Happy Christmas! Please welcome Christine

My Christmas present came early this year with a wonderful impulse purchase of a blue eyed brunette Gotz no-navel girl.  I saw her on the Bazaar and thought she would be a beautiful companion to my only no-navel girl, Hazel, a brown eyed blonde beauty. ❤️

She immediately told me her name is Christine.  I love her wide face and sweet elfin chin.  She came wearing a Gotz brown cord dress set and the generous seller also included a Gotz green dress set. As nice as the original outfits are, I could not wait to redress her.

Christine wearing a beautiful blue floral dress made by Frances Trickett and an amazing Princess Charlotte patterned cardigan knitted by Linda Simpson. Her leather shoes are a Sashapotamus find.  ❤️

Christine up close. ❤️

Christine enjoyed her time outdoors here on Cow Creek. 😊

A very sweet little girl.

Her hair is beautiful, so soft and silky plus it is long and thick. The Gotz factory worker really rooted her well. After adopting Christine, I ordered a very special dress set made especially for her by the talented Christine Durand.  I will post photos soon of Christine wearing her new outfit soon. ❤️

Christine and I thank you for visiting with us today. We are sending you hugs and happy holiday wishes.  We hope you have a great day and week to come. 😊 xxx

20 thoughts on “Happy Christmas! Please welcome Christine

  1. What a fabulous No Navel girl. I so love these girls with their sweet elfin faces. Christine’s lovely blue eyes contrast so well with her luscious brunette hair.
    She looks wonderful in the blue and lemon dress and cardigan, blue suits her.

    Congratulations in adding such a beautiful new girl to the Cow Creek Crew 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you Ronny. Christine is a lucky find I think. I am fine but it is a tough time as you know, especially at Christmas. Thank you for sending the love and I am sending it back to you. You have my heart. ❤️ xxx

  2. Ginger, Christine is beautiful and the little outfit with the shades of blue brings out the blue of her eyes!! Congratulations on this beauty xx looking forward to seeing her Christine Durand outfit also. Love Sue xx❤️

  3. Christine is just beautiful, Ginger, with her blue eyes and luxurious long brown hair. She will love living on Cow Creek! Looking forward to seeing her in her new outfit by Christine Durand.

  4. What a beautiful girl Christine is, Ginger! The brunette hair and blue eyes are such a lovely combination. I think the outfit you’ve dressed her in works perfectly as the blues go really well with her blue eyes. Another lovely edition to your already beautiful collection.
    Big hugs xxx

  5. WOW Ginger!! Congrats to you for adopting the Christine. Generally my head doesn’t turn in the direction of the no-navels, well besides my Robin of course. But your Christine has so many amazing characteristics from her round head to her amazing brunette hair and fringe. I’m loving her blue floral dress and lovely knit sweater too. She is truly beautiful and a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself.

    • Thank you Cathy! I have only adopted a couple of no navels and
      I really have enjoyed them in the Sasha family. Christine captured my attention with her wide face and her expression. Her hair is wonderful and so nice and full. I am happy that you like her too! 😊 xxx

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