often, I update the list of family members on this blog at the bottom of the page. Even so, it is rarely 100% correct. Over time, we have accumulated a lot of soft toys for the boys and girls. We share too but some stay with their original child. Fetch has always been with Finn. The boys tend to keep their pets and the girls like to change them around with a few exceptions. 😊

      I am happy to create those Waterlogue images for you at any time. Please send the photos when you are ready. Thanks for your lovely comments and for the happy week’s wishes. ❤️ xxx

  4. I’m so happy you had a wonderful Mothers Day, Ginger! What a treat to see your Finn and your new toddler Cleo. Congratulations!! I adore Finn’s outfit by Sharon Humphreys. The color and the fabric are really very attractive on him. It’s always fun to have a toddler among our Sasha collection. Cleo is adorable the way you have her hair up in a small ponytail. Great Waterlogue images of both!!

    • Thanks Cathy. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day too. Cleo is so cute and just right for a Cow Creek toddler. I love Sharon’s creations and this overall set is so nice for Finn. In the past, Sharon has made a couple of other sets for Finn and they were also terrific. I am glad you like the Waterlogue images. 😊 xxx

  5. Oh how lovely to see Finn again and I’m so glad that he likes his striped overalls and shirt Ginger. I knew it would suit his colouring and had him completely at the front of my mind when I made it as you know he is a favourite of m ine 🙂 though don’t tell the others!
    Little Cleo is a sweetie! I have just the one Toddler here too, his name is Teddy and he sends a big kiss to Cleo….although I’m sure if he met her he’d go as pink as cherry blossom 😉
    I look forward to seeing your new bench Ginger and am glad you had a Happy Mothers Day 🙂
    Lots of love and big hugs
    Sharon xxx

    • Thanks Sharon. Finn loves his new outfit and he is sending you major big hugs. Cleo is a doll baby 😉 and she sends love to your Teddy. Maybe they will meet one day and they both will be bright pink together. I can always hope! Have a great week! 😊 xxx

  6. Little Cleo is so sweet and I’m sure she will be cherished being the ‘one and only’! So lovely to see Finn in his smart new overalls. I am glad you enjoyed Mothers Day with your family xx

    • Thank you Janet. Cleo is really doted on by everyone here. The babies look up to her and the boys and girls love to baby her. A great middle ground for Cleo. Mother’s Day was very special. I hope you have a great week! ❤️ xxx

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